Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Diversity and Western Militaries

A small sample video of a female sergeant criticizing her African-American colleagues emerged several weeks ago, but don't expect social scientists to do much well-reasoned research on these issues. Comments below the video include some wisdom. Fred Kaplan offers several studies suggesting low IQ recruits fail at simple military tasks, but Kaplan does not mention race and how diversity damages cohesiveness among lower ranking personnel. Nor does Kaplan mention how multicultural political influence creates militarism.

Neoconservatives wage war without paying attention to ethical, practical, and ethnoracial realities while pretending to be paragons of virtue. Note how they incite conflicts against both China and Russia while trying to accrue destructive or near worthless "allies." What the hell kind of grand strategy is that? Britain once had a grand strategy of allying with the second most powerful state on the continent against the most powerful. Sometimes that strategy paid off. Sometimes it didn't. But a strategy of one super power against two super powers is effing ridiculous, especially when contemporary Western ruling classes are deliberately incompetent at nearly everything ethically important.

Neoconservatives try to distance themselves from their disastrous practices, even claiming John Bolton isn't a Neoconservative because Bolton doesn't spew democracy slogans, despite the fact Bolton was a director for the Neoconservative Project for the New American Century. (The word American should be in scare quotes there.)

But few Neoconservatives support democracy in practice anyway. They seldom criticize gerrymandering and legalized bribery by Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson. They seldom excoriate anti-Western voting by migrant, ethically ersatz citizens. They abhor the idea of whites democratically demanding their rights to self-determination and an end to mutually destructive wars.

Let's speculate on why Western militaries readily adopt cultural Marxism, subject to further (unlikely) research:
  1. Politicians and their donors demand cultural Marxism, and Western military officers seldom disobey non-military leaders to do the right things.
  2. Nonwhites are good at manipulation and intimidation, making nonwhites useful as recruiters, drill instructors, and other positions where lying is rewarded and cognitive dissonance rare. But manipulation and intimidation are little substitute for technical skill and battlefield competence. As whites increasingly adopt African and Southwest Asian values, dysgenics increases while loyalty to worthwhile causes deteriorates.
  3. Cultural Marxism makes senior officers feel ethically superior without them having to do ethical acts. Ominously, not only do they act as if might makes right, cultural Marxism makes them feel they are automatically on the sides of angels.
  4. Small sample fallacies of heroic or pseudo heroic nonwhite soldiers.
  5. Multiculturalism treats the harms created by multiculturalism as caused elsewhere.
  6. Multiculturalism creates a larger pool of recruits, at least in the short term. In the long term, nonwhites almost always join anti-white sides, thus, creating the spectacle of Christian nonwhites in London helping to elect the pro-Jihad Muslim Mayor.
  7. Cultural Marxism creates the illusion of fewer racial conflicts to officers. As with other wealthy individuals in sheltered neighborhoods, they seldom suffer the harms they create for others. They don't have to live and work in close proximity with low functioning individuals. Senior officers show up for macho posturing, then disappear to their sheltered retreats.
  8. Critics of cultural Marxism are seldom able to rise up the ranks, resulting in disastrous egoism driven groupthink and strict enforcement of groupthink. Office politics trumps ethical decision making.
Whites resent being in the most difficult and dangerous jobs while rear echelon nonwhites pilfer desperately needed supplies. In World War II Tunisia, black U.S. soldiers had an STD rate of 451 per 1000 versus a US white rate of 34 per 1000, partly because they brought the STDs with them, and partly because they were exchanging stolen supplies for sex on black markets. George Wilson, given command of a black company of about 200 soldiers, wrote "Every day thefts were reported to me. Some of the men sold, traded, or gave away their personal equipment."

Counterjihadists often assert that Muslims in the U.S. military have killed more Americans than the number of enemy warriors such soldiers have killed, though accurately counting such data is unlikely in today's intellectual climate.

In the event of war with China and Russia, Western militaries would likely experience massive fifth columning by overseas Chinese and Russians.

If a major Neoconservative inspired war occurs, multitudes of non-white military personal would desert or announce that they are conscientious objectors, leaving whites to fight another nonwhite man's war. I wouldn't blame them. If such a war occurs, I would encourage whites to desert and not waste their lives for Randism, neoconservatism, third wayism, and cultural Marxism. Whites shouldn't suffer or die for the totalitarian ideas of those who despise them.

In the final stages of multiculturalism, the anti-white military will likely concoct plenty of excuses why white civilians need to be exterminated, as has happened in other multicultural lands where non-whites gain demographic and political domination.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Calexit and the Migrant Invasion

The Audacious Epigone writes that a several thousand person strong caravan of "alleged Hondurans are being ushered through the narco-state to our south with support from the Mexican government there and from 'humanitarian' groups here (groups that should be charged with criminal conspiracy)."

Jef Costello concludes this is a potential lose-lose situation: "the Left wins big if Trump caves and allows the migrants in... the Left also thinks it wins if Trump refuses to allow the migrants in. We will then see weeks of coverage painting him as cruel and heartless."

That's what happens when multiculturalists control nearly all the institutions. (Multiculturalists should never be permitted a toehold of control over a nation state.)

But a plausible lesser evil exists if Trump caves. The caravan seems headed for California.

It's ethically better if California quickly acquires third world status than for the entire country to gradually sink into third world status, with whites eventually being exterminated.

Paradoxically, welfare and sanctuary cities are less harmful if only California practices those acts--and the welfare is large enough to keep migrants from flooding into other states.

Multicultural Californians blame the rest of the country for its economic woes rather than the predictable failures of multiculturalism because hard core multiculturalists almost never ever blame multiculturalism for the harms multiculturalism causes.

Multiculturalists, especially fans of militarism, believe that somehow the Civil War proves whites don't have a right to self-determination. (Multiculturalists seldom argue we should revert to control by England or Amerindian tribes devoted to murder, torture, robbery, and mutilation. Nor do they often oppose self-determination by non-whites, except at Tibet, Taiwan, and a few other places.) They also act as if it is better for whites to be ruled by individuals who seek to destroy us than for us to be left alone.

If California secedes, it will be harder for multiculturalists to manipulate whites into thinking secession by whites is automatically wrong.

Yeah, it sucks to lose California, a land of fantastic beauty and outstanding coastal weather, but unless ethical white families regain control of institutions and start having eugenic total fertility rates closer to ten children per family rather than one child per family, little probability of saving California exists, except parts of Northern and Eastern California.