Tuesday, November 29, 2016

They Called It Civic Nationalism

So-called civic nationalism is slower multiculturalism. Civic nationalism merely postpones the date the last white will take his or her last breath by a few decades, a way for establishments to prolong the grift and better manage the decline until they and their loved ones die of old age.

The phrase civic nationalism is euphemistic and inaccurate. At the very least a civic minded nationalism must:
  1. oppose almost all inward migration by racial outgroups.
  2. oppose ethnoracial based affirmative action and other advantage taking by outgroups.
  3. prevent racial ingroups from population declines.
  4. try to avoid self-destructive and mutually destructive military activities.
  5. prevent divide-and-screw oligarchism.
None of the above applies to Putin or anyone else commonly labeled a civic nationalist.

Street Smarts and Book Smarts

Many whites are book smart but not street smart, which leads to the question of why: probably genes for docility and conformity play roles, and fears of not being liked, even by strangers. But that leads to the paradox that the more you degrade yourself trying to be liked, the more you end up hated. Those pursuing bullying or other advantage taking sense weakness.

Parltly, it's lack of self-respect caused by anomie, incoherence, and cultural Marxism. Street wisdom violates cultural Marxian norms for whites, whether secular or avuncular.

White tendencies toward empathy and compassion seldom differentiate among deserved compassion and misplaced compassion. For that, we need good reasoning, something mass media and powerful groups oppose with fury. Some whites have book smarts but not the ethical and logical book smarts they would benefit from. Many whites get repeatedly fooled by aggressive panhandling, yet seem unaware they are being tricked by the foot-in-the-door technique and other tactics of deception.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Establishment Totalitarianism Strikes Again

Recently, my local library featured a banned books display, warning against censorship.

This, at a library system that engages in despicable censorship.

Almost all nonmulticultural and self-determination websites are blocked for "intolerance" or being "advocacy groups." Some economic populist sites are also blocked, including Citizens for Tax Justice. Even Nick Bostrom's philosophy site on human survival issues is blocked for being "non-traditional religion." Almost all personal blogs are also blocked.

Not surprisingly, Salon, Alternet, SPLC, and various other sites devoted to anti-white genocide and totalitarianism are not blocked, no matter how many slurs they spew at whites, no matter how evil their curriculum.

The contradictions are breathtaking.

I won't say what city this is because I'm in no mood to be stalked and doxxed.