Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The World War

The most important world war has been ongoing for millennia: call it The World War, a battle within and between individuals practicing psychological egoism or misplaced altruism or both versus ethical individuals. The World War will likely exist as long as morality capable beings exist. The conscious and unconscious temptations to give in to an atrocious side are frequent.

All other wars are part of The World War.

Pastoralists sweep into agrarian and cosmopolitan areas to enslave and destroy. Cosmopolitans use Machiavellian methods against outsiders and each other. (Crowd aversion is not the only reason ethical individuals dislike big cities. Big cities attract those on the take and on the make, though many ethical individuals move to big cities simply to find a decent job.) Many agrarians aggressively steal lands. Hunter-gatherer-gardeners murder their distant and not so distant cousins.

Yet these groups pretend to be the holy ones, demanding tolerance for their evils while refusing basic respect to others.

Psychological egoism, also known as selfishness or excessive self-interest, creates the biggest harms, but misplaced altruism plays a major, underrated role. The man who donates his life savings to contemporary establishment institutions deserves no praise. Universities have no business giving honorary degrees to Mike Tyson and Mike Bloomberg. Other examples of misplaced altruism include self-sacrifice for unjust war mongering, or more recently, status signaling and "virtue" signaling. Excessive self-interest and misplaced altruism are always unethical.

This world war is partly, but not entirely, genetic. It involves gene-culture coevolution, gene-geography coevolution, and other environmental causes.

(Almost no one practices unmitigated genetic or environmental determinism. Multiculturalists open themselves to genetic explanations about dementia and some other diseases, reserving their fanaticism for when someone mentions an ethnoracial moral fact. HBD thinkers regularly excoriate the media and other environmental causes. Evolutionary egoism can be ethical or unethical. Evolutionary egoism refers to behaviors that spread copies of the same genes an individual has. Ethical parents have a legitimate claim to feed and shelter their children. Evolutionary egoism is unethical when unethical individuals breed with other unethical individuals, then try to get others to provide for their offspring. They, and their offspring, cause massive harms.)

Most of all, the war involves conscious thoughts and actions.

Every form of Marxism and every contemporary establishment ideology seeks to trick individuals into helping unethical chosen ones.

Character sometimes changes. An individual may switch from naively supporting misplaced altruism to excessive self-interest, then to ethical actions.

Alec Baldwin, Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney, and others mix a morass of misplaced altruism, excessive self-interest, and genetic egoism.

Some individuals, having inclinations toward selfishness, pick religious sects to match their genetic and cultural inclinations. Others pick secular quasi-religions. In both cases, misplaced hatred and misplaced compassion provide motivation.

The ethical individual directs hatred, compassion, and other thoughts toward better targets.

Technology escalates the consequences of The World War, most importantly, by weapons of mass destruction. Mass media cause differing sorts of mass destruction. There are some ideas so preposterous that few individuals other than those bombarded with them by mass media would otherwise believe them. Technology desensitizes and demoralizes some, yet often invigorates those with excessive self-interest. Some who commit suicide might have been good citizens in more logical societies. Consumers of establishment dogmas think they rank among the most informed individuals of all time, yet remain massively uninformed. When an individual is a success, the temptation to believe an establishment world is a just world becomes almost irresistible.

Combinations of genes, technology, fanaticism, and other factors cause individuals to become method actors. Establishment "thought leaders" put on a genial face while engaging in ruthless egoism. Ethical dissenters often bite their tongues to avoid being fired, fined, jailed, assaulted or ostracized. Deception dominates.

Some individuals are too lazy or low IQ to notice their roles in the war. They often retreat to direct hedonism and feel good fanaticism.

But in the long run, the war intrudes. No cruise ships or glitzy casinos exist in Somalia. The more present generations try to escape facts, the more future generations will pay.

Present establishments try to manage and profit from the decline, but there will be no soft landing for future generations and many living today. Those engaged in free riding are powerful and have minds closed to ethical reasons and ethical improvements. Many seeking to overthrow them have their own rent seeking agendas. In the long run, globalism and cultural Marxism will disappear, destroyed by their Islamic pseudo allies or other isms or other forces. Religion, secularism, and nationalism sometimes go wrong when they rally behind a stealth tyranny to replace a present tyranny. The desire to replace a present tyranny deserves moral legitimacy. The desperation to rally behind almost any powerful alternative tyranny does not.

Wise men and women do neither desperate nor present establishment things.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Easter Walk in the Park

I took a walk in a large park filled with thousands yesterday, so many vehicles that many drivers risked tickets by parking on the grass.

Whites tried to self-separate, most of them likely multiculturalists. The white part of the park was about a quarter nonwhite. The rest of the park was almost all nonwhite.

Multitudes of white multiculturalists couldn't handle being in a nonwhite part of a park in broad daylight, on Easter Sunday, yet they voted for politicians who fight for the destruction of the West. They supported the destruction of white, working class jobs, lives, schools, cultures, families, and neighborhoods by cultural Marxism. They supported immigration policies of the more hostile to whites, the better.

Yet a little Easter Sunday multiculturalism was too much for them.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Reduction in Crime: Not So Great

Recorded crime rates dropped because Western youth bulges declined, lead poisoning decreased, police rigged statistics, crack wars declined, citizens stopped reporting many crimes, police became more efficient at policing non-school violence (putting more cops in high crime areas), medicine became better at saving individuals who would have died from murder in the past, and legalized abortion prevented the births of many individuals predisposed to commit crimes.

Millions of assaults on whites in schools and prisons are ignored. Schools don't bother to keep interracial crime stats for obvious reasons.

Crime by the wealthy is mostly ignored, especially crime in the financial industry.

Friday, March 25, 2016

No Reason to Get Disillusioned, the Thief, He Kindly Spoke

Whatever happens to Donald Trump--assassination, sell out, general election defeat, semi-closed border presidency--he is a beginning, a massively flawed candidate, a man devoted to psychological egoism above ethical considerations. Trumps main ethical purpose is shifting Overton windows.

Followers of Marx, thankfully, become disillusioned when their candidates sell out, or worse, enact Marxian mass destruction.

But we should never become disillusioned. We have better beliefs. We have each other. We have future generations to think of.

The fact that Trump, despite his wealth and establishment surroundings, was able to slightly escape them is heartening. Sooner or later more wealthy individuals will revolt against the establishments.

Some billionaires will stumble upon some ethnoracial fact facing websites, and instead of responding with indoctrinated revulsion, they will consider the fact that they have been wrong all along.

And the Overton window will shift again despite the slur campaigns of the establishments.

If you are a wealthy individual reading this, and think you are getting a great deal with migrant maids and gardeners, how much are your property taxes? What is your total tax bill? What other costs are you paying? Your children and grandchildren will pay much more massive costs.

You might save a few thousands dollars per year with cheaper labor, but you pay many times more per year to warehouse the children of low IQ migrants in prisons, public schools, the military industry, affirmative action jobs, and elsewhere.

Noticing the cheap cost of a maid, while being unaware of other costs, is an availability bias.

Research by George Boras hints that the wealthy gain $437 billion per year from the invasions. But individuals who own slaughterhouses and other sweatshops gain a disproportionate share of that money. Many wealthy individuals employ few, if any, migrant laborers.

Affirmative action and other costs will continue to escalate. South Africa still has affirmative action despite whites falling to less than ten percent of the population. Affirmative action in Zimbabwe consists of white farmers being murdered, the land taken, and the equipment sold for scrap, since the low IQ friends of Mugabe are inept at farming. South Africa has its own murder epidemic.

Many wealthy whites fled Zimbabwe and South Africa, but there will be no place to flee to if all white countries are majority nonwhite.

Today's wealthy multiculturalists will be remembered as among the worst in history. Their ashes and graves will be destroyed, either by nonwhites or white ethnoracial realists. Their descendants will despise them.

More wealthy whites will realize they want no part of that legacy, even if it means being ostracized by their fake friends at country clubs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rhetorical Dirty Tricks

Writings on persuasion often include assertions that the fallacies involved should be used to trick individuals into more cultural Marxism.

For example, an author of this study on gay marriage "hopes to eventually test whether a similar approach could shift people's attitudes toward undocumented immigrants."

And the study was fraudulent.

The fact that non-Western migration to Western countries causes astronomical harms to nonwealthy whites, and will cause greater harms to future generations, is considered irrelevant to multiculturalists.

Social scientists and other use our labor and tax money to find tricks to destroy us. It has become a moral evil to continue paying taxes to these individuals.

(Note that something being persuasive does not make it well-reasoned. Often intellectuals and others will dismiss a well-reasoned argument by saying they are not persuaded. Persuasiveness is irrelevant to whether a claim is well-reasoned.)

Multiculturalists are constantly on the lookout for indoctrination tricks. It is not enough that the multiculturalists already control all major Western institutions.

We are in a race, the evidence versus the science, technologies, and ideologies of indoctrination, especially militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism. Establishments ramp up their indoctrination efforts but resistance remains.

In the Soviet Union, millions knew state propaganda was baloney, but Soviet citizens had little idea about how they should govern, because they had little exposure to alternative ideas. Then they were exposed to globalism, Yeltsinism, Putinism, and robber baronism. Revolts often replace one totalitarianism with another.

Uninformed, overconfident mass media then demonize well-reasoned dissent even more as "dangerous," failing to distinguish among well-reasoned and poorly reasoned dissent.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Staying Where I Should

If someone offered me a job in a nonwhite country, I would not take it.

That's their country, not mine.

Taking that job would have harmful consequences to others that I have little control over. Doing so would increase resentment among natives. It would increase pollution in their country. It would affect fairness in their country. Whoever offered me the job likely pursues many corrupting practices, with my labor inadvertently helping, even if the specifics of my job were beneficial.

All peoples have self-determination rights. And consent of the ruled is more important than the consent of globalists and ruling groups.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Personal Irresponsibility

Personal responsibility is a good thing. But there are serious flaws with it as a direct political preoccupation, including its genocidal implications.

First, individuals with serious behavior problems don't care what writers in the National Review think. They don't read the National Review. "Just say no" fails.

Second, the so-called personal responsibility people are also committed to dysgenics, massively increasing the number of individuals who act irresponsibly for genetic reasons.

They are pro-life. They oppose paying people with problems to self-sterilize. They support open borders. They support miscegenation. They support economic policies that result in better individuals not having children or putting off childbirth until later in life when when harmful mutations are more prevalent. The result is mass destruction and increasing numbers of individuals with low IQs and behavioral flaws because of high testosterone or genetically caused autism or low activity variants of the MAOA gene or other genetic causes.

Third, establishments are committed to loose labor markets, having a much larger supply of potential workers than available jobs (cheap labor). Sure, we can find some small sample fields where demand for workers outstrips supply. Markets are never anywhere near perfectly efficient. If everyone developed a great work ethic, establishments would enact policies to keep labor markets loose.

Northeast Asians are not lazy, yet their personal responsibility does not overcome loose labor market policies. One reason, among many, Northeast Asia failed to develop modern technology before the West: there was little incentive to develop technology with so much spare labor around.

Fourth, personal responsibility is a bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw distraction. It focuses attention on poor individuals with bad behavior while establishments do multitudes of evil actions.

Wealthy individuals, establishment politicians, and the chosen thinkers act incredibly irresponsible, yet the focus is not on their much more destructive evils. High IQ establishment individuals have little ethical self-development. What makes them think lower IQ individuals, who spend life in a daze, will do what they themselves refuse to do despite huge cognitive and environmental advantages? Kevin Williamson and multitudes of others like him regurgitate establishment nostrums despite having a high IQ.

High IQ establishmenters are  unwilling to study the issues and weigh the evidence accurately--grave character defects.

Fifth, the globalist ideology of the personal responsibility crowd allows drugs, gambling, trash entertainment, cultural Marxism, and other vices to dominate the environmental landscape, again harming character development.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Polling Philosophers on Ethics

Many years ago a poll of philosophers, I can no longer find, indicated most philosophers believe in deontology, virtue or natural law ethics. Another poll suggests they same thing, with only 23.6 percent of philosophers supporting consequentialism, though some philosophers mix intuitive beliefs with consequentialism.

Worse, many consequentialists are deontologists in disguise. Peter Singer and similar philosophers demand Westerners give any income above $30,000 per year to aid agencies (often aid profiteering).

Singer never gets around to making a well-reasoned argument why current aid regimes would have anything other than horrific long term dysgenic and dystopian consequences.

In other words, philosophers act as if their intuitions trump the evidence. This should not surprise. It is a selection effect. Think about the types of people who become a philosophers, people in their teens or young adulthood, who decide they know more about the world than almost everyone else, people who spend much money for degrees in a field with uncertain financial rewards, but know they have to act politically and socially correct to get jobs in that field. Philosophers are genetically and culturally predisposed to intellectual hedonism and verbose blather to arrive at simple, wrong rules. These are not the people you should have teaching logic and ethics. Logic and ethics should be separate fields from the rest of philosophy.

(Preachers, politicians, celebrities, and billionaires are terrible at logic and ethics, too, but preach they do.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Dangerous Mix of Cultural Marxism and Neoclassical Economics

Paleo-Marxism, the combination of cultural Marxism and economic Marxism, murdered over 90 million.

But the combination of cultural Marxism and neoclassical economics, sometimes called globalism or neoconservatism or third wayism, brings even more long term challenges than the combination of cultural Marxism and economic Marxism, especially when combined with the militarism of third wayism and hyper militarism of neoconservatism.

Eastern European countries slightly rebounded from the damage of nazism and paleo-Marxism, though those individuals murdered or chronically wounded never rebounded. The opportunity costs of Marxism and nazism will never be recovered.

But whites in South Africa and other majority nonwhite countries, under cultural Marxism mixed with neoclassical economics, have almost no chance of rebounding.

All forms of Marxism look for total mass media control and individuals to blame for Marxism's disasters.

In full Marxism, ordinary whites are too poor to care much about imagined racism and Islamophobia. The contradictions are too big. The consequences of hunger and economic failure on everyday life are too great. Few are fooled, with fallacious statistics, into thinking slow decline is progress. The attachment to ever more degraded normalcy at all costs is less. There are few powerful classes that seek nonwhite maids and other cheap nonwhite labor in pursuit of their own wealth, status, and hedonisms, no matter the costs to nonwealthy whites. Despite incessant propaganda, it becomes harder to believe distant capitalists debilitate the economy when your own rulers control almost everything you see, though in North Korea and some other places, the ruse continues, partly due to Northeast Asian genetic and cultural tendencies.

But whites shouldn't gloat. Whites and other humans also have strong tendencies toward conformity and obedience.

Cultural Marxism mixed with other ideologies is more sustainable than full Marxism, currently enjoying over six billion adherents, who show few signs of improving.

When cultural Marxism mixes with neoclassical economics, more blame gets directed at nonwealthy whites. Rulers seldom blame their own corruptions. And Western rulers have an increasingly hard time blaming economic Marxism for Western living situations. If Bernie Sanders wins the pseudo-election, criticism toward economic Marxism will be reinvigorated but mainly to reinstall near total establishment domination.

For the rulers, nonwhites and non-Western religions are off limits to criticism.

That leaves obscure belief systems and the blame whitey campaigns.

Divide-and-rule doesn't work as well when trying to blame obscure ideologies. But it does work well when blaming people, especially nonwealthy white people, especially given white tendencies toward misplaced empathy and unethical guilt. Look at the whites preoccupied with loving pets and celebrities. Whites feel more sadness or outrage when a celebrity dies than about girls in Rotherham. Many whites are easily browbeaten while imagining themselves rebels and great thinkers. Pro-establishment whites mentally wall off huge swaths of the moral universe to ethical reasoning, often without being aware they do so.

Establishments act as if whites living in trailer parks wrecked the country while all those multicultural billionaires bribing politicians and making policies did not.

White multiculturalists think it hilarious when poor, white Southerners are targeted for ridicule and elimination, but white multiculturalists are not wise enough to realize that they, and especially their children and grandchildren, are also being targeted.

Cultural Marxism mixed with neoclassical economics exhibits increasing fanaticism and group polarization among its adherents.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Character of Multicultural Establishmentism

It is fascinating that almost every multiculturalist also supports rent seeking, a euphemism for parasitism, on other issues. No matter whether they call themselves liberals, conservatives or something else, when individuals dive into the xenocentrism rat hole, general ethics suffers.

Reformers hate evils in societies while acting with deep commitment to bettering lives. Followers of Hitlerism, multiculturalism, and other totalitarianisms hate the people in societies while they themselves pretend to be holy. The former make societies better, the latter make mass destruction.

Have anyone ever met anyone else who wanted to improve the lives of individuals they hate, no matter how misplaced the hate?

Sure, they talk about reforms, but their actions betray them.

Oddly, once the mask slipped, Kevin Williamson and some other multiculturalists decided to yank it off.

Those unable to experience cognitive dissonance on massively cognitive dissonance causing multiculturalism simply aren't able or willing to experience cognitive dissonance on other political issues. They might tell the truth in their personal lives simply out of self-interest, to avoid being dumped by friends and family. But in the the political realm, they're rewarded for spewing fallacies and living contradiction filled lives.

The next time the establishment narrative on a major issue is correct it will be the first time in the past half century the establishment narrative on a major issue was correct.

Think about that. Most individuals living today have never ever seen their rulers do the right things on a major issue.

Establishment thought is wedded to a one dimensional view of totalitarianism, with Stalinism at one end and Hitlerism on the other of an imaginary spectrum. In reality, multitudes of totalitarianisms exist, including autocracy, Armageddonism, neoconservatism, multiculturalism, crypto jihadism, third wayism, robber baronism, flat earthism, and dysgenic fanaticism.

We pay a huge price for this every day when these additional totalitarianisms are viewed as moderate.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

If You Deliberately Wanted to Destroy the West and Its People

  1. You would promote migration by nonwhites, but not too much, too fast because that would cause a quick collapse, then expulsion of the nonwhites. You'd want the apocryphal frogs in pots to feel pleasantly warm, as if they were falling asleep in a whirlpool bath. You'd emphasize migration by poor character, fast breeding nonwhites. But you'd mix in some higher character nonwhites to use as poster children and to help prevent a quick collapse.
  2. You would try to make biocultural Marxism off limits to criticism, especially its policy prescriptions. 
  3. You'd have some multiculturalists act as tough minded assimilationists, though there are few policy and consequentialist differences between assimilationists and other multiculturalists.
  4. You'd get whites to hate one another and to hate their ancestors for specious reasons.
  5. You'd redefine patriotism as support for globalism, cultural Marxism, reckless militarism, and following orders.
  6. You'd take over every major Western institution from within.
  7. You'd try to make dysgenics off limits to criticism and eugenics off limits to fact facing.
  8. You'd welcome Muslim migration to China, Russia, and the West, so those nukes eventually end up with Muslim fingers on the switches. In the meantime, you'd encourage misanthropism, so egoism and reckless militarism controls the nukes. You'd call criticism of bioweapon engineering a violation of scientific freedom.
  9. You'd distract the population with hedonism and techno-utopianism.
  10. You'd create policy and environmental circumstances that are pro-natal for nonwhites and anti-natal for whites.
  11. You'd praise interracial couples as an ideal, but only when the male half of the couple is nonwhite or Muslim or both.
  12. You'd promote massive economic redistribution to globalized pseudo-citizens at the top.
  13. You'd use policy and culture to encourage polygamy, endogamy, philandering, and single parenting. You'd make philandering look like sophisticated aestheticism.
  14. You'd encourage useful followers to fight on behalf of the things destroying them.
In short, you'd do pretty much what the establishments are doing right now.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Alien Wants to Know

If an alien arrived on earth and wanted a very, very short summary on human ethics, the following principles would help him quickly develop a better worldview than many professional opinion makers have after decades of opinion making:

  1. The prescriptions of Hitlerism, cultural Marxism, and economic Marxism are almost always wrong.
  2. The prescriptions of neoclassical economics and foreign policy interventionism are mostly wrong.
  3. Media, schools, governments, and other businesses will try to browbeat you into believing official myths. Don't let them. The best arguments and solutions to ethical problems are often found on obscure websites, often by writers demonized by powerful interests. Almost everything in the mass media is there for entertainment or bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw purposes. Or both.
  4. Secessions and democracies are good things, but both are rare on earth because of the power of globalism, neoconservatism, third wayism, cultural Marxism, and bad religions, including secular quasi-religions.
  5. Secessions and democracies are necessary to prevent to utter takeover of the planet by genes and individuals devoted to egoism and misplaced altruism, often both in the same individual.
  6. The most important human philosophical goods in order of importance are a) ethical character, b) freedom, c) respect, and d) purposefulness. Character includes ethical reasoning performance and political justice, not merely being a good family member. It is not the same as merely being a nice guy or gal. Character entails a love for good actions and individuals. Freedom includes strength of will and personal freedom from destructive outside forces, plus freedom of association for both solitary individuals and individuals in groups. Respect includes the basic self-respect we owe ourselves and the respect we owe other conscious beings. An obsequious person lacks sufficient self-respect. Autocracies and kleptocracies lack self-respect for others. Respect should not include admiring individuals merely because they are famous, wealthy or powerful. Purposefulness includes living with zest, not succumbing to constant bouts of ennui, anxiety, alienation, rumination or laziness. Purposefulness contains a deep emotive attachment to life and our missions in life.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trading Down

So "free" trade is supposed to benefit us with minor improvements in efficiency due to specialization and economics of scale. The fact that such trade redistributes even more wealth and power to individuals at the top doesn't bother globalists. That's a legalized bribery bonus for the thought leaders. It doesn't seem to bother globalists that these are individuals committed to treason (George Soros, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush) and foreigners committed to our destruction (Prince Bandar, Carlos Slim, Xi Jinping).

We could magically re-redistribute their gains elsewhere.

Those with unjust wealth and power will somehow give wealth and power away based on evidence despite their long, long histories of not being influenced by well-reasoned evidence.

Having important industries and the knowledge base of those industries destroyed is another bonus.

Nor do shortfalls in demand, sometimes known as depressions and recessions, bother globalists. Neither do the harmful items traded (oil, diamonds, celebrity worship, human trafficking among many). The branch of ethics called economics somehow trumps all the other branches of ethics. Heck, it's not even good economics. Comparative advantage is somehow the trump card.

Just wave that magic wand.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

They Get Away with It

For the past several decades, many politicians have acted on an interplay of three unspoken questions:
  1. Is it what I want?
  2. Is it what my financial sponsors want?
  3. Can I get away with it?
If the answer to all three is yes, then politicians do it.

They don't eliminate capital gains taxes and raise payroll taxes to 60 percent of work income because they can't get away with it. An anti-ruler war would result.

What the people want is considered irrelevant, except when the people have been propagandized into wanting what establishments want.

Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, and George W. Bush are paradigm cases of this behavior, Bush having almost no moral accomplishments during his reign, except the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument and a few other policies.

The slur barrages directed at holders on non-establishment beliefs represent an aspect of the establishment assault on democracy. Establishments cannot criticize democracy itself without exposing their oligarchism. So instead, they demonize the people to bolster their support for their own corruptions as if to say, "We have a right to do as we please because you're so horrible. You don't deserve anything. We're better than you, and that makes us good."

Humans almost always think their political actions are justified. 

Politicians will dig up junk science, deontological assertions, and other fallacious rhetoric to justify what they prefer. 


Even public libraries have become corrupted shells.

Cities buy expensive new libraries to replace adequate buildings. But inside the architectural fantasy buildings, the Internet is often worse than dial up and the book selection abysmal and getting worse.

Spending on materials declined from 25 percent of library spending in 1942 to 11.7 percent in 2010. Even if major publishers were willing to publish copies of non-establishment books, few libraries would buy them. Librarians are near uniform in support for cultural Marxism and other establishment ideologies. They put up displays about the horrors of censorship, but think little about one-sided acts of omission.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bruce Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Bruce Bartlett, a disciple of Jude Wanniski, spouts establishment totalitarianism, er, narratives again:
Our system of government works best when it is balanced between roughly equal political parties, one on the center-right and the other on the center-left.
Unfortunately, what we have is a centrist Democratic Party and a far-right Republican Party.

There is no such thing as a one-dimensional political spectrum. And the kleptocratic system has not worked well for over half a century, especially via those Bartlett considers center-left and center-right. One increased problem now is that the terrible decisions made decades ago are causing increasingly worse consequences now than in the past, for example, the 1965 immigration law.

And how can the Tea Party be both "f*r right" and "[not] easily characterized as either right or left in terms of policy?"

The Tea Party resulted from astroturfing by the same Republican establishment that Bartlett often praises.

The Democratic Party will nominate Hillary Clinton, a third way neoconservative, for the presidency. What does Clinton politically have in common with Ferdinand Pecora? Not much. How does Clinton qualify as whatever a "centrist" is?

Mark Thoma and other third way economists act as if Reagan fan Bartlett is a superb guy. Democratic economists seem to prefer Bartlett over heterodox independent economists. In some minds, being a slight Republican heretic makes you more worthy of attention than those who were right far more often.

By my count Bartlett's argument contains at least 25 logical fallacies, often abusive ad hominem attacks.

Many years ago Bartlett wrote an article about a technical issue in economics that I've since forgotten, which I can no longer find. But I remembered what Bartlett did. Bartlett appeared to thoroughly present two sides of the issue, as if he were being the most even handed man in the world. Yet, on this issue, there was one counter premise that would have demolished Bartlett's conclusion. Bartlett almost certainly could not have known all those other counter premises without knowing the main counter premise. But Bartlett left that main counter premise out.

What sort of man does that? Bruce Bartlett. That's who.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Partners: Evolution at the Relationship Level

Living beings exist on an  r/K continuum. Here, r refers to rapid practices to spread genes. Bacteria and dandelions are r practitioners.

Northeast Asians are K practitioners, investing heavily in few offspring.

I prefer to use the phrase r/K practices over r/K strategies because genes are incapable of strategies and many individuals are unconscious of their practices. JP Rushton's chart details evolutionary practices for three human races. Africans are closer to the r end of the spectrum.

After a few days or years of a relationship, individuals toward the r end feel rage at their spouses or partners for petty reasons. Sometimes the rage wells up from seemingly nowhere. The more self-controlled among them do not escalate to violence. They assume fault lies with the partner or figure the relationship is not a good match.

Yet earlier in relationships, they somehow fell in love or convinced themselves the relationships were worth pursuing. They fell for empty, heartfelt promises when warning signs abounded.

Those toward the r end use ad hominem attacks with their partners. Unlike the political realm where slurs easily manipulate, partners resist. Mutual contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling infect their relationships. They expect partners with feet of clay to provide endless amusement. They seldom assign self-blame for their own boredom or anxieties or character defects.

They look to save face and make partners villains.

In one night stands, there is often no rage, merely a little awkwardness the next day. The same goes for friends with benefits. Some may adopt an ironic triumphalism to mitigate awkwardness. High fives all around.


Time for a new partner.

"But don't you dare criticize my wanton, unconscious, mass destructive dysgenic escapades with your eugenic thinking. I can criticize you, but you can't criticize me."

Genetically adapted ("fit") behavior is not synonymous with genetically better or ethically better behavior. It's simply the practice that might leave the most copies of the same gene years from now. Some behaviors have no purpose at all.

Many r practitioners are not vaguely aware of being at the mercy of genes and environments. Others are fully aware they want to spread genes. Many low IQ tribal members understand seed spreading better than wealthy aesthetes.

"I did the work of making all these babies. Someone else should provide for them."

Egoism and misplaced altruism are both disastrous for societies and ethical individuals. Misplaced altruism is often worse than street crimes.

Humans generally engage in assortative mating, that is, mating with those similar to themselves. But r practitioners love tricking K practitioners, among others, into breeding. In ethical societies, r practitioners are severely punished for tricking or failing to provide. In unethical societies, they are rewarded. Societies decay. Contemporary propaganda from political, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue leaves many individuals vulnerable to exploitation.

An individual must make radical belief and environmental improvements to evade corrupting erosions, often with little outside help.

Even hate has an ethical purpose. Hating evils provides motivation, often enough to avoid corrupting erosions. In just wars, those with the most hate fight the hardest. They are more efficient. They have the most will to survive. They are less likely to have misplaced alienation and devotion.

But misplaced hatred leads to massive harms, especially in the political and personal relationship arenas.

Instead of clear, ethical individual roles, confusion and destruction reign. But there are ways out.

At the hedonic level, the promise of more fun seldom matches the reality. Individuals not predisposed to the dark triad (narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism) copy the fashionable dark triad practices of peers and celebrities, leading to abysmal results. Direct attempts at happiness lead to unhappiness and character destruction, the double paradoxes of hedonism.

Pursuing ethical goals, an indirect method, causes greater happiness as a side effect, the paradox of character. Partners pursuing shared ethical goals transcend self-defeating quests for hedonism.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The 100 Percent Rules

Friendly reminder: 100 percent of OIC states are totalitarian, 100 percent of racially diverse empires became long-term moral disasters, 100 percent of majority Muslim states subjugate infidels, and 100 percent of oligarchies in racially diverse lands use divide-and-rule practices.

Any legitimate historical expert would tell you these facts if only they gave a crap about moral truths.

If I were a billionaire, I'd slap these facts on billboards.

We don't need in depth causal factor analysis to see these facts, though sometimes analyzing causal factors is helpful. No matter the multitudes of genetic and environmental causal factors, the long-term results are similar.

To rephrase Orwell, the hardest and most important things to see are sometimes right in front of our noses.

Where Things Stand

The increase in pro-Western beliefs, evidenced by increases in alternative right political candidates that would have been improbable 30 years ago, does not seem to be causing massive overall declines in support for cultural Marxism within the former United States, especially among college freshmen.

Direct measures of support for cultural Marxism are difficult to find. A decent proxy measure for multicultural support is support for restricting free speech. One ongoing poll hints that restriction support remains roughly constant, at around 60 percent. (The use of the self-contradicting R-word slur in the article does not help.)

The overall number of whites fleeing cultural Marxism appears to roughly equal the number of nonwhites imported into the cultural Marxian fold.

It will be intriguing to see what the 2016 poll finds.

Seventy-one percent of U.S. college freshmen in 2015 supported speech restrictions, the highest level since such polling began.

(When I was a naive teenager and heard an individual attended a prestigious university, I thought, wow, that individual must be far superior to me. Now, when I hear individuals attended a prestigious university, I imagine individuals devoted to egoism, careerism, groupthink, fanaticism, cultural Marxism, and general moral cluelessness, despite having far more IQ, educational, and other advantages than myself.)

Alternatives to multiculturalism still have a long, long way to go. Despite improvements, no alternative right website ranks anywhere near the top in Quantcast website visitor rankings for 2016. Amren ranks 30,259 and Vdare 30,971.

The power of unethical taboos is immense.

Daniel Pipes, and several other semi-alternative sites do manage higher ranks, but are hardly pro-Western.

Evidence on migration issues is hopeful.

But most Westerners remain unaware of ethnoracial facts. Listening to establishment thinkers talk about ethnoracial issues is a surreal experience, worse than listening to children talk about chemical engineering would be. Rachel Maddow is still a household name. JP Rushton is not. Trump tapped immigration patriot ideas, but multitudes of other ethnoracial issues are neglected.

Reddit and similar sites provide side benefits for cultural Marxism. Individuals visit Reddit for entertainment, then get subtly or splenetically indoctrinated with anti-white narratives in most political subreddits. "I'm going to hell for this," and similar subreddits do not help, making the alternative right look cruel to ordinary Redditors, serving as convenient straw persons. The HBD, European, and New Right subreddits have few visitors compared to the 234 million unique visitors Reddit received per month in 2015 (if Wikipedia's source is accurate).

Establishment propaganda techniques are powerful, almost never letting a crisis go to waste, meaning redirecting the crisis response toward nefarious agendas, especially "security measure" profiteering.

Some writers might emphasize group polarization in the multicultural divide. But most of the alternative right might be less polarized. In establishment lingo, alt righters are big tent moderates compared to the neoconservatives who dominated conservative parties for decades. Newcomers to the nonmulticultural left and alternative right are simply starting to face facts despite lifelong indoctrination and intimidation tactics. The group polarization model does fit multiculturalism.

Kudos to the race realists who have brought us this far. Seriously.

The long, hard, happy work to escape the death grips of cultural Marxism is still in its infancy. But it beats wasting our lives reading puns on Reddit.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Separations or Bust

Many individuals act as if the only ethnoracial alternatives for societies are segregation or cultural Marxism. Or mixtures of both, combined into contradiction riddled biosocial monstrosities.

Segregation is separation within the same state.

Nonwhites mix segregation and cultural Marxism without widespread condemnation occurring, for example, segregation is rampant in Muslim countries. Policies in nonwhite countries massively discriminate against various ethnoracial groups (Copts, Mandeans, "guest" workers) without much wailing from multicultural media..

Nonwealthy whites get demonized for segregation by wealthy whites and others who self-segregate on the basis of their wealth. The moral views of wealthy whites are beyond warped. Wealthy whites act as if they become better persons by using totalitarian government actions to force dystopian integration on nonwealthy whites.

In sum, nonwhites and wealthy whites enjoy freedom of association, free to create groups that exclude others.

(Almost everything wealthy whites do in the public moral realm is immoral BS. They believe combinations of Randism, neoconservatism, third wayism, and cultural Marxism. They drive SUVs while acting smug for doing environmentally worthless activities like recycling plastic.)

But segregation and cultural Marxism are both evils.

The only ethical alternatives are complete peaceful separations. Whites must form their own self-reliant societies with no nonwhites. Other ethnoracial groups should do the same.

Trump is not great. He's an ethnoracial improvement, but he's a non-open borders multiculturalist with atrocious ideas on non-multicultural issues. Trump will make the white percentage of the population decline at a slower rate, but he will not reverse the decline.

Under Trumpism, millions of African-American men will continue to impregnate and abandon nonblack females, leaving the massive personal and social costs to whites, especially the family members of white females acting with naivete or recklessness. The main cuckolding is of nonwealthy whites. Despite being slurred as cucks*rvatives, wealthy Republican politicians seldom get cuckolded. Republican politicians engage in free riding via divide-and-rule, cheap labor, and other atrocious practices of neoclassical economics. Establishment politicians force the costs of cuckolding on the rest of us.

Trump will not enact eugenic and pro-natalist policies for whites. The total fertility rate for white-white matings will continue to decline or remain low.

The ethical costs of empire, militarism, dysgenics, and rotten ideologies will continue to rise.

Nonwhites will have less to feel discriminated about in white only nation-states since they will not live in these nation-states. And if nonwhites want to believe Marxian fallacies about Western wealth being dependent on exploitation of nonwhites, let them do it in their own societies where they can do less harm to whites.

Nonwhites act hyper-tribalistic. They notice most real or imagined slights while whites are indoctrinated to ignore evils by nonwhites and establishments. We regularly read about "microaggressions" and "code words" and "racially charged" and "dog whistling," even as the mass media fail to report that blacks are dozens of times more likely to commit violent stranger-on-stranger crimes against whites than vice versa. The dog whistling charade is risible. The Democratic and Republican establishments engaged in massive anti-white destruction for decades, yet we are supposed to worry about secret dog whistles from establishment Republican politicians, no matter how anti-white these politicians' actual policies are.

Since the supporters of cultural Marxism imagine group genetic differences are insignificant and view nonwhite cultures as superb, almost all suffering and misbehavior by nonwhites must, in their view, have whites as the most important cause. No matter what whites do, whites will be constantly be blamed and punished. Anyone who thinks the blame whitey campaign will end in the next thousand years is wrong.

If the last white person takes their last breath several hundred years from now, nonwhite leaders will continue to blame whites with their own far worse divide-and-rule practices.

Many mass media organizations ban their opinion makers from using slurs, yet simple Google searches reveal millions of anti-white slurs being used by the mass media (r*cist, b*got, Isl*mophobe, white supr*mecist, white tr*sh). Again, multiculturalists are not attuned to contradictions in their own behavior or contradictions in the behavior by other multiculturalists.

With the exception their own white friends and relatives, white multiculturalists act as if other whites are creepy subhumans. (Thanks Hollywood and Washington and corporate boards!)

The facts of dysgenics and group socialization theory indicate conflicts will rise exponentially as the white population plummets and nonwhite population soars.

Genetic engineering will not stop the problem because nonwhites want their children to act tribalistic and excessively self-interested toward outgroup individuals. They don't want their children acting white, that is, with xenocentrism or outgroup altruism. Almost no parent, except white parents, will select genes for outgroup selflessness and unethical guilt.

If white only societies are re-created, nonwhites in other societies will be livid. Nonwhites will act as if they have a god given right to wreck white lives and societies.

Big deal.

Let them howl.

Whites must stop being intimidated by fallacious rhetoric. Nonwhites can't do as much damage from the outside. Nonwhite behavior toward whites is predictable from selfish gene theory.

But white only societies do need to keep a low profile and not be salient to anti-white totalitarianism. The multicultural media will try to infiltrate such societies, then demonize whites based on small samples fallacies and other fallacious rubbish.

Several varieties of white only societies must exist. Evangelical race realists and other race realist whites will not get along well within the same societies. The same goes for Libertarian and non-Libertarian race realists, to name but a few fault lines.

Those differences must be treated as minor and must not escalate into violence.

The biggest threat is from multiculturalism, and whites must peacefully unite to peacefully separate.