Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poorly Reasoned Argument of the Hour

Victoria Chan excoriates whites for "casual racism," a few small sample fallacies of "microagressions."

The horror.

"These days, it's so taboo to call someone racist that most people get defensive when confronted over it and accuse the person complaining of hypersensitivity or lacking in humor."


Google returns this many results for the r-word in the past day.

Ms. Chan is deeply offended by slightly insensitive stereotypes. But thinks it is ethically acceptable to call whites super slurs such as the r-word. She even imagines doing so is somehow taboo, even as the mass media constantly calls whites super slurs.

Ms. Chan  blasts whites who make mild stereotypes while she makes far worse stereotypes of whites, a pile of self-contradictions.

The rest of her article contains no relevant evidence.

Why bother with Ms. Chan's article? Multiculturalists spew millions of worse arguments every month. Because naive whites and multicultural whites, prone to xenocentrism, get fooled by such rhetorical tricks. It is one thing for multicultural whites to choose self-destruction for themselves, but far more evil for wealthy, multicultural whites to create diverse hells for nonwealthy whites while isolating themselves in wealthy neighborhoods and institutions.
Whites must not allow themselves to be browbeaten by poorly reasoned rubbish.

Whites really, really must separate themselves from nonwhites. Most nonwhites and multicultural whites are simply incapable of or unwilling to engage in ethical multicultural living.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Patriotism and Triple Totalitarianism

In today's Russia, nationalism is supposedly the problem. But the largest problem is what I call triple totalitarianism. Triple totalitarianism combines militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism, using bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw tactics to increase the global power of ruling groups.

Yeah, that's a mouthful.

Roughly speaking, you could say triple totalitarianism combines globalism with psychological egoism.

The ruling groups in China, Russia, and the West are all devoted to competing versions of triple totalitarianism. Putin and his friends think more power should belong to themselves. Chinese leaders likewise support themselves. And Western leaders believe wealthy individuals, who agree to a few rules, should be permitted to bribe their way to more power. In the West, we have two major competing forms of triple totalitarianism: neoconservatism and the third wayism of democrats and similar groups.

Western rulers think their their triple totalitarianism is egalitarianism and moral universalism, but their egalitarianism primarily consists of equality of legalized bribing opportunity for super rich individuals. Chinese and Russian leaders likewise think their beliefs are superior, which leads to disastrous consequences for all peoples of Northern Eurasian descent.

Our rulers excoriate patriotism while posing as if they were patriots. When aggression occurs, academics especially, start blaming the word nationalism. Like the late Larry Speakes, they act as if relentlessly repeating a claim makes the claim true.

But a little nationalistic sounding rhetoric doesn't make one a patriot any more than the populist rhetoric of third way democrats makes them populists.

To be a member of a belief system, you can't practice something completely at odds with those beliefs. Capitalists don't support state control of all economic activity. Followers of Marx don't support equality for whites and freedom of association for whites.

Patriots and nationalists do not support migration into their lands by ethnoracial outgroups. And they do not allow minorities devoted to rent seeking to outbreed the national majority. If you support those things, you are in no way shape or form a nationalist.

The world's number one destination for migrant groups devoted to rent seeking is the former United States. The second largest destination is Russia.


Don't be. Putin permits millions of Muslims to migrate into his lands, so he can engage in divide-and-screw activities. And, of course, the Muslims outbreed the native Russians.

In China, migration keeps increasing. The famous one-child policy applied to the Han majority. Minorities, including Muslim Uighers, were and are permitted large families.

What flaws existed with patriotism in some Western countries, Westerners fixed  after 1945. The fake patriotism of triple totalitarianism caused unjust conflicts in recent decades.

When a Bush or Putin engages in aggression, they do it on behalf of competing global cronyisms.

Sheldon Adelson and the King of Saudi Arabia have more say over Western policies then millions of working class natives. In fact, research indicates that when the policy preferences of nonwealthy Americans differ from the rich, nonwealthy preferences almost never become law. Thanks to dysgenic breeding and ruling group control of schools, mass media, and other institutions, most nonwealthy Westerners are simply indoctrinated into believing triple totalitarianism.

Everyone of Northern Eurasian descent must understand that their leaders are guilty of moral treason. We must realize that calls for militarism are on behalf of ruling group power and triple totalitarianism, not patriotism. We must not send relatives and neighbors to their deaths on behalf of rulers' egoisms, no matter how sneaky the propaganda. We must encourage defacto secessions and prevent fake patriotism from becoming the norm.

The alternative is self and mutual annihilation.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Diversity Versus Fact Facing: the Pros And Cons of Multiculturalism

Here is the strongest argument for multiculturalism, also known as diversity, neo-Marxism or cultural Marxism:

We are all born without getting to choose our genes and environments, including our lands of birth, therefore multiculturalists believe in open borders for nations currently having Northern Eurasian descended majorities.

Migrants from poor countries gain economic benefits from migrating. In 2011, the median household per capita income of U.S. immigrants was $13,937, the mean $20,295, including immigrants from wealthier countries. The mean purchasing power parity per capita income of Mexico in 2011 was $15,650, China $9,940, and India $4,840, the top three senders of legal immigrants to the United States. By 2014, incomes in China and Mexico were several thousand dollars larger than 2011. Migrants from India are higher IQ, higher status, and higher income individuals than other Indians, a selection effect, meaning their incomes in India were higher than $4,840. In India, the cream migrate to the West, causing a brain drain in India.

It is difficult to determine whether migrants gain health benefits from migrating because migrants adopt unhealthy lifestyles in the West, leading to severe, chronic health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Rich individuals also gain economic benefits from cheaper labor, but at the cost of large losses for nonwealthy native workers.

In addition, multiculturalists believe Northern Eurasians still owe non-Northern Eurasians for slavery and colonialism.

The above argument is intuitively appealing to many individuals, but incredibly weak, colossally outweighed by counterarguments, especially by the fact that multiculturalism causes horrific long term consequences.

1. Better alternatives: the costs of migration to non-wealthy Westerners are astronomical, far larger than pro-diversity junk research estimates. The junk science leaves most costs out in their calculations.

Two hundred billion dollars per year in nutrition, health care, and family planning aid could help individuals in poor countries far more than letting migration lottery winners migrate to the West.

Policy by migration lottery is not justice. Lottery winners send money home to their friends and relatives, creating increased inequality and resentments in their home countries. Migrant money funds large increases in jihad, fossil fuel consumption, and other wrongs. The money migrants send home cause increased pollution in already polluted and overpopulated countries. Individuals put their efforts into migrating instead of reforming their home countries. Increased global power for cultural Marxism increases dysgenic breeding all over the planet, helping individuals devoted to rent seeking outbreed others. Completely open borders would be even worse, causing every country to become a chaotic, dystopian poor country.

Another better alternative: Given the extreme, unethical hostility migrants have toward Westerners and the massive harms they cause, any migrant to the West should agree to sterilization before entering the West. There is no right to breed in someone else's country, especially given the antipathy migrants have toward Westerners.

2. Pollution: by my estimate, multiculturalism has already caused at least 900,000 premature pollution related deaths in the U.S. and millions of additional deaths around the globe. Pollution harms rise exponentially with pollution concentrations. Additional migrants add to already horrific levels of pollution, especially migrants to places such as China. Since multiculturalists provide crucial political support to opponents of nuclear energy, multiculturalism causes massive increases in despicable coal burning. It is mind boggling that in supposedly advanced countries, coal is still burned.

3. Governance: it is almost impossible to have an ethical democracy, or ethical governance of any sort, in large ethnoracially diverse entities. Totalitarianism is proportional to ethnoracial diversity. Ruling groups act more treasonous than they already are, engaging in selfish bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices. Democrats practice the cultural Marxism strategy. Republicans practice both the Southern Strategy and the cultural Marxism strategy. Republicans deserve a special award for practicing cultural Marxism and the Southern Strategy at the same time. Deception becomes ever more rampant. Cultural Marxism increases self-righteousness about falsehoods, treating despicable fallacies as necessary for the cause. Democrats, in particular, seem willfully oblivious of their divide-and-screw practices, excoriating Republicans for the Southern Strategy while practicing cultural Marxism that is thousands of times worse.

Rulers spout platitudes about freedom, equality, and security while destroying them.

The main victims of diversity, working class natives, get demonized for resistance. Other citizens engage in ruthless struggles to gain favor from multicultural rulers. Some sink into apathy or hedonism as they realize they have almost no say in their own governance, seeing no future for their own cultures and posterity.

Nearly all rulers in large entities feel little bond with the individuals they rule over. Rulers are devoted to psychological egoism and often biological egoism. Multicultural rulers blame victims even more often. The New York Times has called whites the super slur r*cist at least 31,000 times despite having a policy banning its writers from using slurs. The king of Saudi Arabia has has more influence over U.S. public policies than millions of nonwealthy Americans.

The support that exists for multiculturalism exists mainly because multiculturalists control every major Western institution: schools, media, churches, corporations, and governments. Supporters of cultural Marxism "bore from within" and engage in the "long march through the institutions." Dissenters are sued, fired, unhired, assaulted, murdered, boycotted, ostracized, imprisoned, demonized or kept out of public view. Others are indoctrinated until they believe. The result is no recipe for democracy. Not surprisingly, Iceland may be the only remaining Western country that deserves to still call itself semi-democratic. Dissent would skyrocket if nonmulticulturalists were allocated 50 percent of mass media space, which is why fact facers are allocated nearly zero percent of the mass media. Western countries now exist as defacto colonies of global billionaires.

4. Unjust violence: multiculturalism has caused at least at least 32,000 unjust violent American deaths in the past 50 years. The future looks bleak. Unjustified violence rises exponentially with ethnoracial diversity, leading to genocides. Contemporary Northern Eurasians tend toward conformism. Mixing several hundred million individuals from nonwhite countries with whites puts Northern Eurasians at great risk. Individuals of sub-Saharan African descent are at least 40 times more likely than Western European descended individuals to commit stranger on stranger interracial aggression, at least 1000 times more likely to commit interracial rapes, and 140 times more likely to commit interracial armed robberies. The exact numbers are difficult to determine because governments often count Hispanics, North Africans, and Southwest Asians as white when they commit crimes but nonwhite when they are victims. Whites endure millions of assaults each year in schools and prisons, which are seldom counted in crime statistics. Individuals of Sub-Saharan African descent are 49 times more likely than whites to have the MAOA genetic trait that causes aggression. Yet the mass media demonizes whites for rare interracial crimes committed by whites.

5. Traffic: by my estimate, multiculturalism has caused at least 90,000 additional traffic fatalities to Americans and scores of additional injuries, often severe, chronic injuries, a fate worse than death. Untrained migrant drivers often drive without licenses and insurance. Drunk driving and hit-and-run rates among Hispanic migrants are much higher than natives. The economic costs of uninsured drivers are born by the insured. At least 80 million individuals in the U.S. are first generation migrants or descended from from individuals arriving in the past 50 years. Take them off the roads and most traffic congestion would disappear. Migrants settle disproportionately in areas that are already congested. The cities and road systems in the U.S. are not built for a driving nation of 340 or 600 or 900 million individuals. Migrant consumption of motor fuels adds to already massive trade deficits, causing thousands of lost jobs in a insufficient demand economy, transferring trillions of additional dollars to nations devoted to Jihad and cultural Marxism.

6. Philosophical diversity: cultural Marxism ruins philosophical diversity. Those making well-reasoned arguments on biocultural issues, can kiss their careers and other goods goodbye. Since multiculturalism is not supported by evidence, multiculturalists have relied on demonizing others with slurs, straw person attacks, small sample fallacies, and dozens of other fallacious tactics, especially super slurs such as b*got, r*cist, N*zi, r*dneck, sh*tlord, Isl*mophobe, white tr*sh, f*r right, and white supr*macist. The fact that nearly all multiculturalists see nothing wrong with antiwhite slurs spells serious trouble for whites. Many U.S. history texts mention McCarthyism as a great evil, yet seldom mention cultural Marxism, which is millions of times worse than McCarthyism.

Muliculturalists claim we are a nation of immigrants but that is a fallacious appeal to tradition.

Multiculturalists treat well-reasoned criticism of multiculturalism as a thought crime, harmful to community cohesion. Yet cultural Marxism itself causes far more community conflict and destruction.

The anti-reason habits taught by liberal and conservative multiculturalists spread to other issues. It is no accident that wealthy, multicultural leaders in the West chose austerity in 2009 despite overwhelming counter evidence. Why would they care? Multicultural rulers despise the individuals they rule over.

Thousands of whites have been and will be fired because something they said or wrote offended multiculturalists, no matter whether what they said was an ethical fact. But multiculturalists can write and say what they please without fear, no matter how untrue or despicable their assertions. The effects on millions of other whites who self-censor both their speech and private thoughts are chilling.
The specter of cultural Marxism hangs over Northern Eurasian descended individuals whether they realize it or not, especially thousands of future generations.

7. History and the present: one hundred percent of large, racially diverse societies have been long-term ethical disasters. One hundred percent of majority Muslim nations severely oppress non-Muslims.

8. The evils of the West: the West committed evils in the past, especially rulers. But any accurate accounting must include benefits. Billions of non-Westerners owe their health, daily bread, and existences to Westerners and Western technologies, especially medical and agricultural technologies. Only the West imposed the widespread ban on slavery and other forms of forced labor. Slavery was not a Western invention and was practiced almost everywhere humans lived. If not for the West, most non-Westerners would now be living in nonwhite slave kingdoms far more brutal than Western slavery. The allies of multiculturalists are now reviving slavery. Over 27 million individuals are now held against their wills, disproportionately in Muslim countries. Multiculturalists largely ignore contemporary slavery by multiculturalists while demonizing living Westerners for the sins of dead Westerners. Per capita incomes in many former Western colonies declined after Westerners left despite massive improvements in technology. Most tribal societies were not noble villages but cruel, dystopian societies. The most important causes of poverty in non-Western countries are low IQs, overpopulation, dysgenic breeding, terrible ideologies, and poor behavioral traits, not Western colonialism.

Imports from poor countries are not important for Western economic success. The overwhelming majority of Western economic activities take place within and among other Northern countries. Westerners would be wealthier if poor countries were on some other planet. Even oil helps little and costs far more in negative externalities. Western countries would be better off if most of the world's oil never existed. Cities would have been designed around walking, bicycling, and public transportation. Several trillion in yearly opportunity costs would be avoided. Trade deficits would be smaller, living standards larger. Millions of lives would have been saved from pollution and traffic accidents. Oil has provided several hundred billion dollars for slow jihads. Without oil, opposition to cultural Marxism would have increased because middle class whites could not have afforded the transportation costs of white flight. Instead of demonizing working class whites, middle class whites who experienced low functioning diversity every day might oppose it.

Whites who most support diversity the most experience diversity the least, whites in New England and in wealthy neighborhoods.

Multiculturalists say almost nothing about the historical fact that over one million white slaves were taken by Asians and Africans, especially Muslims. These white slaves were worked and beaten until they were dead or resembled skeletons. Nor do multiculturalists mention the many nonwhite invasions of Europe and colonizations of Western lands. When blaming slavery, multiculturalists do not mention that all living whites are also descendants of millions of white slaves and serfs. Living whites do not excuse their bad behavior by blaming the legacy of their ancestors held in slavery.

Many of the worst places on earth were never Western colonies, including North Korea and many Persian Gulf states.

9. Victimhood: multiculturalism causes various groups to jockey for historical victim status, allegedly deserving of extra benefits in the present, while whitewashing evils committed by their ancestors. Groups attempt to justify evils they commit now based on evils their ancestors suffered. Many groups look for any historical excuse to engage in rent seeking.

10. Character: multiculturalism makes most human beings worse beings than they otherwise would have been. Wealthy multicultural whites preoccupied with demonizing and destroying nonwealthy whites would have better things to focus on if there were no multiculturalism. Research by Robert Putnam indicates diversity causes individuals to not trust each other, both co-ethnics and other ethnics. And for good reasons: their neighbors of both the same and differing races have become less trustworthy and more unethical. Nonmulticulturalists must deal with the rent seeking of both white multiculturalists and ethnoracial out groups, creating massive direct costs and opportunity costs.

11. Gratitude and hostility: Westerners are hated more now, after letting in millions of migrants, than if they never let any in. Gratitude among non-whites for Western generosity is rare. Instead, more is constantly demanded. Grievances escalate. Scandinavians rank among the most gentle and generous individuals on earth, yet even they are despised and attacked by their immigrants.

12. Ideologies: non-Westerners bring horrific ideologies, especially Islam. Non-Westerners agree with these ideologies or acquiesce to them. The first generation of migrants is sometimes more motivated by economics. But following generations, accustomed to Western living standards, seek meaning in tribalistic activities. Worse, many whites alienated by consumerism and the declinism of the West, adopt horrific non-Western ideologies. Many whites want to be on the allegedly vibrant and cooler side, siding with triumphalism. Other whites are swayed by the onslaught of anti-Western propaganda.

13. Freedom of Association: freedom of association ranks among the most important freedoms. Multicultural writings on freedom of association revolve around businesses refusing to serve someone from an ethnoracial group, how horrible it would be for them to refuse service to someone. But such talk is about a trivial issue. Instead, the far bigger issue is wealthy multiculturalists who mistakenly think they have the right to destroy the jobs, lives, health, schools, wages, cultures, countries, and neighborhoods of nonwealthy whites with multiculturalism, preventing nonwealthy whites from choosing to live in peace together.

Multiculturalists seldom demand that most nonwhite nations open their borders, including wealthy nonwhite nations. Per capita PPP incomes in Qatar are nearly three times that of the United States, many more times that of some other NATO nations. Yet Christian migrants would have little chance of gaining citizenship in Qatar. Non-whites are permitted freedom of association in the West but not whites. Non-whites are able to form black only, Mexican only, and other exclusionary clubs. A 100 percent Mexican classroom is considered diverse, but a classroom with 100 percent whites is treated as something to destroy.

Wealthy multiculturalists demand that nonwealthy whites sacrifice almost everything ethically important for low functioning diversity while wealthy multiculturalists seal themselves off in private schools and wealthy neighborhoods. If diversity is such an imperative, why is almost every wealthy multiculturalist permitted to buy their way out of ethnoracial diversity?

Non-separated prisons are worse than many concentration camps. White prisoners endure millions of rapes at the hands of nonwhite prisoners.
Diverse schools are more horrific for white children than adult prisons in Japan. White children endure millions of unrecorded slurs and assaults. "Snitches get stitches." White girls are repeatedly raped or molested, many pressured into dating nonwhites for fear of being labeled r*cist.

The fanaticism of multicultural "thought leaders" keeps them from facing facts about life under diversity for nonwealthy individuals.

The brazen, despicable contradictions boggle the mind.

14. Other contradictions: establishments trumpet real or imagined hate crimes committed by whites, but ignore or bury far more common hate crimes committed against whites, even when audio recorded evidence exists of non-whites shouting slurs while attacking whites. Establishments insist crimes against whites are random despite counter evidence, yet assume interracial crimes committed by whites must have a racial motive, even when no evidence exists of a hate crime. Despite the equality rhetoric, multiculturalism destroys equalities. Multiculturalists demonize American white gentiles for allegedly having "white privilege," yet say next to nothing about about mixed race Jews, Asian Indians, and Northeast Asians, who have larger incomes America than whites.

Ethnoracial quotas are applied almost exclusively to white gentiles and Northeast Asians. Affirmative action policies at Ivy League universities exclude qualified white gentiles and Northeast Asians while allowing Jews to be vastly over-represented in violation of class, merit, and multiculturalism's own affirmative action principles, essentially quota systems against whites and Northeast Asians. But perhaps not as much as Unz states.

Multiculturalists support almost any equality that will benefit nonwhites or unjustly harm whites while opposing almost any equality that would justly benefit whites.

Mass media act as if publicizing harms against whites will cause an unjustified backlash, yet act unconcerned about inciting nonwhites into frenzies of unjust anti-white actions.

If economic situations were reversed, nonwhites would almost certainly not permit hostile whites into their countries, except as slaves.

15. Personal responsibility: liberal multiculturalists relentlessly blame bad behaviors by nonwhites on things whites must have done to them, for example, "the legacy of slavery." But multiculturalists don't provide any evidence for why this would occur. Like politicians, multiculturalists seem to think repeating a claim over and over makes it true. Black behavior gets worse with every generation. Evidence matters little to multiculturalists, especially evidence from behavioral genetics. Conservative multiculturalists incessantly chant personal responsibility. The primary audience for such rhetoric is other conservatives. Thirty years ago they were spewing the same personal responsibility schtick with no evidence that it makes much difference. Most nonwhites don't get their values and behaviors from personal responsibility commentators.

Neither group seems aware of overwhelming evidence from cultures, history, and genetics.

Behavior is difficult to improve in most human beings, especially when multiculturalists don't want to improve their behaviors.

16. Trade and empires. Those who support "free" trade are usually multiculturalists. Trade increases frictions, especially when some countries practice mercantilism.

Japan could not have murdered over 20 million individuals between 1931 and 1945 without the trade and technological help of multiculturalists, then called internationalists.

If Ukrainians had been permitted to have their own country, instead of being forced to be a member of the multicultural Soviet Union, it is unlikely five million Ukrainians would have been murdered in the 1920s and 1930s. The Soviet leaders then were not Ukrainian. They were mixed race and Southwest Asian. It's hard to imagine Ukrainian leaders doing that to their own people. Dozens of other ethnoracial groups endured horrors in the multicultural Soviet paradise. Solzhenitsyn titled one of his chapters "Nations in Exile" for a reason. Hitler might not have gained power if he did not have Jews to scapegoat. The diverse German, Russian, and Austro-Hungarian empires were the primary culprits in World War I.

Ethnoracially diverse empires drift toward totalitarianism. Rulers become power obsessed, playing various ethnoracial groups against each other. Today, the multicultural rulers of multiethnic China, Russia, and the United States are playing divide-and-screw games that could lead to catastrophe.

A great situation for a group of individuals is to not be salient, that is, for foreigners to not notice you. War becomes less likely when foreigners don't even know where you are on maps. Multiethnic entities are riddled with spying, defecting, and military rent seeking. Currently, the United States ranks among the most hated countries on earth. Pax Americana benefits neither ordinary Americans nor most other humans. Pax Americana puts Westerners at great risk of world wars, nuclear attacks, and bioweapon assaults. The multicultural lobbies pushing for American militarism are free riding, not allies of Americans. These lobbies think little of getting Americans slaughtered.

17. Equality: the more ethnoracially diverse a society becomes, the worse inequality becomes. Equality rhetoric from multiculturalists increases but equality itself decreases. Despite the equality rhetoric, nonwealthy whites are now treated as defacto subhumans, their beliefs having almost no influence over public policies. Even nonwealthy nonwhites have little influence over economic policies.

18. Social science: every social science study that allegedly supports multiculturalism turns out to be junk science upon closer inspection. These studies feature outright fraud, faulty controls, no controls, little replicability, unrepresentative sampling, survey factors left out (especially genetic factors), and faulty measures of test factors. Many use self-reports but evidence indicates nonwhites are far more likely to tell falsehoods on self-reports than whites.

Multiculturalism causes a fanaticism seldom seen outside of some religions and neoclassical economics, especially among social scientists, nearly all of whom are multiculturalists.

19. Economic benefits to the rich: additional economic benefits to the rich from migration are not an ethical benefit. They are an ethical evil, increasing hedonism, pollution, militarism, legalized bribery, cultural Marxism, and mutually destructive status competitions. The rich pay few taxes on their migrant employees, forcing nonwealthy Americans to absorb nearly all the costs of migrants, especially noneconomic harms. Additional money for the rich has almost no marginal happiness utility for them and is massively destructive to nonwealthy Westerners.

20. Other costs: many migrants collect SSI and sign up for Medicaid without ever paying a penny in payroll and federal income taxes, a form of legalized stealing: "Here I am in your country. Now give me your money and labor efforts." Productive, working class Americans with no health insurance coverage are forced to pay for the Medicaid coverage of unemployed migrants. Thanks to migration and health care oligopolies, millions of tax paying, working class Americans never get treatment for important medical problems.

Over fifty percent of households headed by migrants from Mexico and Central America receive means tested benefits (welfare). At the other end of the spectrum, only 6.2 percent of migrant headed households from the UK collect means tested benefits.

Mexico is a comparitively wealthy country with many wealthy individuals, including super billionaire Carlos Slim. Wealthy Mexicans sacrifice almost nothing for their poorer citizens while dumping the costs of Mexican migrants on nonwealthy Westerners.

Explicit and defacto affirmative action costs over 1.1 trillion per year. How impoverished will nonwealthy white Americans be in several decades when they are outnumbered by affirmative action eligible Muslims and nonwhites? Multiculturalists argue that nonwhites will willingly give up affirmative action once whites are minorities. The history of nonwhite peoples indicates this will never be the case. Nonwhites are far more predisposed toward ethnocentrism than whites. They oppress minority groups almost everywhere. They don't care how much advantage taking they engage in. The Malay majority in Malaysia does not care whether their affirmative action policies harm the Chinese Malaysian minority. OPEC countries don't care about the migrant slaves and near slaves in their midst. The mass media make massive efforts to bury mistreatment of whites and mistreatment of nonwhites by other nonwhites. Selective reporting will get even worse as nonwhite power increases.

21. Dysgenics: it is taboo to mention dysgenics in the mass media. But self-censorship does not change facts. Most contemporary migrants to the West have much lower IQs and much stronger predispositions toward unethical behavior than white gentiles. Whites have a mean IQ of 100. To meet diversity quotas, schools increasingly graduate nonwhite doctors and other professionals who simply lack the genetic and cultural abilities to do their jobs well, causing large harms to Westerners, no matter how well meaning the professionals may be. Despite the anti-eugenic indoctrinations of cultural Marxism, the fact is the human species would not exist without eugenic breeding and will cease to exist if dysgenic breeding continues.

22. Family oriented, decent societies: it is almost impossible maintain middle class societies under the current multicultural regimes. Wealthy and upper middle class individuals compete for homes in ever diminishing good neighborhoods, causing massive housing costs. Population increases from migration add to housing inflation. Competition for slots in non-diverse schools also drives up costs. Millions of working class natives are left behind in ever worsening schools and neighborhoods. The multicultural mass media demonizes goodness and lionizes egoism, hedonism, and antiwhite totalitarianism. The skyrocketing costs of housing, education, commuting, and health care, leave families unable to afford children. Migrants settle in low cost areas with their ethnic kin. They seldom hesitate to apply for welfare and other means tested benefits.

Diverse, low cost neighborhoods are dystopian no go areas for white families because of the antiwhite totalitarianism of migrants. As a result many nonwealthy whites decide not to have children or to have few children. Productive whites are ethically reluctant to seek help from the state. Many nonwealthy whites pay taxes to support the families of migrants, even though they can't afford to live in a decent neighborhood and have families of their own.

23. Happiness: happiness levels in poor countries are not much different from wealthy countries. People intuitively expect increased wealth to massively increase happiness but the relationship between wealth and happiness is weak. Ethnoracial diversity itself increases despair, alienation, and unhappiness, especially among individuals subjugated by ethnoracial outgroups.

Multiculturalism makes multiculturalists feel good, an almost religious feeling. But such feelings should be given no weight because they come at the expense of great harms to others. Such feelings are often accompanied by unethical feelings of hate, sadism, contempt, and moral superiority toward nonwealthy whites.

Multiculturalists claim that it's too late now. The transition costs of secessions are large. But the transition costs are small compared to the future costs of multiculturalism and annihilation.

Millions of whites would rather live in a poorer nondiverse societies than a diverse societies.

In the long run, future white only societies would have larger incomes than present day Western societies given the historical performance of nations populated exclusively by people of European descent. If whites are not permitted dozens of secessions, the horror of fascism could arise. Establishment political parties have all but banned the inclusion of ethnoracial fact facers in their parties. Many whites might flee to fascism as a last resort. Decades ago many American political parties tolerated some philosophical diversity on ethnoracial issues. Now every major political party tolerates only variations of cultural Marxism.

The assertion that unchosen birth conditions should lead to a requirement of mass migration is just that: an assertion, not an absolute rule. There is no such thing as an absolute rule. The open borders assertion is massively outweighed by counter evidence.

Additional economic benefits beyond those adequate for providing adequate food, water, warmth, housing, libraries, education, democracy, health care, self-defense, mutual defense, and prevention of multicultural environments should be given little or no ethical weight. All these benefits can be far better provided with aid, eugenic breeding, policy reforms, ethical philosophies, and civic minded citizens than the current regime. Instead, the current regime emphasizes the importation of unethical individuals and horrific ideologies to Northern Eurasian countries, primarily to create excessive consumerism and the destruction of Western peoples.

Children are better off playing with books, dirt, leaves, and neighbors than expensive toys. Adults are also better off without toys and mutually destructive status competitions. Large disposable incomes cause massive societal and environmental harms. Prolonged formal educations tend toward indoctrination and totalitarianism, likewise for mass media propaganda. Personal motor vehicles are an ethical disaster.

Though irrelevant to the above argument, I was once a multiculturalist. By following the strongest evidence, I finally realized how cruel, selfish, cowardly, and groupthink prone I was. I wan't a multiculturalist because of evidence. I was a multiculturalist because of social pressure and because multiculturalism made me feel good. It is a good bet that all current multiculturalists have not carefully and accurately weighed the evidence.

All humans matter, including white humans. Future harms from diversity will likely dwarf those in the present because harms rise exponentially with ethnoracial diversity. Thousands of future generations will endure astronomical direct and opportunity costs for the horrific decisions made over the past 50 years. Multiculturalism is slow warfare. No groups have a right to engage in aggressive conquest and annihilation whether by conventional warfare or demographic conquest.

Many secessions must begin. Individuals must have freedom of association. Secessions must not merely be states and provinces seceding from nearly identical central governments but must allow like minded individuals to pursue many different experiments in living (the diversity that matters).

About my beliefs:

To get a rough idea, see the writers below.

1. Writers I instantly stop reading as soon as I see their names. Almost all their arguments are banal, poorly reasoned or their few well-reasoned arguments are better expressed elsewhere. I don't have enough time left in life to waste life on atrocious arguments:

Jeffrey Sachs, Noah Smith, Andrew Sullivan, Fred Barnes, George Will, Victor Davis Hanson, Charles Krauthammer, Naomi Wolf, Robert Kagan, Noam Chomsky, Cornell West, Noah Millman, Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Moore, Daniel Larison, Walter Williams, Peter Beinart, Bill Gates, Charles Blow, David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Ross Douthat, George Soros, Ramesh Ponnuru, Ben Wattenberg, Joe Klein, Dennis Prager, Mark Ames, Fareed Zakaria, Max Boot, Aaron David Miller, Yasha Levine, Tim Wise, Morton Krondracke, Anrdrea Dworkin, Susan Sontag, Bruce Bartlett, Tyler Cowen, Charles Johnson, John Esposito, Stephen Moore, Rod Dreher, Theodore Dalrymple, Michael O'Hanlon, Mark Perry, Steve Chapman, Karen Armstrong, Mark Thoma, Pamela Gellar, Mathew Yglesias, Gary Becker, Erick Erickson, Frank Rich, Dinesh D'Souza, Francis Fukuyama, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Gregg Easterbrook, PJ O'Rourke, Philip Giraldi, Jonathan Alter, Understanding Society, Allahpundit, Bernard Goldberg, Ezra Klein, Jim Pethokoukis, Melissa Harris-Perry, Kriston Soltis, Kevin Williamson, Michael Moore, Michael Barone, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, David Broder, Michelle Goldberg, Ed Morrisey, Philip Klein, Rich Lowry, Nick Gillespie, Robert Samuelson, Tim Carney, Richard Cohen, James Carville, Martin Peretz, Jeffrey Goldberg, Karl Rove, Chris Matthews, Juan Cole, James Kirchik, Amity Shlaes, Samuel Goldman, Jonah Goldberg, Florence King, Richard Florida, Dick Morris, Malcolm Gladwell, Leon Wieseltier, Kevin Drum, Fred Kagan

In short, nearly all Green, Republican, Libertarian, Democratic, and Constitution Party politicians and supporters, plus nearly all celebrities. It's astonishing how many well-paid writers can write upteen thousand words without a single good idea. But it's no accident. They are part of our ruling groups bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices.

2. Writers sometimes worth reading:

JP Rushton, Thomas Jackson, James Kirkpatrick, David Cay Johnston, Michael Hudson, Jayman, Timothy Taylor, Jared Taylor, Gregory Hood, Christopher Heath Wellman, Joseph Stiglitz, Glen Roberts, Soren Kern, Paul Krugman, Steve Sailor, Robert Reich, Eamon Fingleton, Stephanie Kelton, Joe Firestone, Bill Black, L. Randall Wray, Jim Goad, Michael Lind, Nick Rowe, Dan Froomkin, Robert McIntyre, Joel Slemrod, Greg Palast, Yves Smith, Dean Baker, Judith Rich Harris, Martin Gross, HBD Chick, Matt Taibbi, Goerge Monbiot, Ed Rubenstein, Robert Frank, NerveAgent, Willem Buiter, Meng Hu, Fjordman, Jerry Mashaw, and writers whose names I don't recognize.

Many more I can't think of now. The lists above will be updated.

To summarize: ethical reasoning, anti-militarism, anti-globalism, self-determination, pan secessionism, environmental fairness, ethnoracial fact facing, and pro-producer economics (beneficial consequences mixed with retributive justice, not neoclassical economics).

Since I have no editors or helpers, every post is a draft, subject to revision.

I will write and post as part of my ethical duties.