Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday's Random Arguments

Self-contradictions again: 
Lauren Weinstein wonders why twitter hasn't banned Donald Trump in her post loaded with ad hominem attacks--"creepy," "vile bully," "white supremacist," and "raised by hyenas." Of course, Weinstein appears not to notice she could be banned for the same things. Multiculturalists continue to spew billions of super slurs at whites without the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance while demanding that whites be censored.

This is how genocide works. The participants dehumanize outgroups while not being aware of self-contradictions, whether slow genocide or fast genocide.

We're lucky to have multiculturalists and their racism detector kits. Moral facts multiculturalists don't want to hear qualify as racism. But objectively unethical behavior by multiculturalists (assaults, indoctrination, bad laws, you name it) qualify as good for the cause.

Another cost of multiculturalism:
Nonwhites bring increased rates of abusive animal practices, including halal slaughtering, alone chaining, dog fighting, cock fighting, and dumping millions of unwanted pets. Migrants seldom spay or neuter animals. Migrants dump unwanted pets, often creating vicious dog packs. The abuse of animals on farms is already atrocious enough.

Why do we assume we would be much better individuals if given a new life:
Why not act well with our current lives? Temptations will be as great with new lives. Instead of self-pity for our present selves, maybe we should have some compassion for our future selves and reform our lives. The more things are done to please the self-of-the-moment, the more future selves suffer until the self-of-the-moment is crippled by previous selves-of-the-moment. We rage at our past selves. We forget that our past selves would have abhorred our present selves.

Paul Krugman comes out against cultural Marxism without realizing it:
Krugman writes:
  1. The WSJ editorial page is wrong about everything.
  2. If you think the WSJ editorial page is right about something, see rule #1.
The WSJ editorial page supports open borders and many other multicultural policies. Krugman's rule is actually somewhat useful. The times when the WSJ editorial page is right--rent control, for example--are so rare that the WSJ editorial page qualifies as a wasteful time sink.

Overheard at work:
Man: Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
Woman: I hate the player.
Man (to nearby man): See! Women be tripping.

While walking past a group watching 12 Years a Slave:
First Man: Hollywood only allow one revolutionary movie per year.
Second Man: Did this come out the same year as the Dallas Buyers Club?
First Man: That ain't revolutionary. That's just gay.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Would an Ethical Individual Care About Presidential Debates?

We know what these people are about. They have track records. They are infused with Machiavellianism and other horrific traits.

Hillary Clinton mixes third wayism with neoconservatism and cultural Marxism.

The Republican candidates mix Randism, neoconservatism and cultural Marxism, except Trump on Russia and invasion issues.

What about Rand Paul? He supports legalized bribery. That makes him at least semi-neoconservative because defense industries and foreign entities do massive amounts of bribing on behalf of neoconservatism.

Bernie Sanders mixes socialism, neoprogressivism, and cultural Marxism.

Making a faux pas or clever point during a debate doesn't reveal candidate character. It reveals the characters of viewers who fall for halo effects. Debates are similar to job interviews, and research suggests job interview performance does not predict job performance.

New Day, Similar Garbage.

 Branko Milanovic attacks straw persons again and again in favor of invasions.

Pro-migration economic studies do not support migration because those studies leave out most of the economic costs, especially long-term economic costs. In short, those studies are junk science.

He concludes, "I do not think that the three effects I listed here (and perhaps there could be others) are sufficiently strong to negate the positive economic effects."

Perhaps there could be others?

You mean like the proven facts of massive moral harms, including massive dysgenic effects, and massive replacement of good cultures with horrific cultures?

Plus the costs of relentless ad hominem attacks like Milanovic's "xenophobia."

The moral costs of mass nonwhite migration are hundreds of times greater than any asserted economic benefits.

And an F for History

Perhaps you've seen the Old Economy Steve meme. The meme depicts Kenneth W. Kiser from Ohio, who reached his late teens in the early 1980s.

To call the meme massively inaccurate is an understatement. The overwhelming majority of claims attached to the meme are fallacious.

The U.S. economy in the late 1970s and early 1980s was atrocious, worse than now, especially for young individuals. Unemployment peaked at over 14 percent. The 1980s and late 1970s were the McJobs era. The median income of young families with children declined in the 1970s and declined roughly 30 percent in the 1980s despite wives joining the work force.

Individuals born after the early 1950s ferociously competed for minimum wage jobs. Cedar Point amusement park in Kiser's home state held massive group job interviews for atrocious, minimum wage summer jobs. Only a small percentage of those applying were hired.

Later Boomers and Generation Xers worked hard. They had to. They were fired for the slightest infractions.

Private sector union jobs were almost non-existent for young adults then. Almost no one mentions what really happened. In the late 1970s, Republicans, Third Way Democrats, labor unions, and businesses reached tacit agreements. Older workers would keep their union jobs or get early retirements. Young adults would get laid off or shut out. The media complied by hyping the dog vomit new economy. New, non-union subcontractors worked young adults like dogs for minimum wages while a few miles away old workers at union jobs goofed off much of the time.

Trade deficits, budget deficits, and economic unfairness soared before Kiser was old enough to vote.

The global super rich deserve most of the blame. The alleged Greatest Generation deserves some of the rest. Those born between 1915 and the early 1950s were the ones who got good jobs and got to retire early, not the Old Economy Steves.

The so-called Reagan boom was for the rich, not young adults or working class individuals.

The Steves deserve criticism for partying hard and being politically apathetic and unorganized, but not the horse pucky spread by the meme.

I just shake my head at Reddit and similar sites.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Worst Quotes, Buzzwords, and Catch Phrases from Marxism I Can Recall

Yeah, I know. There are so many to pick from:

"The long march through the institutions."
"Cultural enrichment."
"Blacks can't be racist."
"Arab spring."
"Democracy is the road to socialism."
"Diversity is our strength."
"The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property."
"The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain."
"White privilege."
"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism."
"Undocumented immigrants."
"Not real Muslims."
“Everything is relative in this world, where change alone endures.”
"Islam means peace."
"Racism is power plus privilege."
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: my own government.”  (Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Mao era that murdered over 45 million.)
"Permanent revolution."
"Kill all the whites."
"Boring from within."
"scientific socialism"
"Real Marxism hasn't been tried."
"Race is a social construct."
 “I’m not afraid of nuclear war. There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left."
"War between Capitalism and Communism is inevitable."

Additional suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Horserace Interlude

Donald Trump shifted his views on dozens of issues to match establishment Republicans, including adopting many atrocious establishment views. Trump still gets demonized by ruling group Republicans.

The main dissent left in Trump is on immigration and opposition to conflicts with Russia. For decades, immigration patriots and economic populists donated to and voted for ruling group politicians while getting massive harms and almost nothing beneficial in return. Unlike the candidates most favored by the ruling groups, Trump cannot back track on invasion issues without losing most of his support. This is actually an rare, astounding development, almost democratic. Establishment politicians have been able to stab citizens in the back on major issues for decades without major repercussions.

Trump seems to be aware that betrayal on immigration risks most of his support.

Trump should realize that as long as he is pro-life, pro-immigration patriotism, and pro the Bill of Rights, his supporters will not desert him. He has room to maneuver. Kowtowing to the Republican establishment gains him little.

Ted Cruz feigns slight support for immigration patriotism, but many immigration patriots aren't falling for it, knowing Cruz will switch back to little more than the usual mixture of Randism, neoconservatism, and cultural Marxism if elected.

Since publicizing minor scandals has little affect on Trump's support and since cognitive dissonance is rare among multiculturalists, expect the mass media to continue to escalate the frequency and vehemence of their slurs.

The multiculturalists who criminalize fact facing thoughts have no problem with the slurs multiculturalists spew.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

Evidence coming from multiculturalists is conspicuous by its absence. If they had good evidence, they would be bombarding us with it. Instead, they bombard us with slurs, straw persons, junk science, small sample fallacies, deontological assertions, and other fallacious rhetoric.


The Wyoming area is not a good place for long term alternative communities because of the Yellowstone super volcano. Volcanic ash resembles lung destroying shards of glass. Most mammals within 1000 miles downwind of a super volcanic eruption would die from ash, not to mention global cooling.


The Return of Kings promotes the crypto totalitarianism of Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is devoted to bait-and-switch. It pays Joseph Stiglitz and other liberal or third way writers to provide cover for the real agendas of Sharia and stealth jihad. The ruling group of Qatar owns Al Jazeera, the same ruling group the governs with massive totalitarianism. If the Qatari rulers gave a crap about liberalism, they would implement more than token amounts in their own societies, but they don't, except to trick environmentalists and economic populists into supporting cultural Marxism and other mass harms to infidels.

Monarchism is a very, very wrong turn for the alternative right.


The more ruling groups engage in rent seeking, the more ruling groups promote inaccurate us-and-them rhetoric. (And as someone once misquoted Pat Buchanan, S and M rhetoric.)

The power of antiwhite super slurs (b*got, r*cist, white tr*sh) to intimidate and manipulate ethnoracial realists declined. Unfortunately, ethnoracial realists make a small sample, false denial of a cause conclusion from their own situations, thinking that the power of the slurs is gone. But most whites still live in dread of being called antiwhite super slurs, willing to sell out goodness just to avoid being called super slurs by individuals with despicable, poorly reasoned arguments. Most whites still wallow in the antiwhite totalitarianism of mass media and other establishment institutions, as if they were corks on an ocean, tossed around by slurs, straw person attacks, and other fallacious rhetoric rather than waves.


In alliances led by a super power, smaller nations free ride on the defense spending of the super power. The smaller nations engage in more reckless or destructive actions that they should, thinking they have the backing of the super power.


Several years ago Amnesty International tagged the ruling groups of 135 of 175 nations granted Most Favored Nation trading status as human rights abusers. Wonder how Amnesty International defined human rights abuse? If the definition included denial of freedom of association and other evils, the numbers would be 100 percent.


Counterintuitive fact: in the 1950s and 60s, the murder rate in Japan was four times greater than England. (Now the murder rate in England is over three times greater than Japan.)


When citizens automatically recoil at unfamiliar, well reasoned policy ideas, a civilization’s moral education is broken.


Which would be a worse result for a person? A: to have a mind capable of endless pleasure until death. B: to have a mind no longer capable of pleasure due to the pursuit of hedonism.


Norman Solomon and Martin A. Lee once remarked that out of 3,000 journalists surveyed in 1985, only 37 percent of editors believed that government should do something to reduce inequality. Never mind that government is relentlessly doing things to increase inequality. Fifty-five percent of a similar sample of citizens believed the government should help reduce inequality. Nations are always picking for something genetically and economically.


At least one explicit or implied claim in a genuine contradiction must be false.


The “imposing values” and “fact-value distinction” assertions are rhetorical tricks to get us to acquiesce to the promotion of bad values.


Multiculturalists avoid boredom, cognitive dissonance, and fear of death by alternating among misplaced empathy, misplaced hatred, and other existential issue avoiding emotive states.

Issues in the mass media are often emotively loaded but seldom discussed in ways that would cause anxiety for media viewers. Well reasoned arguments are avoided. The accused bad folks are groups and individuals viewers do not identify with, whether the accused are bad or not.


It's fascinating how situational changes massively change the goodness or badness of actions. The U.S. joining a Western anti-Hitler, anti-Hirohito alliance prior to 1939 might have been a beneficial idea, a horrific idea from January 1940 to June 22, 1941, a beneficial idea from June 23, 1941 onward.

Then again, it might have been a bad idea anytime before the U.S. developed a monopoly on nuclear weapons, and a good idea afterward, though no one knew the feasibility of nuclear weapons then.


Cultural Marxism pushed whites out of the Democratic Party. At one time, the percentage of Democratic whites exceeded Republican whites roughly 45 percent to 30 percent. The idea that Republicanism represents some pure expression of whiteness is nonsense. Whites believe Marxism, third wayism, Republicanism, and various other ideologies mainly via indoctrination. The fact that whites are so flexible and easily indoctrinated in such a wide variety of ideologies is mystifying, especially given the way whites become fanatical once they become indoctrinated in ideologies such as Nazism, globalism, paleo-Marxism, neoconservatism, third wayism or cultural Marxism.

Whites of that era deserve criticism. They fled the super cultural Marxism of the New Democrats for the bait-and-switch militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism of the Republicans, failing to organize against all those evils.

We're paying the price today.


Almost all the costs of dysgenic mass migration go to nonwealthy Westerners and thousands of future generations. The much smaller benefits go elsewhere. Yet wealthy multiculturalists have the chutzpah to demonize nonwealthy whites.

The contradictions are massive and despicable. Wealthy multiculturalists isolate themselves in nonmulticultural neighborhoods, requiring massive sacrifices from nonwealthy whites while sacrificing almost nothing themselves, destroying freedom of association for nonwealthy whites while retaining de facto freedom of association for themselves.

In the West, you have freedom of association if you are wealthy, Muslim or nonwhite. If you are a nonwealthy white, you don't.

Monday, January 25, 2016

A Bookshelf for Families with Children

If your children don't have electronic gadgets or you strictly regulate their usage, most intelligent kids will start reading your bookshelf books out of curiosity or boredom, providing a way for you to indirectly influence your children.

For young children:
  1. the better Christian children's books. Even if nonreligious, your children should gain familiarity with a little bit of Christian culture.
  2. non-ideological childrens' books, so your children will develop reading skills. Older books from second hand stores are less infected with the poorly reasoned propaganda of cultural Marxism.
For older children:
  1. logic and consequentialist ethics books. Look hard for books not filled with cultural Marxism.
  2. ethnoracial fact facing books, including Race, Evolution, and Behavior by JP Rushton. Dysgenics by Richard Lynn. Paved with Good Intentions by Jared Taylor. Future Human Evolution by John Glad. The Perils of Diversity by Byron Roth. 
  3. biology and physical anthropology, including The 10,000 Year Explosion by Cochran and Harpending. Sociobiology by EO Wilson. Signals by Timothy Perper.
  4. up close accounts of war and past times to discourage the self-pity and self-absorption teenagers have. Other examples include Go Ask Alice and The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible!
  5. photo albums
  6. some books on blue collar activities, so your children don't see the college prep track as the only alternative, so they develop some handy man or handy woman skills.
  7. prepping
  8. books on various other policy issues, including secession, economics, democracy, corruption, and the environment.
  9. body language and general psychology, The Nurture Assumption is especially helpful because teenagers get bombarded with Freudian and psychobabble ideas blaming parental practices for things teens don't like, including things they don't like about themselves.
  10. a guide to manners and etiquette. Even if someone plans on breaking rules, it is good to know the rules.
Print worthwhile articles and throw them into three ring binders, especially when it comes to logic, ethics, prepping, and public policies. Individuals need much practice at fallacy recognition.

If your children are permitted to use electronics, downloading materials to a family e-reader and to the desktop of a family computer is also a good idea.

Yes, these books are hard core. But there is no evidence that reading harsh facts harms development. Kids benefit from street smarts. If your children have grown up in a diverse neighborhood, they have already experience harsh realities. Kids feel confused, alienated or pressured by the behaviors of their peers. If kids grow up sheltered, they end up easily exploited in schools and workplaces. Ideological vacuums tend to get filled. If your children aren't thinking well and forming their own belief systems, with indirect assistance from yourself, they will fall for the nihilism, hedonism, cultural Marxism, and additional fanaticisms peddled by others.

But what if visitors see these books? The books could open the door to fruitful discussions. But what if a boss or gossipy coworker sees them? Then you should probably put sensitive books in your bedroom, then keep visitors out of the bedroom, so you don't get doxed or worse.

Nurture assumption alert: attempts to directly encourage your children to read your books might backfire, especially if you have children who reflexively recoil at suggestions made by mom or dad.

Why not mass culture books? First, they're rotten. Second, your children will be exposed to massive amounts of mass culture BS from outside sources, so it is not as if they will be exposed to only the worldviews of your bookshelf.

Remember to punish your children should they call anyone ethnoracial slurs and explain why it is wrong to use slurs. You can't directly influence your children once they are out of your sight, but you can prevent them from influencing siblings and peers with slurs in your presence.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Contradictions of Multiculturalism, Part I

Multiculturalism is riddled with billions of contradictions.

On the rare occasions someone confronts multiculturalists with their contradictions, multiculturalists respond with irrelevancies ("What about so and so") or dismiss the contradictions from their minds. Note that multiculturalists seldom notice the contradictions on their own. Ethical reasoning is not their thing. This behavior includes philosophers, individuals societies trust with teaching logic and ethics.

Twelve big contradictions:
Multiculturalists use totalitarian government actions to force dysfunctional diversity on nonwealthy whites while multiculturalists flee dysfunctional diversity.

The sacrifice contradiction: Wealthy multiculturalists destroy the jobs, lives, schools, cultures, incomes, countries, families, and neighborhoods of nonwealthy whites while wealthy multiculturalists benefit from cheap labor and divide-and-rule practices.

Multiculturalists support freedom of association for nonwhites but not for whites.

Multiculturalists incessantly bash whites for the behavior of dead whites while minimizing the importance of worse actions by dead nonwhites and present day nonwhites.

Multiculturalists deny refugee status to peaceful whites fleeing disasters created by multiculturalists (Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and South Africa) yet grant refugee status to nonwhites devoted to invasion, conquest, and mass destruction.

Multiculturalists support freedom of speech for multiculturalists but not for ethnoracial fact facers.

Multiculturalists claim to support democracy while destroying it.

Multiculturalists claim to be open minded, yet almost all mass media fights to make sure well reasoned counter arguments are unseen and unheard.

Multiculturalists claim to be egalitarian, yet engage in massive amounts of economic rent seeking (parasitism).

Ordinary whites who simply want freedom of association for all humans are constantly called fascism related slurs, yet multiculturalists having ideological similarities to Marxism and fascism imagine themselves to be holy.

Multiculturalists think it okay to talk about eugenics and dysgenics if you call it idiocracy and associate it with white tr*sh. But if you mention the words eugenics and dysgenics, then suddenly eugenics and dysgenics become off limits to discussion.

Multiculturalists demonize the victims of dysgenic breeding caused by multiculturalists' own policies while not blaming themselves.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday's Random Thoughts

The ability to get a job as an opinion maker is inversely proportional to willingness to tell the ethical truth.


National conversations on race consist of liberal multiculturalists and conservative multiculturalists. Any fact facer mistakenly invited would be considered a thought criminal (fired, harassed, assaulted or ostracized). The liberal multiculturalists bash whites with poorly reasoned arguments. The conservative multiculturalists do likewise but throw in some poorly reasoned personal responsibility rhetoric. Nevermind that those needing personal responsibility the most are genetically and culturally not inclined to listen to personal responsibility rhetoric.


The "only whites can be r*cist" rhetoric implies whites are subhumans and nonwhites are gods with automatic virtue, no matter their behaviors.


Contemporary Christian leaders aid billionaires devoted to the destruction of the West, distracting followers with ethically unimportant issues--school prayer, creationism, the Pledge of Allegiance, flag burning, and nativity scenes. Worse, these leaders encourage ethical misbehavior by emphasizing grace, the rapture, and Armageddon. In the meantime, the West gets destroyed by combinations of Randism, globalism, neoconservatism, third wayism, and cultural Marxism.


The more important the issue, the more inaccurate Wikipedia becomes.


We seldom feel like starting duties. Start them anyway. The aversive feeling usually passes. Waiting until the right feeling wastes too much time.


Almost all humanities or social science degree holders support one or more of the following horrific ideologies: Randism, neoconservatism, hedonism, xenocentrism, cultural Marxism, paleo-Marxism, third wayism, globalism. Some support four or more of those ideologies. So to hell with the propaganda that the organized humanities and social sciences produce great human beings.


The multicultural circle of life: Promote dysgenic breeding and vile actions, especially bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices. Blame whites. Promote more dysgenic breeding and vile actions. Blame whites. Promote more. Blame whites. Whoops, there aren't any whites left.


Almost any time someone in the mass media claims a perceived opponent says, wants or believes something, the mass media claim will be a straw person.

Almost any time some one in the mass media tries to demonize someone by quibbling with a few minor claims, especially statistics, it will be a massive straw person. Politically unpopular writers will often publish books with thousands of claims and statistics. Some critic in the mass media will look for the few errors and try to demonize the author.


Wall Street gives Barack Obama a 17 percent approval rating despite the fact that Obama helped Wall Street at the expense of ordinary citizens.

The pro-Wall Street Congress has an eight percent approval rating.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Freedom of Secession Association

Twenty-four percent of respondents to a 2014 Reuters poll support secession for their state.

But, oddly, there isn't a single decent website on secession. You would think for a topic so momentous, sites would proliferate.

Secessions should happen but not at the state level. The empire split in two model will fail also. You end up with the same totalitarianisms--blue states controlled by third wayism, red states controlled by neoconservatism.

But wouldn't the blue states become more progressive and the red states more alternative right?

Not likely.

Blue states would attract Libertarians, secular neoconservatives, nonwhite migrants, and others devoted to free riding and ruling group totalitarianisms, yet turned off by Christian neoconservatism. You end up with a hell run by the likes of David Brooks, Patri Friedman, Haim Saban, Reza Aslan, Prince Bandar, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, and Louis Farrakhan.

Red states would attract multicultural, neoconservative pro-lifers. Pro-lifers consider abortion more important than other issues combined. Research suggests that pro-lifers who converted from Democratic to Republican over the past couple decades simply ditched their previous views on other issues, that is, they converted to Christian neoconservatism. You end up with a dystopia run by the likes of Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Sheldon Adelson.

Any good split must create dozens of new nation-states, one each for Third Wayers, Libertarians, religious neoconservatives, secular neoconservatives, conservative ethnoracial fact facers, nonconservative ethnoracial fact facers, black secessioners, Hispanic secessioners, to name a few.

The first key for fact facers is ending dysgenic trends and reintroducing eugenics. The second key is good laws that fight free riding (rent seeking), plus citizens moving heaven and Earth to make sure those laws are enforced.

Present empires and crypto colonial states will eventually break apart or become more dystopian simply due to ever increasing dysgenic breeding and free riding. Groups of ethical, reciprocal altruists prosper when they separate. If groups don't separate, creeping evolutionary and psychological egoism result. Reciprocal altruism exists now because the ancestors of today's reciprocal altruists split from tribes that became increasingly dominated by egoism and tyranny. And they kept on splitting, usually with their kin and their kins' genes for reciprocal altruism.

Now that (some) humans understand reason and evolution better, some splinter groups should consciously direct their evolutions, to keep free riding in check, potentially preventing the costs of splitting.

But contemporary groups dominated by egoism and Machiavellianism use technology to try to lock in dystopian societies with servant altruistic classes and ruling groups devoted to egoism--as we see today today with ruling groups using the electronic mass media for an onslaught of despicable rhetorical tricks.

Be careful what you support. You could end up worse.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winning Hearts and Darts from Non-Westerners

One little noted feature of Western self-destruction is the refusal of almost everyone in the ruling groups to verbally defend the West, not to mention their unwillingness to defend Western individuals.

Sure, they'll promote Islam, Randism, globalism, neoconservatism, third wayism, and cultural Marxism, but those are anti-Western beliefs.

Leaders won't stand up against cultural Marxism and say billions of non-Westerners owe their existences to Western science, technology, and generosity. Instead, leaders join the irrelevant, anti-Western, ontological guilt train. Why did Swedes acquiesce when Jesse Jackson hectored them with fallacious, genocidal rhetoric?

China prattles on about its "century of humiliation." Western leader dare not challenge the multicultural narratives. No leader mentions that Imperial China was a totalitarian, Malthusian hell. Females had their feet bound. Almost any Chinese man could be murdered for almost any reason, including having the wrong hair style.

No leader states that the West saved millions of Chinese from enslavement and destruction at the hands of the Japanese in the 1940s, then again from Maoism during the past 40 years.

If Chinese leaders were so great, why did millions of Chinese flee to Western enclaves in Shanghai and Hong Kong?

Russian leaders continue to play their victim games without mentioning the centuries of invasions and subjugations Russian leaders and the Soviet Union engaged in. Russia didn't become the world's largest country by accident or free association.

The supporters of globalism, neoconservatism, and third Wayism, who despise us as they rule us, want us to pivot to Asia and Russia, to intensify conflict with Chinese and Russian supporters of globalism and multiculturalism, who also despise us. This is not our fight. This is battle of egoism versus egoism among the global rich. No one in China, Russia, and the West should obey the military prescriptions of the ruling groups.

Multiculturalists tell us the mass slaughter of the American Civil War was necessary to end the evil of slavery in America, but fail to mention the far more brutal slavery and tribal wars practiced by Amerindians prior to the arrival of Westerners. Nor do they pay attention to today's slavery, often allying themselves with those spreading forced labor.

Barack Obama tells us the former United States is “one of the biggest Muslim nations” and thanks Muslims for "building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”


Thanks for stealth jihad, the police states, and all the legalized bribery on behalf of OPEC.

Western leaders have been disasters. Their egoism and groupthink bring continuing ruin. And nonwealthy Western individuals are starting to run low on available ruin.

The Cons of a Big Con

Beliefs and actions common among various forms of Marxism from Stalinism to multiculturalism (and a few other ideologies as well):

The cause matters more than the humans affected by the ideology, especially when both the means and ends are evil. Ideology and rage at perceived opponents suffice as substitute opiates of the masses. Critics get accused of anti-intellectualism despite the blatantly poorly reasoned arguments of the cause.

Free speech is for Marxian leaders or followers only.

The atrocious results of Marxism must some how have whites or opponents as the most important causes. Good things must have Marxism or nonwhites as the causes, for example, the cottage industry devoted to overstating the scientific contributions of Muslims.

Believers think triumph is inevitable, life will magically get better once whites or other opponents are gone. Counter evidence gets ignored, dismissed, distorted or demonized. Contradictions gets noted in the actions of opponents, not within Marxism. If it makes Marxian leaders feel good, others must imagine it is good. Cognitive dissonance is for whites and opponents. Moral facts (those from HBD writers, for example) must be made to appear as shameful, unthinkable thoughts. Believers should feel guilty only for not fighting correctly for the cause.

Military means mix with "boring from within" and the "the long march through the institutions." Once institutions are taken, believers bombard individuals with slurs, small sample fallacies, straw person attacks, and other fallacies. Believers act as if repeating fallacies turns fallacies into facts.

Instead of accurately developing and weighing arguments, followers focus on finding the most effective talking points to intimidate or manipulate.

Gurus get worshipped, especially those spewing pseudo profound jargon.

Rulers sow confusion, alienation among enemies. When behaviors of Marxian leaders become too evil to ignore, the evils must magically be relabeled no-true-Scotsman fallacy style into "conservative," "not Islamic," or "not real Marxism." Followers blame the victims. Rulers practice bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw. They chant the magic buzzwords and catch phrases (equality, diversity, compassion) and watch as opposition melts away. Platitudes and kumbaya activities cover the real goals.

And remember "no enemies to the left."

Followers act as if labeling intuitions and junk research scientific makes the the intuitions and junk research accurate.

The specific economic system is a lower priority, varying from communes, Maoism, Castroism, Stalinism, socialism, to cronyistic contemporary Chinese economics (but the system must follow the rule of from each according to what can be extracted from them, to those toward the top).

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Found an Old Note to Myself

In July 2011, I Googled the following phrases:

"Sociology of terrorism" (14,600 Google results)
"Sociology of Sharia" (three results: first, a pro Sharia "social constructionist approach to the study of Sharia," then two copies of incoherent musings at
"Sociology of dhimmitude" (zero results)

You see the intersection of groupthink, the vividness bias, the garbage values of multiculturalism, and the junk science of sociology.


More Random Thoughts

Differences among multicultural liberal political parties (Green, Labour, Democratic) and multicultural conservative parties (Tory, Republican, Libertarian, Constitution) are largely arguments about how fast to destroy the West and how fast to increase rates of rent seeking from the tops and bottoms, with Libertarians and neoconservatives preferring the most and fastest destruction. The often unstated end is similar for all of them.

The longer we wait to reform the West, the higher the costs to ourselves and future generations. But real reformers have almost no power now. And most Westerners swallowed ruling group propaganda for so long, Westerners have few ideas about what should be done.

As ruling groups steal more power, their promoters emphasize the greatness of thousands of things, except organized nonwealthy citizens, labeling increases in available propaganda or consumer goods democracy while real democracy flounders, claiming we have bio wiring for what benefits them, but no wiring for what HBD discovers. Ruling groups call activities and technologies that indoctrinate or kill time healthy or educational. Instead of talking about moral beings, they talk about whatever slurs they can attach to nonwealthy individuals.

No one should let even the most wonderful of Muslims into their land, including diplomats. The children of these wonderful Muslims will behave according to genes and and non parental environments that the wonderful Muslims have little control over. And if they are so wonderful, they wouldn't be Muslim to begin with.

If you don't consciously make massive improvements to your environments and keep making them, you will end up surprised at how easily destructive elements insert themselves into your life.

The Consumer price Index is a faulty measure of inflation and living standards. The government admits that the CPI does not measure living standards. Home productivity (self-cleaning, home-cooked meals, etc.) plummeted during the past generation. The CPI measures quality improvements, but fails to accurately measure the ways new products are new and worse. Switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, for example, causes sleep disorders because of blue wavelengths in fluorescent lighting. Antibiotics continue to lose effectiveness. Quality improvements were greater during the 1945 to 1973 period. Growth during that period was more likely understated than in recent decades. The total fertility rate at the peak of the baby boom roughly doubled the current total fertility rate. Comparing the number of toys adults have now versus then does not help. Parents had less money for toys in the 1960s because they had many children to support. Individuals had much less destructive diversity around them.

Many individuals push gun bans, not because of the bans objective merit, but because:
  1. they have been baited into it
  2. doing so makes them feel good about themselves without them having to do much good
  3. vividness bias
  4. doing so helps the divide-and-screw agendas.
  5. all of the above
Afterall, they get much less worked up by things with fewer benefits and greater harms than guns--cars, smoking, dysgenics, asbestos, alcohol, bioweapons, motorcycles, cultural Marxism, nuclear weapons--to name but a few.

Some people who describe borders as arbitrary or pointless, nevertheless think this or that actor or sports team is ethically superior and worthy of support, though doing so is trillions of times more arbitrary and pointless.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Screwing People Over

A field of knowledge consists of many accurate, well understood ideas within that area. If a ten-year-old memorized an accurate article about astronomy, she would not be knowledgeable in that field because knowledge requires a huge number of accurate, well-understood ideas.

Trump gets criticized for not knowing politics and policy issues. And they're right.

The problem is that almost all other ruling group Western politicians have similar flaws. Their knowledge consists of how to screw people over, call it the political SPO field. These politicians have little knowledge of logic, ethics, and policy reforms. If you asked most ruling group politicians what Pigouvian taxes we should enact, their answers wouldn't be close to right, many wouldn't know the meaning of the word Pigouvian.

Ruling group politicians know thousands of leaders, lobbyists, diplomats, and advisors. They memorized thousands of talking points. But the talking points are either fallacious or intended as bait-and-switch morsels. They have political SPO knowledge, but not ethical and policy knowledge. Politicians are altruistic toward their friends and relatives, at the expense of the people. But since they are devoted to egoism, politicians easily believe helping allies is the same as doing their duties for the people.

Most people become national politicians because they want more power, status, and money, no matter what they claim their ethical motives are. In evolutionary terms, this is called psychological egoism.

Trump also has SPO knowledge from business fields, note his ability to have his corporations file for bankruptcy without his own wealth being destroyed. Trump's egoism is well documented.

That's why a random person walking down the street would likely be a better president than most billionaires or national politicians. The random person is less likely to be devoted to egoism. The professional politician will parrot or come up with all sorts of SPO schemes and fallacious rhetoric to support the schemes. Often Congressional bills will be written by lobbyists.

The random person turned politician might just say no to many such schemes, realizing what is at work.

We are now subjected to a plethora of poorly reasoned "As a lifelong Republican..." articles warning us about Trump, the fake centrism on full display. Being a lifelong Green, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian does not make one an expert. If anything, it makes one guilty. These authors would rather vote for a totalitarianism that starts a super war with China or Russia than anyone who opposes the invasion and annihilation of the West by migrants. These lifelong articles contrast Trump with the disastrous presidency of Reagan. The authors assume readers will be unaware of Reagan's real record, the over 30 percent decline of median incomes in young families with children during the 1980s, despite massive increases in wives working. Instead, the fairy tale emphasizes winning the Cold War and the Reagan boom, nevermind that the West lost the Cold War and boom was only for the wealthy.

You might as well vote for yourself rather than anyone the ruling group political parties offer.

The Media and Me

There's no ethical reason to financially support Hollywood or browse any mass media website. Almost everything politics related that mass media sources publish is poorly reasoned propaganda. On the few occasions they publish something worthwhile, better websites will have it or link to it.

The current mass media have no ethical right to be mass media. They have stolen the electromagnetic spectrum, the rightful property of the people. In other words, they are using the property of the people to demonize the people and trick the people into paying for their own demonization. The mass media are over interested in making money and over invested in pushing the agendas of individuals devoted to egoism and mass destruction.

They have no right to our time or money.

I can't think of a single major celebrity I admire. There is not a single one I think of as more deserving of respect than random persons walking down the street. It feels good to not be on the celebrity worship train. I would not pay a dime to have my photo taken with any of them.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Random Thoughts

The larger the society, the more likely rituals and ceremonies will seem a joke, the more likely elites will use rituals and ceremonies to control and harm ordinary individuals.

Most of us do not know what it like to live in cultures where most moments are opportunities for moral creation. Our societies dedicate themselves to dreading the good, what some call the demoniacal, a mixture of shallowness, indifference, laziness, escapism, self-absorption, and a reflexive dread of good acts.

Complete rejection by ruling groups who seek to destroy us is exhilarating.

Both tribalism and the current editions the nation states are disasters, the cartels of totalitarianism.

The doctrine that if the  president does it, it is not illegal is support for a dictatorship. A president could, after all, declare herself president for life, then declare it not illegal. And, of course, it would be legal for the president to be a mass murderer. Even benign dictatorships produce destruction. In the long run, benign dictators die. “Long live the king” was not an empty line. It expressed a not unreasonable fear that the next king would be worse.


Global warming has the benefit of mitigating the mass destruction caused by super volcano winters.


The use of terrorism as a bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw wedge issue by the ruling groups is bad enough now. Imagine how bad it will get if terrorism sky rockets or new totalitarian technologies emerge.


Conversation I overheard at the library yesterday: 
A woman asked a librarian for books on counterfeiting. During the search, the librarian (surprisingly) asked the woman why she wanted such books. The woman started hemming and hawing for an awkwardly long time, then said, "For a class... (more hemming and hawing). I'm studying to be a cop."


Thought experiment: Let's imagine a world where white and Asian women were hideous, worse than any other women on the planet, worse looking than hyenas. Let's imagine white men being sexually aggressive, looking to impregnate every woman they could. How would that change present political dynamics?


Many individuals fight off existential anxieties with hate, especially multiculturalists unaware of their own motives, who find feelings of purpose and superiority by hating whites.


Establishment Western political parties have one job that ethically matters more than almost all others. Prevent demographic invasion, conquest, and subjugation. And none of them do it.


Read publications promoting communism from two or three generations ago. Some of them are stored on Ron Unz's archive of magazines. Many of today's multicultural writings paraphrase the biocultural arguments of communism. So, yes, multiculturalism is cultural Marxism. And, yes, Stalin, Mao, Mugabe, and Kim Jong Il were spewing multicultural nostrums.


Suppose donating money to corrupt charities makes one feel good? What if the charities cause the spread of lower activity variants of the MAOA gene, the variants that causes aggression? What if millions of individuals get murdered 70 years from now thanks to that charity?


What do women want? What do men want? Within specific genetic and environmental limitations, men and women want what their genes and societies tell them is cool to want. But men and women don't want to think genes and societies influence over themselves. Men and Women want to think they are unique or rebels. When the driver blasting music pulls up next to you, he wants you to think, "Wow. That guy has great taste in music. He's awesome." But almost no one actually thinks that. The music is off putting unless tastes match.


To the multiculturalist, the awareness of self-contradictions seems not to exist--and the multicultural media do not point them out. Maybe multiculturalists heard Bobcat Goldthwaite make a contradiction joke about gated communities a few decades ago, but that was just a joke, right? Bobcat's joke was quickly replaced by tons of other infotainment.


Instant realization: I have never heard the speaking voices of nearly everyone in today's Congress. The exceptions: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, and John McCain. Man, I love not watching TV.


Nationalism by whites in Britain, France, Greece, Poland, America, and elsewhere saved the the world from Nazism, communism, Islam, and dozens of other evil ideologies and invasions, so before we condemn all nationalism by whites, realize the good. Without nationalistic whites all the advances in medicine and agriculture that saved billions of lives would not have happened.


Protestant Filipina: Your [Catholic] church got damaged [by an earthquake]. Our house [protestant church] was protected by God.

(at work)
First Man: Throughout history great thinkers have known that certain books contain codes. Newton--
Second Man: Yeah, the The DaVinci Code.
First Man: No, not The Davinci Code. Newton, Einstein--
Second Man: That's the DaVinci Code.

(at Cabela's)
First Man: I came home [from a business trip] and one of them [migrants] was sleeping in my bed. I was shaking.
Second Man: I don't worry about that. Jesus protects me.
First Man: You don't believe that shit, do you?
Second Man: It helps me. It's gotten me through a lot of stuff. I keep my Bible in my truck, right next to me. It stays right there, protecting me. I haven't had to slam on my breaks ever since I put it there.

Hip Hop Recording Engineer: If you could see what I see. I record a lot of songs that could change the world. But the record companies don't want all that. Sometimes they allow one or two political songs. Sometimes I record 20 tracks, ten will be revolutionary. But the record company will allow only one revolutionary song. Sometimes not even that.
Man: Kill all the whites.

Wealthy Filipina: You don't understand. Ordinary Filipinos are b*cteria. They pretend to be simple and humble to trick you. They're like that. They're always looking for some way to trick you. They know all the tricks because they see the tricks all around them. They always want something for nothing. Even when they work: you hire one to fix your door. You come home. The door's all crooked and broken. Worse than before. And they demand to be paid. You just observe. You'll see.
Man: Really?
Wealthy Filipina: Don't get involved with b*cteria. Once they latch on, you lose.


Battles among Western ruling groups with ISIS and similar groups involve unstated disagreements about slow jihad versus fast jihad. The Western establishments prefer to destroy the West slowly by migrant invasions. Fast jihad messes with the plan, arousing the concern of ordinary Westerners. Establishments prefer to keep the conquests and destructions unnoticed until too late.

Social and Political Hurdles for Ethnoracial Fact Facing

Ethnoracial Fact Facing is complicated. Ethnoracial Fact Facing makes thousands of often well-reasoned distinctions. Many individuals cannot or do not understand variance and other Ethnoracial Fact Facing concepts. It is easier, though wrong, to take the tribal position: Everyone outside the tribe should be considered enemies until proven otherwise. It is also easier, though unethical, to take the cultural Marxian position: assume everyone is the same, except blacks and Muslims and other allies, who are superior--and nonwealthy whites, who are inferior. Complicated, accurate  economic ideas also face hurdles. Economics is relevant to EFF because wealthy multiculturalists with simple economic ideas keep increasing their power and destructiveness.

Cultural Marxism controls all major Western institutions, especially schools, churches, corporations, governments, and mass media. Japan and a few poor countries may be the only countries on earth not riddled with cultural Marxism and its allies. Even China, Taiwan, and South Korea are filling with variations of cultural Marxism. Almost every wealthy person supports cultural Marxism and their influence is anything but benign.

Misguided shame
Thanks to number two, whites feel irrational, unethical shame for believing anything other than cultural Marxism.

Thanks to the ruthlessness of Hitler and cultural Marxism, multiculturalists are able to fool individuals into thinking anything that is not multicultural is some form of crypto Nazism, guilt by non association. The mass media almost never tells us what most non multiculturalists actually believe. The media chants the irrelevant slurs N*zi, r*cist, b*got, and f*r right at EFF.

Moral universalism
Multiculturalists claim the title of moral universalists, though multiculturalists support antiwhite totalitarianism. Even many race realists falsely claim multiculturalists are moral universalists.

Western Europeans and their descendents are a plummeting share of the world's population.

Genes and cultures
Most whites are genetically and culturally predisposed to xenocentrism. They regard any all white group as creepy, though whites see nothing wrong with all nonwhite groups. Whites, especially wealthy whites, massively harm other whites in ways they do not harm nonwhites.

Legalized bribery
Wealthy multiculturalists can bribe almost any policy into existence. Worse, most individuals tolerate or support legalized bribery.

Multiculturalists are playing the long game. They work to annihilate whites over many generations. Whites ignore gradually escalating evils until it is too late. Belief in the importance of future generations has been subtly indoctrinated out of whites.

Multiculturalists have indoctrinated all major nonwhite groups into being antiwhite. Even nonwhites ethically similar to whites, having little in common with blacks and Muslims, support antiwhite tyranny. Nonwhite rulers in the West incite antiwhite, mutually destructive conflicts with China and Russia, probably because rulers do not identify with nonwealthy whites and view whites as a disposable subspecies.

Duties seem odious, hedonism fun and easy, though in the long-run, hedonism leaves us empty and unhappy.

Many ethnoracial fact facers have difficulty articulating ethical alternative societies. Few ethnoracial fact facers are policy experts. Few, if any, have play money to create alternative societies. Many withdraw to their own lives and families. Many are wary of anyone who disagrees with them on almost any political issue. Ethnoracial Fact Facing will need to overcome mutual hostility over minor issues. Ethnoracial Fact Facers need to agree to live harmoniously with each other despite differences on nonmulticultural issues. Bad policies on other issues come and go, but destruction by multiculturalism is permanent.

Contradictions in Action

A big contradiction in people working to criminalize speech: they never seek to arrest themselves. They claim individuals should be arrested for speech they imagine intolerant and harmful to social cohesion, yet they and their allies are the most intolerant and destructive people on earth. So why aren't they arresting themselves? The absence of cognitive dissonance boggles the mind.

Over 70,000 individuals signed an internet petition to have Katie Hopkins arrested, yet Google searches reveal Ms. Hopkins has been called c*nt, b*tch, and dozens of other slurs thousands of times. Why aren't the guardians of "tolerance" and "social cohesion" seeking to have Ms. Hopkins' critics arrested for abusive ad hominem attacks? (Note: I know almost nothing about Ms. Hopkins or what she said or what kind of person she is. I'm here to defend consistency and free speech, things every ethical person should do.)

The establishments demonize any public figure for any trivial association almost anyone slurred as a "white supr*mecist," yet sees nothing wrong with almost every public figure being devoted to antiwhite supremecism.

Egoism and Multiculturalism

At first glance, it seems odd that individuals devoted to psychological egoism (selfishness) would also be devoted to cultural Marxism.

But cultural Marxism is egoism dominated, not moral universalism dominated.

Cultural Marxism makes labor cheaper and redistributes income to the top through mass migration and divide-and-screw strategies. Cultural Marxism assists globalism, which destroys democracy, helps tax avoidance, and also redistributes to the top. Cultural Marxism allows powerful individuals to imagine themselves as ethically superior, viewing themselves as cosmopolitan masters of the universe while heaping contempt on ordinary citizens for imagined parochialism. Since actual ethics does not matter to ruling groups, ruling groups remain oblivious to massive harms caused by cultural Marxism to ordinary citizens.

Equalities that benefit ruling groups (flat taxes and equality of movement, for example) are treated as absolute rules. Equalities that benefit ordinary citizens (equality of free association) are ignored or demonized.

Spectrum of Fallacies

The idea of a one dimensional political spectrum is utterly inaccurate. Contemporary democrats, republicans, and libertarians are not centrist, moderate, center left, or center right. Contemporary democrats support conservatism on economic issues, a mixture of Marxism and neoconservatism in foreign policies and religious issues, cultural Marxism on ethnoracial issues. Republicans and libertarians in practice are not much different except for endorsing more neoconservatism and economic conservatism. None of the above makes them good or somewhere near some imaginary middle. A better term for the major political parties is triple totalitarianism--militarism, robber baronism, plus cultural Marxism. Is it anywhere near as bad as Mao's China, North Korea, the Soviet Union, or Hitler's Germany. No. But soft totalitarianism is not centrism.

Third Wayers subscribe to the faulty idea that if it were not for Republican obstructionism and rotten ideas, democrats would do right things. We saw in 2009 and 2010, when democrats controlled the federal government, that democrats were an ethical disaster (not as bad as Republicans but still a disaster). In case anyone forgot, the main democratic pushes in 2009 and 2010:

1. escalating the quagmire in Afghanistan (apparently so democrats would appear tough).
2. tokenistic financial reforms.
3. reappointing the disastrous Ben Bernanke.
4. not punishing financiers.
5. bailing out financiers for their financial crimes.
6. letting the super rich get away with almost all manner of crimes.
7. austerity: a miniscule stimulus, a fraction of the six percent of GDP required to make up for the shortfall in demand.
8. the "grand bargain," cuts to retirement programs and even more austerity.
9. ever more cultural Marxism.
10. maintaining Bush's policies on civil liberties.
11. globalism.

Sure, the democrats did good things on numerous minor issues, issues where no unethical, powerful interest would make major sacrifices, issues with a fraction of the importance compared to the big issues. But on all the big issues, the democrats did wrong things.

Democrats conveniently forgot most of the things democratic voters thought they were voting for.

Democrats work to redistribute income to the top. President Obama has presided over a massive increase in inequality, worse than some Republican presidents. But democrats do not redistribute to the top in all the ways republicans do. Democrats will not push for massive tax cuts for the rich because doing so would send huge numbers of  democratic voters to third party. Instead, democrats redistribute to the top using subtle and indirect methods:

1. letting the rich and others devoted to rent seeking get away with crimes.
2. maintaining high levels of unemployment, so workers have less bargaining power.
3. tolerating legalized bribery and other forms of legalized corruption.

Some democratic politicians may not even be consciously aware of the consequences of democratic actions. As Democrats pursue pro rich ideas and cash flows in, it becomes easy to regard well-reasoned reforms as "risky" and "dangerous extremism."

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Healthy foods Versus Unhealthy Foods: a Short Guide

After reading various studies, I conclude:

fructose, including high calorie fruits (grapes, mangos among many, many)
sugar substitutes
fat substitutes
other sugars
processed meats
trans fats
other junk carbs (bread, rice)
high-calorie vegetables (cooked potatoes)
red meat
foods with emulsifiers (mayo)

white meat
textured vegetable protein
some vegetable oils
wheat bran
oat bran
low sugar, low calorie vegetables
other high fiber, low sugar foods
other high protein, low sugar foods
most spices

Worst Political Websites I Can Recall Seeing

Worse and Worser:, Reddit, Free Republic, Weekly Standard, NYT, NR, Cato, BBC, AEI, Alternet, Al Jezerra, WSJ, Wapo, Commentary, Real Clear Politics, The Nation, Real Clear World,, Fox, CNN, Salon, Slate, MSNBC, Drudge,, Stormfront, TNR,,,, Heritage,,, Littlegreenfootballs, Feministing, Newsweek, SPLC,, Loonwatch, Young Turks, Daily Stormer,,,,, Time, Common Dreams,, Victors Message Board,,, The Thinking Housewife

Care to add more?

It's the Trap

Almost every attempted reform in occupied, nondemocratic Western countries results in the following:

A: getting you demonized and otherwise harmed by the ruling groups, and their totalitarian mixtures of Randism, neoconservatism, third wayism, and biocultural Marxism, thus failing to reform.

B: being ignored

Thus, the few reforms that occur are tokenistic for propaganda purposes or remote, where almost no one around the ruling groups has an interest--for example, the marine sanctuaries created by Bush and Obama around territories. The Bush marine sanctuary appears to be the only thing Bush did right during his entire time in power.

That's why we must organize and form our own separate communities.


Some rough grades for documentaries I watched in the past decade, graded and ranked mostly on entertainment value or inspirational value, not ethical accuracy.

Exit Through the Gift Shop: A
Give Up Tomorrow: A
Harlan County, USA: A-
Power Trip: A-
The King of Kong: A-
American Dream: A-
Gates of Heaven: B+
The Boys of H Company: B+
Occupation Dreamland: B+
Never Forget to Lie: B+
Under Our Skin: B+
Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion: B+
The Cove: B+
Untitled lost battalion documentary (available almost nowhere): B+
Buck: B+
Paradise Lost: B+
Happy People: B+
Armadillo: B+
Casino Jack: B+
Hearts of Darkness: B+
Tales from the Script: B+
Tragedy of Bataan: B
Brother's Keeper: B
Nova B-29: Frozen in Time: B
The Yes Men: B
World War II in HD: B
Capturing the Friedmans: B
Client 9: B
Korea: The Forgotten War: B
Being Elmo: B
Religulous: B
Hearts and Minds: B
Little Dieter Needs to Fly: B
Out of Sight: B
Floored: B
Scared Straight! (worthless anti-crime tactic but amusing documentary): B
Anne Frank Remembered: B
We Stand Alone Together: B
Why We Fight (Frank Capra version): B
Scrappers: B-
Blossoms of Fire: B-
Secrets of the Dead: Irish Escape: B-
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii: B-
Super Size Me: B-
The Tillman Story: B-
Devil's Playground: B-
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: B-
The Farmer’s Wife: B-
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years: B-
The Korean War: Fire and Ice: B-
Best Boy: B-
Roger and Me: B-
The War Tapes: B-
A Perfect Candidate: B-
Limelight (starts slow but gets bizarre towards the end): C+
Fahrenheit 9/11: C
Atomic Cafe (seemed better in the 80s before nuclear irony became a cliche): C-
Nanook of the North: D+
Bill Cunningham New York (people thinking banal thoughts are profound): D+
Bukowski: Born Into This (ditto above): D+
Wordplay: D+
Capitalism: a Love Story: D+
Mugabe and the White African (quixotic waste of time in a toothless court): D+
Hell And Back Again: D+
Restrepo (nothing insightful not seen or heard before): D+
Prodigal Sons (two siblings complaining about each other): D+
American Movie (grating and boring character): D
Crumb (another grating and boring character): D
Body of War: D
A Film Unfinished: D
Korea: The Unknown War: D
Knocking: D
Capturing Reality: D
Grey Gardens: D-
Enlighten Up: D-
The World at War: D-
China: A Century of Revolution (Marxian propaganda): D-
Guns, Germs, and Steel: D-
The Fog of War (terrible moral reasoning by both McNamara and the filmmaker): D-
Elephant in the Living Room (The box cover describes the main character as big hearted. He's not.): F
The War by Ken Burns: F

Note that I did not pay Hollywood a dime for any of them. I obtained them from the library.

Mostly First Person Books Rated and Ranked

I've been reading oral histories and other up close books in recent years. The Internet is better for macro issues these days than books. I've rated and ranked books below in rough order of interest they generated in my soul, not historical accuracy or other attributes. The most worthwhile works are difficult to find.

Death March by Donald Knox: A
Harder than Hardscrabble by Thad Sitton: A-
This Is Paradise by Hyok Kang: A-
The Black Devil Brigade by Joseph Springer (starts slow): A-
If You Survive by George Wilson: B+
Easy Company Soldier by Don Malarkey: B+
The Korean War: Pusan to Chosin by Donald Knox: B+
Hey, Mac, Where You Been? by Henry Berry: B+
No Bugles, No Drums by Rudy Tomedi: B+
You'll Die in Singapore by Charles McCormack: B+
Foot Soldier by Roscoe C. Blunt: B+
Indestructible by John R. Bruning (entertaining but fictionalized dialog): B+
The Scars of a Soldier by Vernon Heppe (starts slow): B+
Everything We Had by Al Santoli: B+
Nam by Mark Baker: B+
Bataan Uncensored by Ernest Miller: B+
The Last Battle Station by Duane Schultz B+
Comfort Women Speak by Sangmie Choi Schellstede and Soon Mi Yu (not much text, mostly photos): B+
Into the Rising Sun by Patrick O'Donnell: B+
The Brave Japanese by Kenneth Harrison: B+
House of Bush, House of Saud by Craig Unger: B+
Where Away by George Sessions Perry and Isabel Leighton (starts slow): B+
The Naked Island by Russell Braddon: B
Once a Hussar by Ray Ellis: B
Medic! by Robert "Doc Joe" Franklin B
Bataan and Beyond by John S. Coleman: B
Visions from a Foxhole by William A. Foley, Jr: B
Crossing the Line by Alvin Kernan: B
Witness by Joshua M. Greene and Shiva Kumar: B
Gig by John Bowe, Marisa Bowe, Sabin C. Streeter: B
On the Front Lines by John Ellis: B
Guests of the Emperor by Linda Goetz Holmes: B
Voices from D-Day by Jonathan Bastable: B
Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends by William Guarnere and Edward Heffron: B
Beyond Valor by Patrick O'Donnell: B
Sappers in the Wire by Keith W. Nolan: B
Voices of the Pacific by Adam Makos: B
Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich: B
Company Commander by Charles MacDonald (starts slow): B
American Involvement in the Filipino Resistance Movement by L.S. Schmidt (monograph): B
To Bear Any Burden by Al Santoli: B-
Roll Me Over by Ray Gantter (more self-contradictions and political fallacies than usual): B-
Abandoned on Bataan by Oliver "Red" Allen: B-
Our War Was Different by Albert Hemingway: B-
The Dyess Story by Ed Dyess: B-
Strange Ground: An Oral History Of Americans In Vietnam by Harry Maurer: B-
The Outpost War (Volume 1) by Lee Ballenger: C+
The Korean War: Uncertain Victory by Donald Knox: C+
Armageddon by Clive Ponting C+
Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides: C+
War Stories of the Infantry by Michael Green and James D. Brown: C+
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand: C+
Working by Studs Terkel: C
Bat 21 by William C. Anderson: C
The "Good" War by Studs Terkel: C-
Five Years to Freedom by James N. Rowe (too long): D+
They Fought Alone by John Keats (mostly a novel): D
American Sniper by Chris Kyle: D
Rage in Singapore by David George Plotkin (mostly a novel): D
The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer: D-
The War by Ken Burns: D-
Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff (verbose and boring): F

These books contain many false claims, ad hominem attacks, small sample fallacies, one-sided arguments, appeals to tradition, and other logical failings. In other words, the accuracy of these books differs little from books by people paid by taxpayers to be historians.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Corruption and the West

Corruption is worse in the West than most poor countries.

The West is currently a non democratic colony of super rich noncitizens and de facto noncitizens. At least most poor countries aren't being invaded and conquered by those devoted to spreading mass destruction. As their percentages increase, destruction rises exponentially, not linearly. The consequences of today's corruptions in the West will be experienced for thousands of generations.

In Western countries, almost every institution is corrupt, including most families. At least in poor countries, the corruption is not so encompassing.

The West has more money, but that is primarily due to the high productivity and cohesiveness of whites, not lack of corruption.

Many working class whites would rather live in a country of ethical whites having a per capita income of two dollars per day than a wealthy, hellish land devoted to Randism, nihilism, hedonism, neoconservatism, techno utopianism, third wayism, and biocultural Marxism.

(Of course, a country filled only with ethical whites will have a far larger per capita income than two dollars per day.)

A minimum wage income in the West isn't worth much anyway if you have to spend it all on rent, food, taxes, utilities, insurance, miseducation, transportation, various other oligopolies, and people devoted to harming you.

Yes, we even put up with the degradation of paying for our own destruction.

The No Super Slur Challenge.

As soon as you see a super slur in an article, stop reading. Go someplace else. The rest of the article is probably not well-reasoned anyway. The opportunity costs of reading that article might prevent you from reading something better.

For the unfamiliar, examples of super slurs include c*nt, co*n, go*k, r*cist, p*nko, b*got, n*zi, femin*zi, cow*rd, n*gger, cr*cker, redn*ck, sh*tlord, Stal*nist, nat*vist, w*t back, Islam*phobe, far l*ft, far r*ght, wh*te supremecist, black nation*list, and white nation*list.

You will be glad you did. And it will be good for your character, the most important part of your being.

West of Eden

I just sat through The Perilous Fight, another error spewing, white bashing, non-white worshipping documentary, so I have questions for the multiculturalists about Japan and Japanese Americans, especially the fawning claims about how ethical, patriotic, democratic, and victimized the Japanese Americans were and are:

Why weren't Japanese Americans, alleged paragons of multicultural virtue, fighting with all their might to stop Japanese aggression in China from 1931 to 1941? (Almost surely, Japanese Americans were in a better position to influence the Japanese government than other Americans.)

Why were Japanese Americans and the Japanese government constantly complaining about mild discrimination in the West while ignoring or supporting mass rape, murder, and enslavement by the Japanese government?

Why did nearly all the millions of Japanese adult settlers in Asia and the Western Pacific help Japan, not the peoples in the lands they migrated into?

Why weren't the oh-so-patriotic Japanese Americans lined up outside American military recruiting offices on December 8, 1941?

Why did only four percent of male, military age Japanese Americans eventually volunteer for the U.S. military in World War II?

Japanese Americans visiting Japan on December 8, 1941 readily helped Japan and later served as translators in Japanese death camps. Why did these translators do almost nothing to help their imprisoned fellow Americans, who were being daily starved and tortured? Instead, these translators excoriated America and made glib, surreal conversations to Allied human skeletons about plans to move back to the U.S. once the war was over, exhibiting almost no ethical concerns.

Millions of Americans were interned in the U.S. military from 1941 to 1945 in conditions (Hurtgen, New Guinea, and elsewhere) far more horrific than the vacation camps Japanese Americans lived in. Why is this fact ignored?

Many Japanese Americans were paid reparations by the U.S. government for their stays in comparitive vacation camps. How many Japanese Americans donated their reparations to Asian survivors of World War II, who endured pure hell and had their lives ruined thanks to Japan, receiving nothing from Japan?

Why are almost all World War II oral histories from Japanese full of self-justifying BS?

Why weren't Japanese Americans countering the constant onslaught of anti-Western and anti-Asian bigotry being spewed by Japanese institutions during the decades leading up to World War II?

Why are present day Japanese and Japanese Americans silent or supportive of revisionist baloney such as the "Co-prosperity Sphere," which was little more than a sphere of rape, murder, torture, and enslavement?

Why are Japanese Americans, supposed multicultural universalists, so eager to call fellow white Americans slurs such as r*cist and b*got while not calling Japanese slurs for behavior thousands of times worse?

Why were non-Japanese Asian civilians, forced into helping the Japanese, called c*llaborators, deserving of death or condemnation, while arms producing Japanese at Nagasaki and Hiroshima were considered innocent civilians?

Why are there so many memorials throughout Asia and the Pacific dedicated to Japanese soldiers who engaged in mass murder? Why did Japan oppose memorials at death camp sites for Allied soldiers who were bravely defending against Japanese aggression?

Why did Japan think it had the right to stop the opening of a California memorial to comfort women?

In the 1930s, Japanese newspapers entertained readers with an ongoing sword killing contest as if the killing of Chinese were a sport. How many Japanese and Japanese Americans reported this contest to the outside world?

A Japanee soldier in the Philippines refused to surrender when World War II ended. He hid in forests and serial murdered Filipinos for decades. Why was he treated as a hero when he finally went back to Japan?

The Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team received 21 Medals of Honor for fighting in Europe. Douglas MacArthur received a Medal of Honor despite ranking among the worst generals in U.S. history. Yet no  American enlisted man or woman in the defense of the Philippines received a Medal of Honor despite fighting bravely, suffering incompetent leadership, and enduring nearly four years of hell. These POW enlisted men engaged in millions of brave sabotage acts against Japanese war industries, knowing full well that if caught their daily tortures would be increased unto death. Why the differences?

During the Cold War, Toshiba willfully sold top secret military technology to the Soviet Union, technology that could have cost millions of Westerners their lives. Why does Toshiba still exist? Why no severe punishments for its executives?

In what ways are Chinese propaganda techniques for the past 70 years similar to propaganda techniques of the Japanese Empire?

Should Nixon's opening up of Communist China be considered as ominous as the opening up of Japan in the 19th Century?

Hollywood movies increasingly "humanize" Japanize soldiers as nice guys caught up in circumstances, though their actual beliefs and actions were more horrific than multiculturalists are willing to imagine. Why the despicable contradiction between humanizing barbarity and dehumanizing ethnoracial realists, who are telling moral facts? Why are ethical persons such as JP Rushton treated as worse than Hirohito, the latter responsible for nearly 30 million unwarranted deaths? Care to explain the millions of other despicable contradictions in multiculturalism?

How is Japan a Western ally? Japan's policies are riddled with mercantilism. Japan is doing almost nothing to increase global demand in the face of austerity and almost nothing to stop the invasion of the West by non-white peoples. If war occurs between China and Japan, why should millions of whites die to save Japanese who despise whites? Even as whites' own countries are being demographically invaded and conquered?

That Extra Eye

One added bonus of spending thousands of hours weighing evidence, including ethnoracial evidence, is that you begin to see facts that few others have the slightest inkling about.

That Extra Eye can look at various international relations schools of thought, dozens of them, from neorealist to feminist, and see something immediately: the schools are almost all variants of biocultural Marxism.

The ethnoracial fact facer knows that contemporary rulers are not acting on nationalism or national interest as some foreign policy types presume. Rulers are acting on egoism, groupthink, xenocentrism, and other bad motives. The budding young IR student might look at all those IR variants taught at prestigious universities and come to the conclusion that those schools offer all the ways of thinking, the sacred canon. In reality, IR schools are (mostly) collections of BS, as are most of the humanities and social sciences.

A Third Way Democrat will look at this article by Jon Chait and think he sees pure genius, an accurate representation of the world. A fact facer would immediately note that almost every sentence in Chait's article contains a fallacy--ad hominems, straw persons, false claims, small samples, appeals to tradition among them. (Note that I am not endorsing Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Those two politicians are wrong about almost everything important.)

The same goes for millions of other arguments produced by ruling groups.

The fact facer can look at a social science study and think of many omitted confounding factors, especially genetic factors, plus other reasoning errors that make the study probable rubbish,

Fact facers gain an almost encyclopedic awareness of contradictions. How could they not? Biocultural Marxism and other ruling group ideologies contain contradictions by the millions.

Most people go through their lives believing certain political thoughts are taboo, no matter how well supported those ideas are by evidence, especially those who imagine themselves to be open minded. They rationalize. The're not even half conscious of their rationalizations. They experience shame or other anxieties for even thinking taboo political thoughts, not because of the evidence, but because of indoctrination and social pressures. They attack the motives of taboo breakers as if ad hominem attacks will make the facts change.

The fact facer doesn't care. She has already decided to follow the evidence, whether ideas are taboo or not. Adding more taboo ideas to existing beliefs is no big deal to the fact facer. If you already faced the fact that nonwhite immigration is unethical, you might as well face taboo facts about eugenics and thousands of other issues, too.

Someone once said blacks know extra things about whites because blacks gain the perspective of being outsiders peering at whites.

Let me tell you, fact facers know thousands of facts about whites, nonwhites, and ruling groups that most people don't have the slightest idea about.

The Passion of the Crestfallen

I made the mistake of reading Rod Dreher, a writer at the American Conservative.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't spent much time reading Dreher's work, but Dreher's shtick consists of complaining that multiculturalists mistreat white, Christian multiculturalists like himself.


You mean to tell me that multiculturalists, devoted to antiwhite totalitarianism, act badly toward white, Christian multiculturalists?

I'm shocked.

How could multiculturalists not respond with kindness at the displays of altruism and obsequiousness exhibited by white, Christian multiculturalists? It's as if the white, Christian multiculturalists are thinking, "Hey, Guys. What are you doing? We're on the same antiwhite team," as if nonwhites have genetic and cultural tendencies that differ from whites, but don't tell that to the new American Conservative. It's been awhile since Steve Sailor pointed out a few unpopular truths at the American Conservative.

Dreher proposes the Benedict Option, that is, Christians retreating from societies, spending much time in prayer.

But, of course, there is no evidence that any God ever answered any prayer. Almost nobody remembers the Gods of the peoples wiped off the face of the earth, nor the peoples themselves. The Thule peoples once dominated the arctic for thousands of miles. Where are the Thule peoples and their Gods now? Nowhere. Exterminated by Inuits. The Inuits didn't even bother to breed with captured Thule females, or if Inuits did so, they slaughtered or sterilized resulting offspring. White Christians should realize that without white people you can kiss ethical Christianity goodbye. If a Christian God who judges up death exists, what would it do with white, multicultural Christians responsible for the destruction of Christianity and the white individuals?

The Benedict Option reeks of antiwhite fatalism, selfishness, and antinomianism.

I hope I don't make the Dreher mistake again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Support Draconian Hate Crime Laws for Whites Who Violently Attack Nonwhites


Whites who attack nonwhites rank among our worst enemies. Such Whites become national news and small sample fallacy focal points for bashing the rest of us.

Meanwhile, nonwhites who attack whites become no news or local news. Or, perversely, additional fodder for excoriating whites. In multicultural thinking, nonwhite aggression wouldn't have occurred if it weren't for white r*cism or white privilege or some other victim blaming malarky. Mumia Abu Jamal and similar individuals become martyrs, no matter how atrocious their motives. Egalitarians act as if nonwhites lack moral agency. The fanaticism of most multiculturalists is impenetrable by unwanted, well reasoned moral arguments. As we have seen, multicultural media types are fantastic at manufacturing mythological, one sided narratives.

Pretending to be ethnoracially blind makes matters worse. Nonwhites see it as a sign you don't care about the truth, that you are easy to manipulate and intimidate.

Aggression is no help. Whites have ethical duties to organize and form their own communities. Aggression is the rotten solution of  indolence, impulsiveness, dysgenic breeding, and high, unstable self-esteem.

There is no going back. There is little of the historical United States of America left. There is the land mass that was once America.

New constitutions must be designed. The old constitution, combined with dysgenics and cultural rot, was not enough to protect us.

Westerners and Western Civilization can be saved and reformed but not with aggressive acts or poorly reasoned devotion to the unethical entities of the past.

Dear Economists

The next time you conduct one of your benefits of nonwhite migration "studies" please include the following costs:

Theft or other acquisition of media, technologies, and institutions by Japanese migrants, leading to the murders of nearly 30 million between 1931 and 1946, plus grievous harms caused to billions of other individuals. More important: the future costs of military technologies stolen by Chinese migrants.

Migrants spreading Marxian ideas, leading the murder of over 90 million and the enslavement of billions.

Totalitarian bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices by ruling groups, the near certain result in multicultural societies--wrecking democracy, wrecking pro-worker organizations, ruining political parties, causing general mass destruction.

The demonization of nonwealthy whites by wealthy, ruthless multicultural ruling groups.

Loss of freedom of association.

Massive fifth columning.

Ethnic cleansing of white, working class neighborhoods, loss of property values, costs of moving, costs of competing for slots in decent neighborhoods, costs to working class whites left behind.

Millions of antiwhite rapes and other assaults in schools and prisons not counted in crime stats.

Loss of freedom of speech.

Wrecked ethical environment where moral facts are treated as worthless or evil, where fallacious rubbish is repeated until most of the population believes, where well-reasoned ethnoracial arguments are de facto banned from the mass media, where good points are automatically countered with straw person, ad hominem, and small sample fallacies.

Odious interpersonal environments where various ethnoracial groups groups try to assert their dominance and degrade others.

Massive traffic increases, causing cancer, congestion, cardiovascular disease, wasted hours,

Costs of replacing Western cultures with alienation and fanatical flight to destructive non-Western cultures.

Dysgenic breeding.

Massive legalized bribery by wealthy foreigners and de facto noncitizens.

Affirmative action salary costs and massive costs from inept professionals, especially nonwhite doctors. Public costs of college and college prep educations for migrant groups having IQs in the 80s, leaving them with no degrees, junk degrees or grade inflation degrees in fields they lack proper training for.

Loss of trustworthiness, which is more important than the loss of trust.

Don't forget to include dozens of other costs I forgot to mention here.

Thank you, economists. Your historical devotion to the whole truth softens my heart. I'm sure I'll see the whole truth in your next "study."

The Fear Mongering Charade

If you have been following politics recently, you've probably seen plenty of the circumstantial ad hominem "fear mongering," usually directed at those who even slightly oppose cultural Marxism or other establishment nonsense. This farce would be hilarious if the consequences were not so tragic for nonwealthy Westerners. Alleged fear in arguers is, of course, usually irrelevant, as are other emotive states

But the contradictions. Oh, my! For decades, establishment political parties have relied on fear, groupthink, repetition, and media dominance to keep individuals from facing facts, from deviating from the crypto totalitarianisms of Republicanism, and Third Way Democratism.

"Ooga booga. He opposes invasion and annihilation. He must be a r*cist, b*got, and goose st*pper."

So we have the establishments, the same establishments who have been bombarding us with preposterous terror alerts, telling us to be afraid of the moral facts, to freak out about terrorism, but to seldom mention the far more massive threats of egoism, globalism, nihilism, dysgenics, militarism, oligopolies, creeping Sharia, super volcanos, nuclear war, legalized bribery, biological weapons, biocultural Marxism, and one sided mass media.

Those inclined to grandstand offer dire global warming pronouncements when it is still an open question whether global warming is harmful or beneficial. Meanwhile, more important environmental issues (smoking, overfishing, deforestation, overuse of fertilizers, indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution, antibiotic overuse, overpopulation in poor countries, asbestos in poor countries) get little attention.

(By the way, stop quoting the Pope, celebrities, and natural scientists on public policies. Logic, ethics, and public policies are not their areas of expertise.)

"Ooga booga. Don't use fiscal policies or a trillion dollar platinum coin. The economy is self-correcting."

Of course, the hands off economists are often silent when it comes to the thousands of policies that redistribute money to the top.

We're told to fear whites most of all, despite the fact that individuals from some other ethnoracial groups are many, many times more likely to commit stranger on stranger interracial crimes.

"Ooga booga. White tr*sh. White privilege. White terrorism. Whoops! It's past my bedtime. Let me retire to my mansion that happens to be in a gated community for no reason at all."

I'm so effing sick of establishment egoism, propaganda, contradictions, and gradual mass destruction.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Signs of Life and Death

I have scant evidence for the following claims since little research is done on these things, but it appears white political thinking is moving in slightly better directions, at least outside of wealthy circles.

Signs of progress compared to several years ago:

The popularity of totalitarian neoconservatism among ordinary citizens declined, especially the version supported by the Bushes, though Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton could steal the executive office.

Race realism and counter jihadism often united, brought on by the situation in Europe. Ten years ago counter jihadists bombarded race realists with slurs as if counter jihadists thought they could escape establishment opprobrium by throwing race realists under the bus. Fact facers realize genes and cultures both matter, though some counter jihadists (Robert Spencer) still act as if culture is almost everything.

Despite his massive defects, Donald Trump has redirected many Republicans from knee-jerk economic redistribution to billionaires to nonwhite invasion issues.

Pan-European ideas are spreading.

Signs of decline:

The latest Pope provides full bore support for antiwhite totalitarianism. Western militaries do likewise. Establishment propaganda is turning into an exact science.

What little democracy existed in the Western world is almost gone.

Living standards continue to decline, and the decline is covered up with hedonic pricing, statistical redefinitions, and other fallacies.

Self-described neoreactionaries are no help. The word reaction*ry is a slur used by ruling groups and followers of Marx. No movement that describes itself as a widely accepted slur has ever gained power. Would a majority support a party calling itself the D*mb Party, no matter the content of their characters? The millions of individuals tarred as reactionaries and murdered would be spinning in their graves (if they could) at the thought of people willingly calling themselves reactionaries. Neoreactionaries blame democratic systems that don't exist while praising the kings and queens who got us into this mess.

Chinese, Russian, and Western rulers are more similar than different, almost all are devoted to egoism, militarism, and biocultural Marxism.

The tribal fanaticism of white multiculturalists keeps increasing, impervious to ethical reasoning. Years ago multiculturalists would cite Eisenhower as an example of a moderate Republican. Now they regard Eisenhower as a pariah for not being antiwhite enough.

More oligopolies. More dysgenic breeding. More environmental destruction.