Monday, June 27, 2016

Equality and Anti-White Governance

Oppressing whites is supposedly necessary for the equality cause.

But how much equality motivation is true?

Multiculturalists show almost no concern for inequalities that harm any non-ally individuals. Every racial and religious minority in majority Muslim countries could be quietly exterminated over the next 40 years and multiculturalists would do little more than slightly wring their hands. Rulers bomb Muslim countries on behalf of globalism, neoconservatism, and war profiteering, not to protect non-Muslim minorities.

Blacks are dozens of times more likely to commit stranger on stranger interracial violent crimes than whites, yet the national media show almost no concern for these victims, even when blacks are heard to be shouting slurs while committing crimes, no matter the color of the victims.

But when a black dies under suspicious circumstances at the hands of a white stranger, the national media goes into full anti-white demonization mode, even when the evidence suggests legitimate self defense. And even when the alleged perpetrator isn't white.

Multiculturalists have no explanation for how their brethren--whipped into long-lasting frenzies of hate, sadism, and schadenfreude--will suddenly turn into just rulers. Multiculturalists spend little time weighing evidence and studying actual policy issues.

Few multiculturalists are aware that age, IQ, educational level, educational field, task persistence, spending habits, number of working adults in a family, and other factors more than completely explain differences in wealth between Northern Eurasian and black families. Some multiculturalists demand reparations for slavery as if they were completely unaware that de facto affirmative action and various welfare programs already cost the US economy well over $1.1 trillion dollars per year. Affirmative action even exists for groups wealthier than whites.

Even comparatively well-meaning multiculturalists seem oblivious of the overwhelming ethical evidence against multiculturalism. Paul Krugman regularly rants against economic conservatives who ignore well-reasoned economic evidence, yet Krugman is worse on biocultural issues than establishment Republicans are on economic issues. The only time I can remember Krugman being slightly right on an ethnoracial issue was when he slightly criticized Stephen Jay Gould's arguments. (It is no accident that Krugman, rephrasing Barry Goldwater, calls his blog "Conscience of a Liberal." Conscience refers to intuitions. The message: Multicultural intuitions matter more to Krugman than ethical evidence.)

None of the Grey Lady's pro-multicultural arguments are well-reasoned. Demands for compassion are rampant, even as the New York Times shows little compassion for the massive harms nonwealthy whites suffer from multiculturalism. The attitude among multiculturalists seems to be my team is automatically right and superior regardless of the evidence.

The end stages of neo-Marxism resemble Zimbabwe, Venezuela, North Korea, and South Africa, never universal equality or even semi-universal equality. Even in societies of unmitigated totalitarianism, the hunt for alleged reactionary forces is considered more important than actual equality. Dysgenics marches on.

Various slogans make multiculturalists superior, but goodness seldom exists. Harmful actions help the team, and the team is what matters most to them. And if multiculturalism wins complete victory the team will become even more factious than now, with Muslims and blacks wiping out other supporters of multiculturalism, just as various secular supporters of neo-Marxism were previously wiped out in North Africa and Southwest Asia by serious Muslims and just as white supporters of neo-Marxism in Zimbabwe fled or were murdered by blacks.

But if multiculturalism wins complete victory, there will be no white areas left for white multiculturalists to flee toward.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Current Litmus Tests

Things that get you ostracized from Team Progressive:
  1. mentioning an unwanted biocultural truth (race, gender, religion, eugenics, dysgenics, migration, and self-determination).
  2. opposing welfare.
  3. criticizing the progressive response to global warming.
Things that get you ostracized from Team Third Way:
  1. mentioning an unwanted biocultural truth.
  2. fighting rent seeking by Wall Street and members of Team Third Way.
Things that get you ostracized from Team Establishment Republican:
  1. mentioning an unwanted biocultural truth.
  2. fighting rent seeking by Wall Street and members of Team Establishment Republican.
  3. planning large tax increases on the wealthy.
In twenty years, the litmus tests will likely change, especially for the Republican establishment.

For nonmulticulturalists, there is, as yet, no major team. A fairly big tent exists. Even John Derbyshire and other slow multiculturalists avoid ostracization, but you cannot be a fast multiculturalist, in other words, a typical multiculturalist without earning shunning from nonmulticulturalists.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elephants in the Multicultural Room

Multiculturalists and their allies believe nonwhites are genetically equal or superior to whites in all important matters.

Multiculturalists and their allies have believed for several generations they have the world's greatest ideologies: Islam, Maoism, Putinism, globalism, Stalinism, Mugabeism, Keqiangism, Trotskyism, libertarianism, paleo-Marxism, neoconservatism, neoprogressivism, third wayism, and many others.

Multiculturalists and their allies control every major institution on the planet.

Advocates of ethnoracial self-determination, from the Thames estuary to the Tibetan highlands, are fined, fired, jailed or ostracized for thought crimes.

Yet given the above elephants in the room--there's barely breathing space in that room--multiculturalists and their allies act as if "whiteness" deserves primary blame for their own abysmal moral performance, as if some white trailer park in the Ozarks pulls the strings.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Costs of Brexit and Multiculturalism

Paul Krugman estimates Brexit would cost two percent of GDP, all other things remaining equal. But all other things won't remain equal.

In the long run, any Western country that continues to import several hundred thousand to several million nonwhites per year can expect massive GDP declines due to exponentially increasing anti-white mayhem and bigotry.

Nonwhites devote themselves to free riding in Western countries. Increasing nonwhite political power results in economic Marxism coexisting with or dominating capitalism. Put simply, nonwhites pursue rent seeking almost anyway they can get away with, whether by the dole, affirmative action, Wall Streeting, ethnoracial networking or dozens of other methods. As free riding increases, whites increasingly adopt self-destructive ideologies, especially Hitlerism, African values, and Southwest Asian values.

As the West already found out, it doesn't take a plurality of individuals of Southwest Asian descent to cause totalitarianism.

Racial diversity makes most individuals of most races worse than they would otherwise have been.

Genetic engineering might not save matters if, as expected, nonwhites engineer their children eugenically for IQ but dysgenically for even more egoism, familism, and ethnoracial nepotism. Many individuals underestimate the dangers of high IQ, low character individuals. Studies finding high IQ Ivy Leaguers to be more ethical are junk science. The studies use unrepresentative sampling, faulty measures of character, and participants smart enough to self-promote by seeing through the study design. The historical evidence of mass destruction caused by the Ivy League's "best and brightest" far outweighs the junk science. Levels of economic and industrial espionage by nonwhites will continue to escalate.

Brexit still leaves cultural Marxism in charge. But at least Brexit is a tiny first step toward taking control from global totalitarianism.

Random Thoughts:
What's one difference between a libertarian multiculturalist and a man wearing a tinfoil hat? The man with the tinfoil hat in more likely to be moved by evidence.

Women are inclined to seek signs of commitment. But are taught in hedonistic cultures to seek superficial signs of commitment. Thus, empty words and ethically worthless pieces of carbon are given more value than more practical gifts. Buying a woman a stroller would be a major faux pas.

Men from societies with few eugenic forces seek control over female fertility by rape, seduction games, and de facto slavery.

A major part of the multicultural war to demoralize the West is getting white men and women to have no accurate self-respect, making us easier to take advantage of.

Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Negative Externalities of Chickens

Bill Gates supports more chickens for poor countries.

Gates' plan raises some questions: what happens to the price of chickens when 30 percent of rural families reach Gates' goal of raising chickens? Will those chickens eat cheaper calories? It takes 4.5 pounds of grain to make one pound of chicken, not counting insects and other calories the chickens scrounge for themselves.

More chickens. More viruses. More chicken thefts. More roosters. More cock fighting. More noise. Less sleep. Roosters make noise throughout the night, not merely in mornings.

There has to be much better investments, including IUDs.

Chicken farming is amiss in the former United States, too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Craptastic Establishment Beliefs

Often someone will make a comment along these lines: establishment individuals can't or don't really believe the piles of BS they spew--all that globalism, militarism, credentialism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism. High IQ establishment individuals can't be that willfully, mindbogglingly wrong, can they?

Oh, yes they do believe that crap.

How do I know?

Because when they talk about the views of non-establishment individuals, their arguments make them appear as neophytes on outside views, not even counting the straw person attacks, as if, at best, they merely skimmed a Wikipedia entry on outside views.

If they were secretly fact facers, they would secretly read the arguments and talk the language.

If someone said, "Bob is secretly a chemical engineer," but every time you heard Bob talk about chemical engineering he sounded like a five-year-old talking about chemical engineering, you wouldn't believe Bob was secretly a chemical engineer.

There's also some research.

The other alternative is that establishment individuals are the world's greatest method actors, deliberately making themselves look like unmitigated neophytes on outside views. Not likely.

Yes, it seems weird that establishment humans can act so dignified and articulate, yet spout one fallacy after another. But the human unwillingness to find and face moral facts, when doing so conflicts with perceived self-interest, is astronomical.

Read These Presidential Quotes If You Want to Barf

If you feel as if your head will explode, stop reading. Highlights from Barack Obama's recent speech:
But across our government... we are doing everything in our power to stop these kinds of attacks [false claim]... 
We work to succeed 100 percent of the time [false claim]... 
Our mission is to destroy ISIL [false claim]... 
These are not religious warriors [false claim and self-contradiction] ...
I have been clear about how extremist groups have perverted Islam to justify terrorism [false claim and self-contradiction]...  
For a while now, the main contribution of some of my friends on the other side of the aisle have made in the fight against ISIL is to criticize the administration and me for not using the phrase “radical Islam [straw person].” That’s the key, they tell us. We cannot beat ISIL unless we call them radical Islamists [Straw person]... 
[Obama continues by hammering the radical Islam phrase, a phrase popular with neoconservative multiculturalists, used to distinguish Jihad from the allegedly moderate Muslims, as if the label of an ideology matters more than individuals affected by ideologies. Obama frequently uses slurs but finds the label of an ideology by his fellow multiculturalists more offensive. Obama implies Jihad has nothing to do with Muslims, also implying that Jihad is something infidels do. Bizarre.]
And the reason I am careful about how I describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism [false claims]...
They want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion of Muslims around the world who reject their crazy notions [false claim]... And if we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims as a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with the entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them [straw person and false cause].
But we are now seeing how dangerous this kind of mindset and this kind of thinking can be [straw person and false cause]. We are starting to see where this kind of rhetoric and loose talk and sloppiness about who exactly we are fighting, where this can lead us [straw person and false cause]... 
The Orlando killer, one of the San Bernardino killers, the Fort Hood killer — they were all U.S. citizens [irrelevant].
Are we going to start discriminate them, because of their faith [staw person]? 
It does not reflect our Democratic ideals [false claim]. 
We have gone through moments in our history before when we acted out of fear, and we came to regret it [irrelevant and self-contradictory]... 
We don’t have religious tests here [false claim]... 
And if we ever abandon those values, we would not only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world [false cause], but we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect [false claim]...And then the terrorists would have won and we cannot let that happen. I will not let that happen [false claim]... patriotic Muslim-Americans serving their country in uniform ready to lay their lives on the line to protect you and to protect me [false claim]...  One team [false claim]. One nation [false claim].
Our diversity and our respect for one another, our drawing on the talents of everybody in this country, our making sure that we are treating everybody fairly, that we are not judging people on the basis of what faith they are or what race they are or what ethnicity they are or what their sexual orientation is [false claims and self-contradictions]. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Welfare: Still Rotten

Some popularizers of recent studies claim welfare "doesn't make people lazy," except the studies involved small grants to poor people in poor countries. That's not Western style welfare. That's more like a small lottery winning.

Western style welfare does decrease hours worked.

Studies attempting to defend welfare in the West run into the problem of study participants being monitored and badgered, even when the studies do not engage in outright fraud.

The larger the free riding population, the greater the incentives become for others to give up and join the free riding.

In addition to TANF, SNAP, and other ordinary welfare programs, tax entitlements cost over $1.1 trillion per year. The uncounted direct and opportunity costs of monopolies, oligopolies, Wall Street, and other rent seeking entities are even larger.

Adventures in Narrative Evaluation

The establishment narrative following the Orlando murders is out and about:
We will not know all of the facts surrounding the unfathomable tragedy in Orlando for some time - perhaps, many days [false claim because establishments refuse to learn about cultures and behavioral genetics]. 
But one thing is certain: intolerance and hatred inevitably lead to violence and death [self contradiction]. 
That is why our primary response to the horrific massacre at the Pulse nightclub must be to rededicate ourselves to creating a culturally diverse society that is based on tolerance and respect for other religions, sexual orientations, races and life styles [false claim and self contradiction].
In America the one thing we must never tolerate is intolerance itself [false claim and self contradiction]... 
The shooter, Omar Mateen, sent messages indicating that it was his allegiance to ISIS that lead him to murder fifty of his fellow human beings. Whether he was motivated by ideological commitment or his own hatred of gays and lesbians, or both — that motivation can never trump the fundamental sense of human empathy that provides the foundational principle of a civilized society [false cause and false dichotomy]... 
And we dare not allow the forces of intolerance to exploit the Orlando mass shooting and throw gasoline on the fire of intolerance itself [self contradiction]... 
But let’s remember, that the data shows that in the United States itself you were more than 7 times as likely to be killed by a right wing extremist than a Muslim terrorist in the 13.5 years following 9/11 [ad hominem, false statistic, unrepresentative sampling, and failure to compare population sizes]. 
The New York Times reported that a study by UNC Professor Charles Kurzman and Duke Professor David Schanzer, showed that Islam-inspired terror attacks “accounted for 50 fatalities over the past 13 and a half years.” Meanwhile, “right-wing extremists averaged 337 attacks per year in the decade after 9/11, causing a total of 254 fatalities [ad hominem, false statistics, straw person, and unrepresentative sampling, Muslims in America are 60 times more likely to pursue terror plots than white, conservative, Americans--nonwhites and non-conservatives are far more likely to engage in terror than white conservatives].”
In point of fact, there is no fundamental difference between the murders by Islamic extremists, or white racists, or anti-abortion extremists [ad hominems and false claim]. They are all acts rooted in intolerance and bigotry and we must create a society that refuses to tolerate those acts - or the intolerance and bigotry that lead to them [false cause and self contradiction]. 
For much of the last year, many on nativist right - particularly Donald Trump - have spewed out hate-filled, intolerant rhetoric like a geyser [ad hominems and false analogy]... 
In particular, Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric legitimates the narrative that groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda use to recruit impressionable young people [self contradiction and false claim].
Make no mistake, both the murders and the establishment narratives are despicable stuff.

Establishments seldom let a crisis go to waste and neither should we.

White liberation and self-determination, now as much as ever. We are conscious, respect deserving beings, too.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nuclear Energy: Pros and Cons

On the con side, the wrong type of political environmentalism now dominates, the type prone to knee-jerk, poorly reasoned actions, closing completed and uncompleted reactors, creating enormous costs. In other words, the same people bringing us militarism, financialism, and cultural Marxism.

Then we have non-working reactors in poor countries for blatant behavioral genetic reasons.

But Per joule of energy produced, coal is hundreds of times more deadly than nuclear energy. Due to radioactive elements in coal, one hundred times as much radiation enters our surroundings from a coal plant than from a nuclear plant.

Chernobyl is not the fault of the West. Western reactor designs were already far safer than Soviet designs, and the newest designs make meltdowns astronomically improbable.

But terrorism or earthquakes could strike a nuclear plant, then we would really be in trouble--but not if we build new nuclear plants in remote areas, away from earthquake zones. If attackers want to target remote nuclear plants, that is less worse than targeting packed public places.

Destroying a nuclear plant is not easy.

Most waste from nuclear plants results because we do not reprocess the waste into plutonium and reuse it. The alleged reason we do not reprocess waste is we do not want certain wonderful peoples stealing plutonium and making bombs. But plutonium is too hot for them to mess with.

If enemy nations want plutonium, they'll make their own. They don't even need uranium deposits or purchases of uranium from others to make nuclear weapons. They can make nuclear weapons from the uranium present in coal ash.

If we reprocess nuclear fuel and keep the Marxians, neoconservatives, and third wayers out of political power, the mean cost to produce nuclear energy is less than almost all other energy sources, not counting the massive pollution costs of coal. Heck, we would be better off using the nuclear energy in coal than the combustion energy in coal.

The mighty political forces of not-in-my-backyard is a political problem for nuclear energy but also for wind and solar too. But research suggests that citizens much more likely to agree with something in their vicinity if it is presented as a moral imperative.

Nuclear waste, even after reprocessing, is very dangerous for a long, long time. Yes, but paradoxically its danger makes us vigilant about containing and storing it properly. Compare that with other industries such as mining and fossil fuels, which spew millions of tons of hazardous waste into the environment.

Opposition often gets ridiculous. Years ago, I saw a proposal to fill the lands around nuclear waste sites with stone warning devices to scare future generations, so they will know that nuclear waste is near, thus, assuming future generations will be too inept to construct radiation counters, retrieve data on nuclear waste sites or even remember where nuclear sites are.

Wind and solar show promise, but on many days the sun and wind vanish. We use coal and natural gas plants as backups. The hottest days of the year are the least windy, the days when electrical energy usage spikes. Wind and solar require enormous amounts of metals and plastics which cause their own environment problems. Storage methods for wind and solar are nowhere near cost effective.

What about wave nuclear fusion and other newcomers? God bless us if they arrive. But we cannot base policy on technologies that, for now, have a too low of an expected value.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Why are neoconservatives so eager to tick off Putin?

Neoconservatives support worse dictatorships, including many Islamic states.

Who benefits from this? Neoconservatives have little leverage in Russia, but Russia has the ability to inflict severe pain on the the West and Israel. Russia is still the greatest nuclear power.


A helpful heuristic when reading the mass media: assume their economic main conclusions are almost always wrong because they are almost always wrong in the direction of supporting rent seeking, usually Randism, neoconservatism, and third wayism, but also often in the direction of economic Marxism.

Assume their other issue main conclusions are also almost always wrong because they are wrong, often because of rent seeking and cultural Marxism. Thus, mass media treat global warming as far more important than deforestation and nonwhite overpopulation due to the malign influence of cultural Marxism and habitat destroying industries in environmental movements.


I doubt the GOP will give a skybox with a banner to Al Jazeera at this year's convention.


In cultures drowning in hedonistic temptations, too much time must be wasted fighting temptations and suffering the consequences of giving in, including negative externalities of others' hedonism.


World War II blunders by the Western Allies (1931-1945):
  1. failure to assassinate Hitler prewar.
  2. promising to defend Poland in 1939.
  3. lack of eugenic and pro-natal policies in decades prior to war.
  4. failure to use massive anti-austerity military spending to escape the Great Depression.
  5. slow, inadequate mobilizations in 1939, 1940, and 1941.
  6. infiltration by thousands of Axis and Soviet agents, treating enemy agents as if they were participants in a game. (If you demand your own citizens suffer hells, enemy agents better suffer many times the hell.)
  7. poor training, especially before 1943.
  8. overinvestment in strategic bombing.
  9. underinvestment in infantry, submarines, mine warfare, skip bombing, convoy protection, fighter aircraft, and medical research.
  10. failure to thoroughly test weapons in a variety of situations, then fanatically resisting reports of failure from front line forces, especially regarding defective torpedoes.
  11. over garrisoning Wake, Guam, Burma, Malaya, Shanghai, Singapore, Aleutians, Philippines, and Hong Kong.
  12. under garrisoning Java, Borneo, Midway, and Sumatra.
  13. shortages of shared sacrifice.
  14. underuse of teen labor.
  15. poor reconnaissance, especially long-range recon, and, most especially, regarding the HMS Glorious, HMAS Sydney, and the French bocage terrain.
  16. failure to send the best and most equipment to front line forces.
  17. poor strategic planning for postwar world.
  18. Douglas MacArthur and the Southwest Pacific campaigns.
  19. Ernest King and other 1942 Battle of the Atlantic failures.
  20. 1943-1945 Italian mainland campaign.
  21. Huertgen forest.
  22. Market Garden and the failure to use more forces to quickly capture the Scheldt estuary
  23. Greece, including Crete.
  24. failures to heed Ardennes warning signs.
  25. sending supplies to China.
  26. lack of Pigouvian taxes.
  27. too many immobile defenses.
  28. Lloyd Fredendall.
  29. Norway.
  30. lack of a good assault rifle.
  31. divided Pacific commands.
  32. general overconfidence.
  33. Churchill's false analogy thinking style.
  34. Arctic convoys.
  35. underpowered bazookas.
  36. hiring nonwhite mercenaries.
  37. Peleliu.
  38. Okinawa.
  39. Doolittle raid.
  40. Makin raid.
  41. Halsey's typhoons.
  42. Pearl Harbor.
  43. shooting down Yamamoto's plane, which predictably led to Japan figuring out their military codes were compromised.
  44. using Marines to defend Iceland.
  45. premature counteroffensives, including invading Guadalcanal with inadequate air and sea power.
  46. the USS Isabel mission off Indochina (fortunately the Japanese did not take the bait).
  47. resistance to better tactics, especially better fighter tactics.
  48. Ledo Road, Burma Road, and Alaska Highway.
  49. The HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales debacle. 
  50. Dieppe raid.
  51. inadequate lend-lease to Britain in 1940 and 1941.
A few of the many notable successes by the Western Allies during World War II: sonar, radar, hedgehogs, antibiotics, code breaking, synthetic rubber, Hugh Dowding, Raymond Spruance, Andrew Cunningham, Troy Middleton, Joseph Lawton Collins, the Battle of Britain, 100 octane aviation fuel, Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More Uses and Abuses of Rhetoric

One problem for ethnoracial fact facers is the use of inaccurate euphemisms, sometimes borrowed from multiculturalism: egalitarianism, moral universalism, pathological altruism, and other terms.

When apt, we should prefer moral language over medical or psychological language. Pathological altruism should be called misplaced altruism or unethical altruism or destructive altruism.

Moral universalism should be called immoral universalism or anti-white parochialism.

The semi-euphemistic s*cial justice warrior should be replaced with AMB (anti-white mega bigotry) or something similar.

On the plus side, the euphemisms immigration and replacement are now regularly being replaced with the more accurate dysphemism invasion.

Our political opponents, who control nearly all the mass media, use inaccurate super slurs without apparent feelings of guilt: N*zi, b*got, r*cist, f*scist, sh*tlord, n*tivist, r*dneck, Islamophobe, is*lationist, white tr*sh, and white s*premacist.

Some cruder blogs on the alternative right use co*n, k*ke, and other ethnoracial super slurs. This has unintended consequences. Such blogs scare away potential converts. The mass media ban or fire critics of establishments both because because the mass media support anti-white totalitarianism and because crude criticism scares away profitable customers.

Humans have been indoctrinated by establishment institutions to be offended by nonwhite slurs but be blissfully unaware of the ad hominem nature of slurs directed at whites. It is not fair, but that's our situation. Thus, we have multiculturalists, who have spewed thousands of irrelevant ad hominem attacks, making the breathtaking claim they don't use ad hominem attacks or pretending to be civil or moderate or fair minded.

Keep pointing out contradictions. So many exist, especially multiculturalists falsely accusing other beliefs of defects multiculturalism wallows in.

Attack the imagined strengths on multiculturalism: "You think that's moral universalism? No, it's egoism mixed with xenocentrism. You guys demand that nonwealthy whites sacrifice their jobs, lives, schools, countries, freedoms, families, and neighborhoods to vibrant diversity while you guys engage in profiteering and sacrifice almost nothing."

Prefer more accurate words and phrases rather than euphemisms while avoiding ethnoracial slurs.

Keep pointing out how naive whites are about how much unwarranted hatred is felt toward whites, thanks to the onslaught of biocultural totalitarianism.

Keep mentioning that multiracial societies have become long-term disasters 100 percent of the time. Keep pushing secessions and invasion bans. Keep reminding them that bad behavior by multiculturalists rises exponentially as their numbers increase: "You think living in Detroit sucks. You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till the likes of Ibrahim Hooper become presidents and prime ministers." One hundred percent of majority Muslim countries are totalitarian. The same goes for majority black countries.

When articles praise the projected brown and black majority rule over us, point out that that turned out to be a good thing nowhere on earth in the past.

The word nationalist should be avoided simply because it has negative connotations for most Westerners, though nationalists saved the world from Nazism, Maoism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, and economic Marxism. Most individuals don't realize that by the 1970s most of the planet was ruled by economic or cultural Marxism or both. White liberation or pan-whitism or self-determination universalism should be used instead.

Ask economists to provide thorough, well-reasoned arguments on exactly how low IQ, low skill, low productivity, low conscientiousness, high fertility, high totalitarianism, and high free riding brown and black migration is a good alternative, not some BS model full of preposterous assumptions (masses of older whites will retrain for better jobs, everybody is the same deep inside, humans are massively malleable in good directions, nonwhites won't use more political power over whites for nihilism, genocide, and rent seeking). How come these wonderful migrants didn't make their own countries wonderful?

Keep telling the truth. It's one of the few things on the nonmulticultural side.

To Get a Gig in Mass Media Opinion Making:

  1. Support some establishment. Even calling the Saudi establishment "ally" and "moderate," makes you eligible. Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for fawning over the Soviet establishment. 
  2. Feign support for general interests.
  3. Be narrative based, devoted to official myths, not evidence based. You must have enough rhetorical chops to keep ordinary readers from noticing your contradictions. You must be able to say you support the establishment's buzzwords and catch phrases without puking or diabolically cackling. You never apologize for having been wrong on thousands of specific issues. You focus on the few issues you are semi-right about while ignoring or relying on arbitrary rules for other issues.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

To Young Adults Thinking About Joining Militaries

Graduation season is here. Military recruiters are in high gear but before you join remember a few ideas.

You grew up in a world of political fallacies. It wasn't your fault. But it is your fault if you don't take control of your life now. The consequences of decisions you make after graduation will reverberate for the rest of your life.

All the establishments around the world do not tell the truth. Few establishment individuals care about your well-being. If you are lucky, your establishments merely devote themselves to parasitism. If you are unlucky, as in the West, your establishments devote themselves to treason plus parasitism.

Military recruiters tell fallacies at rates rivaling politicians. Multitudes of service personnel wish they could legally maim their ex-recruiters. Public schools teach gullibility to whites. But gullibility gets severely punished in the adult world.

(Many anti-establishment ideologies also fail to tell the truth. Finding evidence and accurately weighing that evidence is difficult.)

Every media depiction of war is to some extent cartoonish. Even the most realistic movie cannot simulate war. If movies did so, audiences would exit theatres with dead relatives and serious, chronic illnesses. Most audiences cannot imagine what real war is like.

And most audiences cannot imagine what serious, chronic illnesses are like.

Establishments inculcate beliefs that if enemies act evil, then the establishments must be good. But most shooting wars among contemporary states are battles of establishment evils versus other evils. The psychological temptation to pick sides in unjust wars is great, so your will must be greater.

Maybe you plan to join a military to fight entrenched moral and financial corruption within the military. Maybe you want to learn survival skills. Maybe you want to fight cultural Marxism within militaries. Good for you. But remember, militaries are highly skilled at direct and corrosive indoctrinations. Many a corruption fighter has found himself corrupted with Potomac fever or other immoral fevers several years down the road. Contemporary militaries promote conformity, networking, and vapid, vicious "command presence."

If bravado fills you and you think you can accomplish something by killing bad guys in third world countries, remember that most adults in those countries practice cultural Marxism or worse. Someone similar will replace them. And they add over 50 million adults per year. Getting yourself killed or wounded does more harm to yourself and the West than to bad guys.

The occupation rulers of China, Russia, and the West all practice variants of egoism, militarism, and cultural Marxism. Do you have so little respect for your individual worth that you are willing to die for any form of egoism, militarism, and cultural Marxism?

Some wars should be fought. But most of today's just wars require the hard work of non-violent actions against demographic and ideological conquest, fighting for ethnoracial self-determination.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Establishment Science Writing

I laugh when writers call some behavioral genetics pseudoscience or scientific racism. They're throwing BS at a wall, hoping it will stick.

Then I get sad because mass media consumers believe establishment BS. "Oh, famous writer X, with no expertise in behavioral genetics, says behavioral genetics is BS. I guess I'll believe him."

Move along. Nothing to see here. Watch the world burn.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Paul Krugman claims, "You may dislike Hillary Clinton [irrelevant], you may disagree sharply with her policies [irrelevant], but she and the people around her do know their facts [false]."

Here is Clinton's platform. Most of it is unsupported by evidence, that is, not facts.

This year's federal election, like every federal election for over half a century, will be a battle of wrong versus wronger.

Donald Trump is fooling us. He is already backtracking. His presidency would be a mixture of egoism, neoconservatism, and destructive unpredictability.

If you want to know your real values, look at your receipts. If you want to know what politicians think, follow the money and look at who they meet with in private. Any politician who meets in private with Sheldon Adelson should be avoided.

These people have track records, and the track records are despicable.

The alternative right is taking a huge risk in supporting Trump. Trump will produce terrible results. And the establishments will gleefully bash the alternative right for Trump's failings. At best, Trump is beneficial as a candidate for shifting the Overton Window. As an actual politician, Trump will shift the Overton Window in the wrong direction.

Considering the disastrous bait-and-switch, divide-and-rule records of desperate solution rulers over the past century, you'd think the alternative right would be more careful about picking politicians, not falling for an egoism promising relief from establishment totalitarianism.

The time is not ripe in America. Let the establishments screw up some more. Let's form our own alternative villages. Maybe the American Freedom Party or some other party will find some decent candidates in the future. If not, the alternative villages can attract others by setting shining examples, growing into shining cities.