Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Countries with Substantial White Minorities: Yeesh

The following countries are or were one to 49.9 percent White within the past 60 years according to The World Factbook: Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Mexico, Georgia, Bolivia, Panama, Suriname, Armenia (maybe), Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay (maybe), Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Northern Cyprus (the latter not recognized by Western countries). I have probably inadvertently left off some others. (The World Factbook reports Paraguay is 95 percent mestizo and five percent other. I don't know what that other five percent is.) I won't include White Russians in Israel since they pass and self-identify as part of the Ashkenazi Jewish majority.

What important characteristic do the above countries have in common? With the plausible exception of Costa Rica, they are all terrible places to live for ethical, non-wealthy, civic minded individuals. Costa Rica owes much of its semi-development to White tourism, White investments, White technologies, and low levels of militarism.

Unlike Costa Rica, Western countries with increasing racial diversity are all ruled by multiculturalists devoted to police state militarism, especially Sweden, Russia, and several NATO nations.

The counter argument: thousands of additional factors cause those lands to be terrible. Most were not settled by Northwest Europeans. Northeast Asians and Brahman Caste Indians will pick up where whites left off.

The counter counter argument: racial diversity and cultural Marxism make those thousands of additional factors worse, especially dysgenic breeding and bait-and-switch-divide-and-screw politics. Northwest Europeans failed to stop mass failure in Zimbabwe and South Africa, the two white minority countries settled by Northwest Europeans. Despite their high IQs and work ethic, Brahmans and Northeast Asians devote themselves to egoism and other unethical causes. Numerous countries have Brahman or Northeast Asian minorities combined with low IQ nonwhite majorities--those countries stink, except a plausible few with massive earnings from natural resources such as Trinidad and Tobago. Western countries are also infected with more cultural Marxian demagoguery than the White minority countries listed above, making mutually destructive conflicts more likely.

The takeaway: no one with a smidgen of ethical character should try to make White majority nations into White minority empires. The probabilities and negative expected values of dystopian results are too damn great.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Satirical Headlines Unlikely to Appear in the Onion, Part Three

See if you can guess which two headlines below are actual media headlines, not intended as parody:

Trump's America First Strategy So Stealthy No One Can Distinguish It from the Israel and Saudi Arabia First Strategies

Elizabeth Holmes Says She Can Now Detect Gullible Investors from a Single Drop of Blood

Decorated, Shell Shocked World War II Veteran Remembered As Coward After Fleeing with Gun Wound from His Final Battle by Individuals Too Craven to Oppose Multiculturalism

Local Middle Class Man Brags to Friends That He Has a House Cleaner, Declares That He Too Would Rather Be Murdered in His Bed Than Make It

Study: Spending $500,000 on Booze and Hookers Now Does Less Social Damage Than Donating $500,000 to Crooked Contemporary Charities

Local Man Doesn't Remember Trump Scandal He Thought Was Most Important Event in the World 89 Days Ago

Max Boot Determined to Prove Alleged Einstein Quote Right About Human Stupidity Being Infinite

Local Muslims Concerned Local Progressives Are Out Competing Them for Terrorism Funding

Woman with Hepatitis C Infection from Tattoo and HIV Infection from Vibrant Neighbor Calls Old Men Disgusting Perverts

In Vitro Quintuplets Argue About Who Was the Planned One

Feminist Fights for Right of Saudi "Kill the Infidels, Adulterers, Blasphemers, and Apostates" Women to Drive

Migrant Proud He Lowered Median Per Capita Incomes on Both Sides of the Border

Local Woman Concerned Neighborhood Girls Becoming "Too Slutty," Making It Harder for Her Slutty Daughter to Compete

Biologist in Bad Marriage Admits to Fear of Talking About Mantidae Sexual Cannibalism with Wife

Philosopher Stunned to Learn He Was Fooled by Clickbait Headlines 58 Times in a Row

Heads Explode as White Village Declares Itself a Tenth Amendment Sanctuary City

Curbing Hate Speech Isn’t Censorship – It’s the Law

Fearing Assaults, Feminist Admits She Tells Only White Men to Stop Manspreading

University of California Guide: Saying “I’m Not Racist” Is Racist

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Stunning Headhunting Quote

The gruesome quote below first appeared in a 1909 issue of the Sarawak Gazette. A longer excerpt of the worthwhile article is in A Stroll Through Borneo by James Barclay, which I cannot find an electronic version of. I snipped the excerpt below from Adventure Without End by Richard Bangs. (Obviously, the quote exaggerates how much time Dayaks spend thinking about headhunting.)