Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ethnoracial Diversity Thought Experiments

Let's suppose we did some survey research of whites, asking which they would prefer:

  1. being a convenience store cashier, living in an apartment in the most diverse neighborhood in Baltimore or being homeless in a 99 percent white, middle class neighborhood, assuming the police don't remove you.
  2. owning a 5,000 acre farm in Zimbabwe or having a similar homeless situation as above.
  3. attending 1970s Detroit Cooley High School or living in 1970s Poland, assuming you speak fluent Polish.
  4. earning $100 thousand per year as a contractor in a Pashtun Afghan province or earning five dollars per hour in the white, middle class neighborhood.
  5. living at frigid, isolated South Georgia Island or living in the US if diversity inspired Putin, Xi Jinping, neoconservatives, and Democratic Party interventionists incite World War III.
  6. being an eighth grade teacher at a random middle school named after MLK or being unemployed.

It would be difficult to get honest answers, but I bet a majority of whites would select the second options.

Most whites would consider high levels of diversity to be worse than being homeless in brutal heat and cold, worse than living under 1970s Polish communism, and so on.

There's worse. End stage multiculturalism would be probably something like Somalia, without the foreign aid. Bad trends keep getting worse unless good individuals deliberately stop them. And multiculturalists almost always prefer ever more diversity over less.

(By the way, credible estimates suggest nearly half of Pushtun men sodomize young boys, so the next time a multiculturalist points at a middle aged white man and tells you he looks like a pedophile, tell her about our pashtun "allies.")

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Book Observations: Invading Mexico: America's Continental Dream and the Mexican War, 1846-1848 by Joseph Wheelan

Not surprisingly, Invading Mexico contains much cultural Marxism, but some thought crime facts sneak through that don't fit the mere "land grab" story lines of today.
  1. Mexico had no right to the lands that became part of the American Southwest, a claim more preposterous than a dementia patient claiming ownership of the moon. Most individuals living in those lands were non-Mexican. Mexico's claims violated inhabitants' rights to self-determination. (A major reason so few Mexicans lived in the Southwest was they were terrified of the Apache, Comanche and other hostile Amerindians.)
  2. It was not a war between a slave holding nation and an anti-slavery nation. In Mexico, the slaves were females, often treated worse than farm animals while Mexican men drank, gambled, lounged, acted macho, and watched bull fights.
  3. Mexico did not have the genetic and cultural abilities to effectively govern the lands south of the Rio Grande, let alone the lands north of it. Mexico's required retirement payments to its veterans alone were over two times its government revenues.
  4. When Mexicans started losing battles, they would demand a truce--to regroup and continue the fight on better terms for themselves. When Mexicans surrendered during a battle and promised not to take up arms again, they lied. Like agreements with most humans, agreements with Mexicans were worthless. Mexicans lied whenever they saw some advantage.
  5. Winfield Scott was a helluva general, except when he kept falling for multicultural assumptions about nonwhites and their leaders.
  6. After the war, Texas Rangers quickly, brutally, and ethically stomped a nascent Mexican guerrilla movement. I shudder to think what would have happened if the likes of Max Boot and John McCain had been running the war. We'd probably still have umpteen thousand soldiers in Mexico.
  7. Mexico engaged in numerous acts of murder and robbery in borderlands during the years leading up to the war, plus many acts of piracy in the Gulf of Mexico.
  8. Mexicans constantly asserted their rights and demanded compassion while showing almost no concern for the rights of others.
  9. Despising their own government, many Mexicans wanted to make Mexico part of the US after the war. Another shudder moment that would have created massive opportunities for multicultural, bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices by ruling groups.
Sound familiar?

Poor America. So far from God, so close to Mexico.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ethics and the Human Biodiversity Movement

The HBD movement shows interest in ethnoracial facts mainly when the facts are trivial or IQ related or health care related, rejecting well-reasoned policies if the policies don't fit the above or the policies offend multiculturalists. HBDers cannot or will not break through multicultural fanaticism.

One writer at NotPoliticallyCorrect seemed perplexed and outraged that the multiculturalists at the so-called RationalWiki would try to demonize him, seemingly unaware that multiculturalists seldom tolerate dissent from their totalitarianism, including by multiculturalist HBDers. The writer then contradicted himself and wrote, "I don't care about politics."

Many other slightly edgy writers faced similar wrath. A few truthful mentions of race and IQ are enough to get ostracized.

IQ is important, but HBD overemphasizes IQ. Ninety-five percent of Congress members have academic degrees, an indication of well above the mean IQs, yet Congress seldom does the right acts. The donor class is likewise riddled with high IQ individuals, yet they too seem to be close to inverse weather vanes on important issues, favoring a mixture of Randism, globalism, neoconservatism, and cultural Marxism.

HBD often avoids ethical evidence and over relies on studies, but most social science studies are junk and most social scientists will not conduct studies that produce results in conflict with their political worldviews. HBDers know more about statistics than other areas of logic, so they seem not to notice their straw persons, false analogies, abusive ad hominim attacks, and other fallacies. HBDers commit far more wrongs of omission than wrongs of commission.

HBDers could retort that nonmulticulturalists include many people of rotten acts, so let's not go there. But excellent ideas do not turn into bad ideas simply because of who believes them. All political movements attract individuals with serious character defects (often people of egoism and misplaced altruism). Bill Frist and thousands of other individuals in government and corporations would make you feel as if you are the most important person in the world when talking to your face, then put knives in your back. Because the establishments control the mass media, they are able to create the illusion to many voters and donors that establishment figures have decent character when, in fact, almost all establishment leaders have horrible character. Establishment ideologies in every contemporary country are designed to extract short-term profits from decline.

If the establishments succeed in creating World War III, they will have proven themselves to be as low character as the likes of Mao, Amin, Stalin, Hitler, Mugabe, Hirohito, Mousilini, Pol Pot, Jong Il, and Jong Un. Even without World War III, multiculturalists commit nearly all the political violence on this planet.

It says something important about multiculturalists and multiculturalism that they commit disproportionately more unjustifiable violence than even the demagoguery at Stormfront incites. Consistency requires that if we reject Stormfront for being beyond redemption, we must also reject multiculturalism for being beyond redemption.

Any political movement that will not weed out egoism and misplaced altruism is doomed to ethical failure. Given their knowledge of how egoism and altruism evolve, HBDers should help weed out tyranny from nonmulticultural movements.

A few HBD followers seem to be looking for gurus, looking for deep truths and mysteries in biological jargon. But more important truths and mysteries reside in ethics than in HBD. HBD lacks proportion, a peculiar form of scientism that regards what hominids did thousands of years ago as more important than evils multiculturalists commit now. How good is HBD concern about IQ and health if they continue to support multicultural victories. IQs will continue to plummet and nostrums will replace Western science, as sometimes flawed as it is.