Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Myth of White, Multicultural Moral Universalism

Human biodiversity writers often argue that multicultural whites are predisposed to moral universalism, with whites promoting multiculturalism and the destruction of the West because of their alleged moral universalism. HBD writers repeat the moral universalism assertion so often the assertion has become an official myth.

Moral universalism gives all conscious, feeling beings the moral weight they deserve.

But can anyone find large numbers of multicultural whites who practice moral universalism?

Or any?

Instead, we see psychological egoism mixed with xenocentrism in multicultural whites. Psychological egoism is a fancy term for personal selfishness, excessive self-interest that exceeds legitimate self-interest. Xenocentrism is unjust,
excessive favoritism toward out groups, the opposite of ethnocentrism, excessive favoritism toward in groups.

Almost every white multiculturalist supports freedom of association for nonwhites but denies it to whites. The same is true of nonwhite multiculturalists. A few white multiculturalists deny freedom of association for everyone in their
rhetoric. But in practice, deny only whites.

No one who tries to ban freedom of association deserves the title moral universalist, a freedom that ranks among the most important freedoms of all.

Multicultural whites constantly call other whites ethnoracial slurs without exhibiting the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance: b*got, r*cist, Isl*mophobe, white tr*sh, you name it. This behavior is xenocentrism. These same whites become outraged when anyone states facts that contradict the myths of multiculturalism, labeling such claims "offensive," often trying to have such speech banned.

In other words, anti-white slurs are glorified while moral facts are demonized. Offenders often face firing, demonization, and legal punishments.

White multiculturalists see nothing wrong with controlling almost all the mass media and bombarding the population with antiwhite slurs, straw person attacks, small sample fallacies, and other fallacious rhetoric to help their evil causes.

Our institutions, taken over by cultural Marxism, indoctrinate multicultural whites. Multicultural whites then reflexively side with themselves and nonwhites during arguments, without bothering to weigh the evidence accurately.

Multiculturalism is riddled with millions of monstrous contradictions. Among the more infamous is the shared sacrifice contradiction. Wealthy and upper middle class white multiculturalists flee from nonwhite containing neighborhoods, but use totalitarian government actions to force hellish diversity on nonwealthy whites. This is both selfishness and xenocentrism in action.

The most selfish and vehement supporters of hellish diversity, the rich, avoid diversity the most.

In fact, mixing selfishness with xenocentrism is seen in the contemporary West as a badge of respectability. Our rulers, who see nothing wrong with the millions of evils they practice, nevertheless gleefully excoriate and ostracize those who
tell the truth.

Individuals who act as if self-contradictions are unimportant are in no way moral universalists.

How anyone can call such behaviors moral universalism is preposterous.

I have read several hundred thousand political arguments in my lifetime. I can't think of a single single white or nonwhite universalist multiculturalist.

Maybe you can find an example of this mythical creature.