Thursday, August 20, 2020

An Extremely Brief Guide to Current American Political Parties

Democratic Party: plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and super neoconservatism. Democrats took the lead in neoconservatism by trying to start a super war over Russiagate exaggerations. Liberal interventionism and liberal democracy are merely euphemisms for neoconservatism.

Republican Party: super plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and neoconservatism. Civic nationalism and American nationalism (Amnat) are also euphemisms for neoconservatism.

Libertarian Party: super plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and stealth neoconservatism. Those who tolerate or support legalized bribery and control of the mass media by neoconservatives are stealth neoconservatives, no matter how they claim to oppose neoconservative militarism in their periodicals. Policies matter more than platitudes.

Green Party: multiculturalism, stealth communism.

Constitution Party: Republican party with more Yahweh and Tea Party stuff, including the elimination of social security.

Justice Party: more willing to reform plutocratic economics than the Greens but also has tendencies towards communism.

Reform Party: Yes, the party that Ross Perot made famous still exists. For specifics, the party insists it plans to "stop illegal immigration" and "get us out of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the WTO now." Plus a balanced budget scheme, causing nightmarish austerity during depressions and recessions. Also some plans to fight corruption.

American Freedom Party: hard to tell. Could be a bait-and-switch party supporting Hitlerism. But at least their platform is semi-decent, albeit vague. It does claim to support self-determination universalism. Party members supported Trump in 2016, massively contradicting their platform.

National Justice Party: a few weeks old. Too soon to tell but does not look promising.

How evil are the establishment parties? They have been working to incite an anti-white civil war for the past several months, to distract the populace from establishment evils--classic divide-and-screw behavior. They expect unemployed gig workers, the formerly self-employed, recent graduates, part time workers, and millions of others ineligible for unemployment compensation to live until the corona crises ends on the $1,200 they received months ago.