Sunday, May 31, 2020

The establishments wanted to watch parts of America burn

In the days after the death of George Floyd, there was a palpable realization that it was just a matter of time before the mass domestic terrorism started. We live in a bizarro land where riots are seen as both predictable and unstoppable.

No political leader that I know of instituted a preemptive curfew and made clear that any outdoor political gathering of two or more individuals would be subject to immediate arrest. Hell, politicians could have claimed arrests were part of Corona prevention.

Any competent public school teacher will note they must be a hard-ass the first several days of school or things fall apart.

Democrats wanted to send a message of look what Trump's divisiveness has caused, then when damage escalated, they shifted to placing nearly all the blame on "White antifa," the same establishment that spent the past four years cheering on antifa. Now they cite evidence free rumors of "white supremacist" provocateurs. As JP Rushton and Judith Rich Harris both pointed out, blacks are genetically and environmentally predisposed toward dominance seeking, despite their poor IQs and characters, making it unlikely they would follow a tiny percentage of white provocateurs.

So even on a weekend when nearly all terrorism is being committed by people of color and-or communism, the establishment media are trying to blame people they slur and distort as "white supremacists." And the multicultural faith-based believers believe what their mass media tell them to believe.

Trump wants to sweep in and pretend to be the law and order president despite spending over three years talking tough, promoting white collar crime, and stabbing his voter base in the back.

No matter which political party gains an advantage from the riots, we people lose.