Saturday, March 24, 2018

Radio and Television

I was wading through the trivia and junk science at Kevin Lewis' Findings blog when I found this study. During the John F. Kennedy administration, with "Kennedy's encouragement, the Internal Revenue Service audited conservative broadcasters to impair their ability to raise money while the Federal Communications Commission discouraged radio stations from airing their programs."

I doubt many individuals have read about this blatant partisanship before.

Not that political TV and radio are mediums for better politics. For every hour citizens spend learning political propaganda in schools, they spend dozens more learning sound bites from radio and TV. Repetition creates and increases belief. Tendencies toward hedonism and indoctrination are inherent in those technologies.

In an ethical nation, political discourse should take place primarily in print and on the internet. No political activists should own the electromagnetic spectrum--or TV and radio end up being dominated by terrible ideologies versus other terrible ideologies.

Politically driven oligopolies in print and on the internet should also face severe restrictions.

The domestic electromagnetic spectrum should be limited to military, emergency, cell phone, walkie talkie, and nonpolitical music uses.

In post America's case, TV and radio are a battle ground of Neoconservatism versus Marxism and Third Wayism, while more accurate worldviews get ignored. Restricting the uses of TV and radio violates the rights of politicians and billionaires, but there is no other ethical alternative. Political TV and radio are ideological weapons of mass destruction.

We live in Western lands, where millions of whites face firings and other punishments for telling the truth about cultural Marxism. Meanwhile multiculturalists ignore their totalitarianism and keep lecturing us about McCarthyism. In McCarthy's defense, communism waged violent, physical war against the West in addition to the far worse "boring from within." Politicians and billionaires used the media to goad us into focusing on economic Marxism while ignoring the more destructive cultural Marxism.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Whataboutism and the Establishments

Whataboutism is the quick raising of irrelevancies, often of the those guys also do terrible acts variety.

Person one: Putin is a terrible leader.
Person two: What about Saudi leaders? They are more evil than Putin. Every ruler on Earth is terrible.

Person three: I can't believe Jarad Kushner is permitted in the White House.
Person four: Al Sharpton was permitted in the Obama White House.

Whataboutism infuriates establishment individuals more than expected because they don't want us to see or hear anything that contradicts poorly reasoned establishment political beliefs. Hence, their efforts to obtain total domination of mass media and all other major institutions. Even total institutional domination is not enough for them: they resort to totalitarian speech restrictions.

Seldom able to recognize and articulate the existence of logical fallacies, the shout of whataboutism is their way of saying some claims are unfair or irrelevant. Note how they are blind to the straw person, ad hominem, and other irrelevancies they bombard the rest of us with.

Masters of confirmation bias, they would prefer we talk about only their favored issues, framed in mythical ways.

How should we deal with poorly reasoned establishment narratives without resorting to irrelevancies: "Okay, let's argue about your issue. Then let's talk about other issues thousands of times more because other issues are thousands of times more important--dysgenics, migration, militarism, self-determination, et cetera."

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cohn Jobs

Donald Trump's former chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, bashed Trump on the way out of the White House, reportedly for Trump's steel tariffs and Trump's handling of Charlottesville. So great was Cohn's outrage over Trump's Charlottesville response that he waited over five months to resign. Notably, Cohn expressed no outrage over thousands of acts of terrorism and intimidation by "activists." Trump, in full kowtow mode, praised Cohn, but claimed Cohn is a globalist, thus attempting to distance Trump from his own globalism. Mass media, of course, went into hysterics over the word globalist because totalitarian thought policing is the media's gig.

Cohn was likely a source of some of Trump's redistribute to the top agenda, not that it mattered much. If not for Cohn, thousands of other Wall Streeters would have lined up to fill a similar role. Cohn likely took the the top adviser role merely as a temporary gig to boost his resume.

Most human beings believe they are ethically superior to most other human beings, so predictably, even the likes of Cohn grandstand about tariffs and Charlottesville, but serving the public interest is an utterly alien concept to Wall Streeters.

Cohn will probably now write about so-called free trade, not including such topics as tax entitlements, military spycraft, human trafficking, OxyContin peddling, industrial espionage, environmental destruction, currency manipulation, disastrous conflicts, downward wage pressures, international legalized bribery, rule by outgroup tyranny, militarism on behalf of crooked businesses, and excessively lengthy intellectual property rights.

Trump's tariff exemptions for Mexican and Canadian steel will help Mexican and Canadian steel producers compete in America. Maybe now Mexico will pay for the wall.

Or not.

The assertion that Mexico should pay for the wall was a clever tactic by Trump to leave him with an out for not building the wall himself.

The cost of the wall is comparative chump change for the US federal government, a government that wastes more money every month than the cost of an adequate wall. The cost of landmines behind the wall would also be minuscule compared to the benefit obtained. A fence behind the landmines to keep individuals from accidentally stepping on mines would also be inexpensive. The mass media would commence screeching, commenting with the "that's not who we are" irrelevancy. Defending America from demographic mass destruction is a job American politicians just won't do.

Trump surrounds himself with neoconservative multiculturalists and practices neoconservative multiculturalism. Trump has yet to publicly meet with a single nonmulticulturalist, but that doesn't fit the narrative, so our ever media keep calling him Hitleresque.

Nonmulticulturalist pro-Trumpers need to distance themselves from Trump. They're being set up to take the fall for Trump, though Trump gives nonmulticulturalists little but policy crumbs.