Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Genetic and Environmental Determinism Seldom Exist

Despite the straw person attacks, few strict followers of genetic or environmental determinism exist. Ethnoracial fact facers mostly care both about genes and the malign environmental influences of cultural Marxism.

Multiculturalists care about genetic issues related to health and trivial traits. Anti-genetic fanaticism pours out of multiculturalists mainly when someone starts making well-reasoned arguments about behavioral genetics.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Third Wayism Versus Contemporary Progressivism: a Guide for the Suplexed

When comparing the similarities and differences among Third Wayisms (Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Steve Israel, John Kerry, Robert Rubin, Angela Merkel, Haim Saban, David Axelrod) and Contemporary Progressivisms (Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, Tim Wise, Raúl Grijalva, Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison) I will rely on the record of past behaviors, not the falsehoods in platforms.

Third Wayism: tolerates or stealthily supports neoconservatism.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes neoconservatism, except the cultural Marxism in neoconservatism.

Third Wayism: tolerates almost no dissent on cultural and ethnoracial issues, immune to well-reasoned ethnoracial arguments.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports Wall Street.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes Wall Street but sometimes in hamfisted ways.

Third Wayism: supports legalized bribery.
Contemporary Progressivism: opposes legalized bribery, except when good for the cause.

Third Wayism: supports militarism against Infidels, Northern Eurasians, and opponents of Sunni Gulf States.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports militarism against Infidels and Northern Eurasians.

Third Wayism: supports cash-for-clunkers, cap-and-trade, and other pro-rich schemes on environmental issues.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports bans, personal responsibility, government investments, or rarely, Pigouvian taxes on environmental issues.

Third Wayism: supports rule by an unaccountable, global ruling class.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports rule by a different unaccountable, global ruling class.

Third Wayism: pretends to support democracy.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports dysgenic mass destruction.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports small increases in the minimum wage during election years, which if passed, are eroded by inflation.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports $15 per hour minimum wage, welfare for any applicant, universal childcare funding, paid family leave, and paid vacations.

Third Wayism: supports small increases in taxes.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports large tax increases on the wealthy.

Third Wayism: pro-austerity and pro-quantitative easing.
Contemporary Progressivism: anti-austerity.

Third Wayism: ridicules straw person opponents to promote own thoughts of superiority.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: encourages individuals to attend colleges and acquire debts while being indoctrinated.
Contemporary Progressivism: free public college indoctrination, plus tuition debt jubilee.

Third Wayism: uses trade agreements to support global rule and redistribution to the top.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports fair trade.

Third Wayism: supports stealth affirmative action quotas more than explicit quotas.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports explicit and de facto affirmative actions quotas.

Third Wayism: supports genocide of whites.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports tokenistic infrastructure projects.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports large increases in infrastructure spending, often misspending.

Third Wayism: supports public sector unions.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports most unions.

Third Wayism: supports the Affordable Care Act.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports Medicare for all or a Canadian style health system.

Third Wayism: supports freedom of association, except for whites and any other perceived enemies.
Contemporary Progressivism: same.

Third Wayism: supports stealth opening of borders in white majority countries.
Contemporary Progressivism: supports explicit open borders in white majority countries.

How do you pay for the above with billions of aggressive, low productivity welfare and affirmative action seeking migrants and their descendants?

Genocidal Contradictions

Multiculturalists claim to oppose cultural and genetic genocide. Yet the peoples most at risk of cultural or genetic genocides or are the peoples multiculturalists and their allies actively try to genocide--whites, Copts, Mandeans, Tibetans, Yezidis, etc.

The peoples least at risk of genocide--Jews, Africans, Hispanics, Muslim Arabs, and many Asians--are the protected peoples and the peoples working hardest to genocide whites.

As on most ethnoracial other issues, multiculturalists' beliefs about genocide are riddled with despicable self-contradictions. And I doubt most multiculturalists have the genetic and cultural wherewithal to notice or fix their wrongs. Their causes matter more to them than noticing or fixing contradictions.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Missing Truths

Most multiculturalists tell the truth most of the time. The problem is that their truths are irrelevant or otherwise fallacious, including straw person attacks, especially errors of omission. Other irrelevancies include appeals to origins, novelty, popularity, momentum, and most ad hominem attacks.

Some reasoning errors result from historical causal factors. A causal factor is a factor that changes the probability of thing(s) occurring. The legacy of slavery is a causal factor. It increased probabilities of various African-American behaviors, mainly because without slavery most African-Americans would not be in America. But the legacy of slavery is seldom an ethically important causal factor today. Nearly all of it cannot be undone. A big current legacy of slavery is unethical white guilt, not the sort of legacy multiculturalists mention.

On another side, manorial feudalism was a causal factor. But manorial feudalism cannot be undone and manorial feudalism is not coming back. Manorial feudalism is ethically unimportant now.

Multitudes of currently unimportant factors changed history. Everything from super volcanos to the acts of powerful individuals. In general, historical causal factors are seldom ethically important today, except when used in studies to make prescriptions, explain current actions, and predict future actions.

Other historical factors, the MAOA gene variants, for example, are with us today and their frequencies can and should be changed. They are very, very important.

In addition to irrelevancies, the other major category of "true fallacy," is the small sample fallacy. Mass media and cultural Marxian wars against whites sometimes rely on small sample fallacies, often cases of police attacks on African-Americans. But nonmulticulturalists know the reality that African-Americans are dozens of times more likely to commit stranger-on-stranger, interracial assaults. And those assaults will rise exponentially as whites become weaker and less numerous, with massive support from Muslims, Asians, and Hispanics.

In mass media and cultural Marxism:
1. It's true that small sample fallacy X happened.
2. Therefore white guilt and holy war against whites.
3. Mass destruction and anti-white genocide.
4. Profit.

Every establishment political ideology is cover for rent seeking.

Other types of true fallacies include circular claims, misleading stats, and unrepresentative sampling.

Sometimes multiculturalists make good points, but then try to use the good points to support atrocious conclusions, often because they know almost nothing about alternative prescriptions. No matter the situation, they see more establishmentism and cultural Marxism as solutions. The fixation on prescribing more wrongs as solutions is a feature of all types of totalitarianism. Their straw person attacks also often result from the fact they know almost nothing about the alternative right and other political alternatives.

When multiculturalists make outright false claims, multiculturalists still think they are telling the truth, primarily because humans tend to believe the truth is what they hear first and most often. And multiculturalists dominate nearly all the mass media. Groupthink, avoidance of ostracization, and absence of cognitive dissonance add to the likelihoods of telling falsehoods.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gene Genie: Don't Let Yourself Go

Let's imagine person X with the world's best genes for ethical character. Person X shares 99.5 percent of her genes with person Y and 99 percent of her genes with person Z. But X shares nearly all her best character genes with Z while Y has two mutations that have a high probability of causing major evils.

By ethical character, I do not mean individuals prone to misplaced altruism and establishment respectable egoism. I do not mean those the mass media worship. I mean someone who reasons well and acts on well-reasoned ethical conclusions.

Person X would be right to help Z reproduce, before helping Y reproduce, though she shares more genes with Y, all else being equal. Genes for earlobes and other non-moral traits should not matter to us, except when they affect health. In short, we should care most about health and character related genes when making reproductive decisions, not overall genetic similarity of junk genes and other unimportant genes.

If high IQs make individuals more ethical, then we should support IQ eugenics for ethical reasons. If it is someday proven that genotypic IQs above 150 cause sufficient harms or insufficient benefits, then we should reduce the birth rates of above 150 IQ individuals.

Some individuals might select for genes related to beauty and other traits, but there is no moral imperative for doing so. In many cases, selection for non-moral traits could lead to mutually destructive status competitions, for example, producing millions of extra tall athletes, having health problems, competing for a handful of professional sports jobs.

We would be more right to help some peaceful cetaceans than nonwhites waging demographic and other unconventional wars against whites, though we share more genes with nonwhites than cetaceans.

The above is not an argument for whites to breed with nonwhites. Why? Biracial children have more health and behavior problems. Mixed race children adopt the dominant culture of anti-white bigotry. Mixed race children cause massive harms to their white parents and whites in general. They often make a white parent's life living hell. They're not bundles of joy when they become teenagers. Biracial children do not respect the difficult task of improving Western Civilization. Every land dominated by biracial individuals is or was a divide-and-rule disaster. Parents are more cruel to mixed race children once the warm, fuzzy multicultural superiority feelings wear off. Parents care about children in proportion to how closely related the children are to the parents. Mixed race children, having black fathers, are born out of wedlock and abandoned by their fathers overwhelmingly often.

And it is no argument for nonwhite immigration, since almost all conscious, nonwhite adults support anti-white totalitarianism, plus multiracial states are almost always long-term disasters.

White women can almost always find a healthy, higher character white man or sperm sample to breed with if they make an honest effort to do so. White men without decent white women should not breed in Western countries or should do so by sperm donation. In most cases, the problem is lack of effort. Most whites who make an good effort to interact with thousands of other whites, and ask many whites on dates, will find decent to excellent spouses.

What about rights? A legal right to miscegenation exists in many countries. That does not make it a moral right. No moral right to cause self and others undeserved harms exists. A key point about well-reasoned moral claims is that they override other claims. For example, saving a good life overrides the right to make a good painting.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Status and Cultural Marxism

More than the political system is threatened by inconvenient facts. Most respected individuals in contemporary societies have been exposed for engaging in evils and unmitigated buffoonery. How do we not laugh at every establishment celebrity?

In the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century, humans gained status by hundreds of methods, including:
  1. having expensive consumer junk.
  2. being athletic in team sports or at least cheering for the same teams as peers.
  3. being nonwhite.
  4. being cool.
  5. being famous.
  6. having a white collar job.
  7. having a degree from a prestigious university.
  8. practicing popular pedantry.
  9. practicing egoism mixed with xenocentrism if white ("virtue" signaling).
Alternative righters and other nonmulticulturalists threaten all nine on that list, status emperors with no moral clothes.

Alternative righters prefer prepping over consumer junk. Arbitrary sports teams don't matter much when your country is being conquered and subjugated by unconventional warfare. Nonmulticulturalists aren't fooled by assertions of noble savagery. Coolness is little more than banal shtick. Most white collar jobs are drudgery. Prestigious universities charge students massive sums to be indoctrinated. Establishment writings deserve derision. Xenocentrism is increasingly and correctly seen as vice, not virtue.

Almost any white adult tainted by unrepented cultural Marxism gets the low status treatment from the alternative right.

Establishmentism relies on the folk psychology of special people, cultivating the impression that establishment individuals are wiser and better than other humans. Unfortunately, for the establishments, nonmulticulturalists know quite a bit about psychology and philosophy, often more than psychologists, philosophers, and establishment writers, at least on the important issues.

In the 1960s and 1970s, baby boomers mocked traditional sources of status, but were co-opted for various reasons, including the fact that the fashionable utopian attempts were worse than establishment utopianism.

Nonmulticulturalists must channel rising skepticism about establishments into something better. We must not fall for those who sell out or pursue their own evils.

In part, opposition to cultural Marxism represents a partial return to acquiring status for moral actions. In some prior societies, you gained status by being a dedicated mother or father to several children. You gained status when each hand washed the other. You gained status for telling a larger portion of the truth. Even if you knew little about logic, you weren't easily distracted or intimidated by demonization from outgroups.

This is likely to return.

Multiculturalists are already apoplectic about the fact that their demonization tactics aren't working as well as they once did.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Marc Mezvinsky, Wall Street, and the Clintons

The hedge fund of Chelsea Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky, collapsed after making a preposterous bet that Greece's economy would rebound in the face of grinding austerity.

The above suggests one of the following is likely:
  1. Bill or Hillary (or both) had information that Greece would get an adequate rescue, which reached Chelsea's husband, but the rescue fell apart. 
  2. Mezvinsky believes in the cleansing powers of austerity for reasons that have nothing to do with the Clintons. 
  3. Bill or Hillary (or both) believe in the cleansing powers of austerity, which they imparted to Chelsea's husband.
The Clintons are partners with Wall Street, the Peterson Institute, and other austerity supporting groups. Bill supported reckless budget surpluses and trade deficits in the 1990s, both increased private sector debts and bubbles via accounting identity, both are commonly supported by pro-bubble and pro-austerity forces. Bill also supported financial deregulation. In Kentucky, Hillary informed us: "My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalising the economy, because you know he knows how to do it."

Now Hillary is even more psychologically in debt to Wall Street after seeing her Wall Street partners lose with her son-in-law. "I gave your son-in-law my money, and I didn't even get a t-shirt." Lloyd Blankfein doesn't invest money with a neophyte hedge fund for fun and games. The Clintons have a history of rewarding donors.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Introducing Alternatives to a Smart Individual

Let's imagine you know a bookish person starting to show doubts about her beloved cultural Marxism. Like most bookish individuals, she thinks she's open minded. She regards intellectual outgroups with kneejerk contempt while viewing herself as tolerant. She thinks she has most of the moral universe figured out.

But you and I know better than that. We know she believes based on manipulation. She is far from being who she thinks she is.

How should you go about introducing her to nonmulticulturalism? You don't want to scare her away with poorly reasoned rants. 

If she wants books, I would suggest The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich Harris first, then Race, Evolution, and Behavior by JP Rushton, then Future Human Evolution by John Glad.

If her fanaticism hasn't yet overpowered her, and sent her fleeing, then I would introduce her to some edgier stuff: The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood's upcoming book.

Maybe she prefers internet articles. I would start with the Judith Rich Harris homepage, then Cousin Marriage Conundrum by Steve Sailer. Most Americans despise the Iraq War by now, so she won't need to move her soul far. I'd continue with this book review, then some stuff by JP Rushton, plus Thomas Jackson's archives, then Gregory Hood's archives here and here, then Amren print archives, then some resources on secessions.

At some point, she might realize she has been told too many political lies via the mass media.

Let's hope that this realization motivates her. Let's hope she doesn't get bogged down in genetic infotainment. Let's hope she continues to move toward supporting ethnoracial self-determination.

It's time for her to grow.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Public Intellectuals

Greg Cochran devoted a post to naming "ideal" public intellectuals. Note that Cochran doesn't name anyone in his original post, which hints at what Cochran thinks of other public intellectuals. Many commenters nominated intellectuals having mediocre to atrocious writings. Only a few commenters named Cochran while others named intellectuals with inferior track records to Cochran.

I doubt Cochran was fishing for compliments, but the results should irk him.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Future We Make

The short, charitable version of the multicultural manifesto: all should be ethically judged on the content of their characters, nothing else.

We live a planet with more than three billion nonwhite adults. How many nonwhite adults oppose anti-white bigotry: Frank Salter, Jewamongyou, and some others, probably totalling fewer than 1,000. Even Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams act more multicultural than not.

Nearly all the remainder, no matter how kind they act on the surface, believe in freedom of association for nonwhites but not whites, migrant invasions of white nations but not nonwhite nations, blood guilt for whites but not nonwhites, and multitudes of other contradictory ideas, not to mention the piles of other fallacious rhetoric spouting from cultural Marxism.

So, apparently, nearly all nonwhites find it nearly impossible to treat whites as full humans. How can we have multiracial societies based on individuals being judged by the content of their characters when nearly all nonwhites refuse to do so? Why try to create said societies when nearly all nonwhites are genetically and culturally predisposed to poor character on ethnoracial issues?

Future genetic engineering might not help matters among nonwhites. Nonwhite parents will likely engineer their children for higher IQs, increased familism, and increased egoism. They don't want their children acting white.

The love and tolerance rhetoric has made almost no dent among nonwhites. Such rhetoric mostly makes whites more gullible and easier to exploit.

Nonwhites have made their own dysgenic and totalitarian choices. Let them suffer the consequences of their own choices. They will not reform themselves when whites keep rewarding them for evil actions. And whites will not reform themselves when they keep supporting multicultural, divide-and-screw rulers.

Millions of white children and future generations depend on the decisions we make now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two for Tea and Eugenics for Thee

All large societies have no fertility alternatives but to practice eugenics or dysgenics (or both), whether the societies realize it.

Some examples of hidden eugenics or dysgenics:
Pensions: a method for childfree, farsighted individuals to obtain care from others in old age while avoiding the costs of childrearing themselves. In the past, adult children provided for their elderly parents.

Seniority based pay: makes children more expensive for young individuals. Harmful mutations increase with age. Older parents pass on more harmful mutations. Female fertility plummets past age 28, affecting the total fertility rate of women postponing childbirth.

Welfare: rewards low IQ, low character individuals for having more children.

Migration: low IQ or low character (or both) nonwhites migrate to the West.

Reckless Wars: altruists often die on behalf of those genetically predisposed to egoism. The eugenic or dysgenic effects vary widely depending on who volunteers or gets drafted or makes the decisions.

Austerity: uncertainty, lower incomes, and postponement of childbirth.

Cultural Marxism: pressures whites to mate with low IQ, low character nonwhites, causes many other whites to see their own fertility as an impediment to a better world rather than as a solution for creating a better world.

Religion: contemporary religions spread dysgenic Sharia and cultural Marxian ideas.

Computers at prisons: online dating sites make it easier for prisoners to set up relationships that produce children after release or during conjugal visits.

Environmentalism: now dominated by cultural Marxism. Encourages whites to avoid childbirth while acting too feckless to oppose migration and population explosions by nonwhites.

Miseducation: status symbol college degrees create immense direct and opportunity costs, making families unaffordable, often creating debt peonage.

Finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE): huge direct and opportunity costs to society while making childbearing families less affordable.

Wrecked public schools: dysgenic breeding forces good parents to homeschool or send children to private schools, leaving parents having good genes with less money for additional children. Forces parents to labor and compete fiercely for spots in decent schools and neighborhoods having fewer neighbors of poor breeding. A vicious spiral.

Helicopter parenting: parents have fewer children while investing in destructive, economically expensive childrearing activities and status competitions.

Nurture assumptions: low IQ, low character, high self-esteem individuals think they can have and mold great offspring when a look at themselves and their relatives indicates bad news. Nurture assumptions cause children to blame their parents parenting instead of taking control of their own lives and their fertility.

Other: Randism, abortion, pathogens, hedonism, consumerism, birth control, health care, mass media, cultural fads, and so on.

"Idiocracy" results from anti-reason Marxian, liberal, libertarian, and neoconservative policies. Followers of such ideologies should blame themselves and their allies for the atrocious results they created.

Societies should avoid mass destruction by having dozens of explicitly eugenic policies, including:
  1. Federally funded sperm banks with sperm obtained from high IQ, high character teen boys and young men. 
  2. Payments for fertile, former special education students to obtain surgical sterilization.
  3. Mandatory surgical sterilization of fertile felons.
  4. Comprehensive, government funded sex, family, and eugenics education, including advertising warning potential parents that if they mate with bad individuals, they'll have bad children, who make their lives living hell.
  5. Inducements to marry young but after a six month waiting period.
  6. Dismantling cultural Marxism, stopping the spread of ghetto and Sharia values.
  7. Immigration bans.
  8. Legalized secessions.
  9. Laws encouraging and enforcing surrogate contracts. 
  10. More research funds for embryo selection and human genetic engineering.
  11. Laws enshrining freedom of association.
  12. Welfare and affirmative action bans.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Differing Nation

A couple generations ago, roughly 45 percent of U.S. white adults were Democrats and 30 percent were Republicans. By the 1960s, multiculturalists dominated both parties. Democrats claim whites should not have been fooled by the Republican Southern Strategy, the dog whistling from Republican politicians, combined with anti-white policies while pretending to be pro-white or racially neutral.

Both parties practiced the Cultural Marxism Strategy: rent seeking combined with anti-white practices. Whites voted against good interests with every major Western political party.

Let's imagine a world where that 45 to 30 voting pattern continued. Democrats would have a political monopoly. Not good. Political monopolies are even worse than duopolies. The power of cultural Marxism would be even greater, causing increasing multisclerosis. Political monopolies based on ethnoracial differences are much harder to overthrow.

Open borders would have arrived much sooner.

Nonwhites would vote overwhelmingly for Democrats for tribalistic reasons, the same as now.

The pattern of welfare recipients being better off than the working poor would have continued from the 1970s onward. There would be no welfare reforms. Welfare might be indexed to inflation. Incentives to work would be even less.

Schools, including colleges, would have even more social promotion. As in poor countries, tens of millions would have degrees in fields the graduates are incompetent in. Millions more would have unethical degrees in various anti-white studies. Public schools would be even greater indoctrination centers.

Martin Luther King's explicit quota systems would have been enacted. King believed the nonwhite percentage of employees in a business or government entity should equal or exceed the nonwhite percentage of the population. Groups with r strategies have more children, so their proportion of the total population would be greater than their proportion of the working age population. For example, a fast breeding group with eight percent of the total population, but six percent of the working age population, would demand eight percent of good jobs.

Nonwhites would be even more difficult to fire than they are today. Many would collect paychecks for doing little or nothing. Businesses would be forced to engage in bidding wars for incompetent nonwhite employees.

Filled with inept and lazy employees, manufacturing would be eliminated faster. The only major U.S. export industries would be agriculture and intellectual property. Trade deficits would be larger, leading to worse private sector debt bubbles or greater government deficits, which would be owned by explicit foreigners and the top one percent, who are de facto foreigners, seeking tax havens and other global rent seeking solutions.

Section 8 style programs would be near universal for nonwhites. There would be few white majority neighborhoods, even among the top one percent. Every public school would be ruined. Schools would be concentration day camps for white children. Few whites would be able to afford children. Those few whites would be forced to homeschool or send children to private schools. There would be even more social and political pressure on white females to breed with low IQ, low character nonwhites, who abandon white women and their mixed race children. But at least the mixed race children would have the advantage of fitting in with anti-white culture.


There would be more government and private sector commissarism, using coercion to get nonwealthy whites to labor on behalf of free riding others. The system would suck. Frustrated by the suckitude, multiculturalists would do what they normally do: demand more of the disease as a cure, blaming the mysterious powers of hidden white racism.

Practical freedom of speech might be nearly gone. Thousands, if not millions more, whites would be fired, fined, assaulted, imprisoned or ostracized for thought crimes. The one-sided dominance of multicultural mass media and other institutions makes matters worse than any explicit government bans on speech. At least, if free speech were banned, more whites might be willing to see the totalitarian face of cultural Marxism.

The situation would be worse than Puerto Rico, where the majority of adults rely on welfare, black markets, affirmative action, family remittances, and government make work.

Humans respond to incentives. Multiculturalism wrecks decent incentives.

Nonwhites seldom experience cognitive dissonance, including nonwhites of Southwest Asian descent, as millions of whites in Eastern Europe found out the hard, hard way. The anti-reason culture of cultural Marxism makes cognitive dissonance even less likely. Every conscious multiculturalist on the planet has thousands of contradictions rattling around in his or her head, contradictions they are unaware of or that they dismiss from their minds.

Nonwhites keep demanding more, regardless of the consequences.

In short, once you have a Western country dominated by political monopolies or oligopolies, mixed with anti-white totalitarianism, the result will be a long-term disaster or a short-term disaster either way. Ethical policy and genetic fixes go against the genetic and cultural preferences of powerful individuals.

A coalition of billionaires could have saved the U.S. by buying mass media and out bribing wealthy multiculturalists. That did not happen and seems unlikely now. Nearly all wealthy individuals are devoted to egoism, multiculturalism, and dark triad activities.

The Southern Strategy and the Cultural Marxism Strategy were both disastrous for whites and many nonwhites, with cultural Marxism being far worse. The Southern Strategy was simply one aspect of cultural Marxism.

The main way to hold formerly white multiracial states together or keep them from collapsing is by increasing totalitarianism. But no Lee Kuan Yew lesser totalitarianism is likely because whites are much easier to guilt trip than Chinese. Whites act more pusillanimous and are more prone to misplaced altruism.

Some might say that whites get what they deserve for cowardice. But fact facing whites don't deserve totalitarianism simply because anti-white whites support anti-white totalitarianism.

Much self-criticism has been directed within nonmulticultural circles about why nothing seems to work, no matter how totalitarian multiculturalists behave. If a nonmulticultural party starts to rise, all other parties coalesce against fact facers. If a nonmulticultural party threatens to become a majority, they will be banned, as happened in Belgium. After terror attacks, the main backlash is against critics of the system.

One problem is that humans are so easy to indoctrinate with schools and mass media that working within the system seems pointless, unless several billionaires decide to spend their fortunes on ethnoracial fact facing. Even if Jared Taylor or someone else writes the most perfect argument in human history, it will be unseen and unheard by most of the population. And even if multiculturalists read it, prior indoctrination will cause multiculturalists to reject the argument

No matter whether a white country has multiracial Randism, multiracial socialism, multiracial Neoconservatism or multiracial third wayism, the result will be totalitarianism and rent reeking. The greatest flaw of the New Deal was not welfare. The New Deal provided workfare far more than welfare. The greatest flaw of the New Deal was cultural Marxian infiltration.

Without help from the rich, whites must form alternative communities, especially living communities, not mere Internet communities. The communities will need religions or pretend to have religions, to prevent nonwhites from making specious housing discrimination claims. The religions would need boot camps, first, to weed out infiltrators and the lukewarm, second, because humans become more attached to groups after going through tough initiations. The boot camps should emphasize both schooling and physical activities. Even the racially aware have adopted bad habits from establishments. The boot camps should not be military style. They should not degenerate into mindless marching and indoctrination.

Whites should work for white homelands, whether the homelands include explicit or de facto secessions. Groups of eugenic, monoracial, reciprocal altruists will outcompete groups devoted to dysgenic, multicultural rent seeking as long as they don't allow psychological egoists (Hitler!) to take over and engage in aggression and other harmful activities.

The communities should be in rural areas, where the likelihood of surviving establishment caused nuclear wars and other establishment disasters are greater.

Friday, May 6, 2016

To Hell with Political Spectrums

Here is a google image search of various political spectrums.

The main thing they have in common is affinity for bullcrap. They distort and oversimplify. They use euphemisms for establishment totalitarianisms. They use dysphemisms for outsider beliefs. They omit beliefs based on accurate reasoning, limiting the range of thought. Some spectrums emphasize psychological categories rather than policy beliefs. They assist establishments in getting individuals in to join establishment teams rather than getting individuals to weigh the evidence on specific issues, leading individuals to think the are morally superior based on team faith, as if politics should be a ruthless sports contest.

To hell with them all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Establishment Behavior

Predictable establishment behavior around the planet:

  1. If it serves perceived short-term selfishness, do it.
  2. If it is anti-white or anti-Infidel and does not contradict the above, do it.

De facto affirmative action seems to violate the above, but CEOs support affirmative action to avoid costly boycotts, lawsuits, and negative publicity. Plus, multicultural CEOs are inept, thinking human races interchangeable. And contemporary governments don't care whether their employees serve the public interest.

Most humans like to think themselves ethically superior, but establishments are very, very evil. To assert superiority, establishments grandstand on issues requiring almost no sacrifice by themselves. Or they blame victims of establishment evils. As an added bonus for establishments, these issues distract populations from the evils done by the establishments.

So now we live on a planet where every nuclear weapon is controlled by militaristic anti-white factions, mostly using nonconventional warfare. Even Putin and Chinese leaders are dedicated multiculturalists. The white fraction of the planet is under ten percent and falling. And establishments try to tell us that whites are at no risk for genocide.

Yeah, okay.

Jews fret about a new Holocaust, though Jews have an nuclear armed Israel and massive political power protecting them.

If a super war occurs, the mass media and the likes of Tim Wise will be front and center blaming "whiteness" and "nationalism," though the factions are anti-white and anti-nationalistic.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Why We Should Help Whites

We shouldn't help whites because of origins fallacy reasons (because they are our race or we share some genes). The origins fallacy is a type of irrelevancy.

Here are six examples of the origins fallacy: X is artificial. X is unnatural. Y is natural. Americans have not believed X for years. Y is the American way. X comes from the word for W.

We should help whites because:
  1. Whites suffer astronomical harms from nonwhites and cultural Marxism. Whites, like other conscious beings, have value in themselves, no matter whether we have Nobel Prizes or minimum wage jobs.
  2. Whites, despite their misplaced altruism and other serious flaws, are the most beneficial people on earth. Whites invented or spread nearly all of modern medicine, agriculture, and environmentalism. Billions of nonwhites owe their well-being to whites. Whites saved China from Japanese tyranny and from economic Marxism, yet the cultural Marxians running China deluge whites with anti-white bile. Yes, whites spread some rotten ideologies, but the track record of nonwhite ideologies is worse. Whites are important for continuing beneficial developments in science and technology. Nonwhites are more likely to produce junk science and other harmful results.
  3. The only way to protect the legitimate claims of white individuals is with white groups. Thanks to cultural Marxism, billions of nonwhites support the harm and destruction of white individuals and cultures. Whites acting solely as individuals have almost no chance against billions devoted to the destruction of whites.
  4. Love-and-compassion white multiculturalists have done little to fight anti-white bigotry, and it is almost certain they will not in the future. Instead, they blame the victims of their biocultural engineering schemes. 
  5. Harms from Muslims and nonwhites rise exponentially as their numbers increase. White ancestors made heroic sacrifices to make better lives for their descendents against a universe that doesn't care. The past several generations of whites benefited from those sacrifices while refusing to sacrifice for future generations, a failure to reciprocate forward. The harms today's white children will suffer in the future will dwarf what we see today. 
  6. Whites are not well-adapted to current situations, situations dominated by technology and despicable isms. Whites need eugenics and new environmental situations to rescue themselves from the horrors created by these isms and technologies. We will not get the eugenics and environments we should by having our lives dominated by global, colonial, multicultural, rent seeking rule. The same goes for many nonwhite groups.
  7. Humans are incredibly easy to indoctrinate with fallacious rhetoric, especially when the rhetoric is incessantly repeated using modern media. The media merely need say "white supremacist" and readers close their minds to reason. Establishments get away with massive evils merely by tossing slurs and other fallacious rhetoric around. Such indoctrination provides cover for causing massive harms.
  8. Freedom of political speech is under siege. Whites support speech freedoms. Without whites, we can kiss freedom of speech goodbye for millennia or forever. Other legitimate freedoms for nonwealthy individuals are similarly under siege.
  9. Humans need purpose. We can find purpose climbing mountains and in other consumeristic activities. But if we are ethical, a nagging voice will tell us we didn't accomplish anything worthwhile in those consumeristic activities. Ethical white advocacy is the most important moral mission of our time. It is the great cause, nevermind the alienating, anti-white propaganda coming from establishments.
  10. It is important to direct refugees from modernity and establishment totalitarianisms toward ethical activities. Many individuals flee to the hive activities of Islam, Hitlerism, third wayism, cultural Marxism, neoconservative Christianity, and other horrific ideologies. We must help whites create and find a better missions. Whites currently seek relief from modernity by fanatically attaching themselves to the very ideologies causing ruin. 
  11. Whites are the only major group fighting cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism opposes accurate ethical reasoning. It is no accident that multiculturalists tend to be terrible at policy prescriptions on most other issues. You put multiculturalists in charge and most other things go to hell, too.
  12. For many other reasons I don't have the time to write. 
If tomorrow, many white babies were genetically engineered for genes that caused massive evils, then we should not help those whites reproduce. We should actively work to prevent those whites from reproducing, no matter our race. And any existing white with genes likely to cause evils should be incentivized to not reproduce.