Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Some Dare Call Them Intellectuals

Who are some decent to good writers on specific issues?

Criminology: Lawrence Sherman

Secession and free riding: Mancur Olson, Christopher Heath Wellman, Jonathan Rauch (Demosclerosis only)

Taxes: Robert McIntyre, Martin Gross, Jerry Mashaw, Joel Slemrod, Michael Graetz

Machiavellianism: Craig Unger, Robert Cialdini

Corruption: Gilens and Page, Bill Black

Environment: Richard C. Porter, Bjorn Lomborg, Lester Brown

Media and consumerism: Dean Baker, Robert McChesney, Marie Winn, Jackson Lears, Neil Postman, James Howard Kuntsler

Macroeconomic modeling: L. Randall Wray, Joe Firestone, Paul Krugman, Steve Keen

Democracy: Douglas J Amy, Tatu Vanhanan, Bruce Ackerman

War and Trade: Alexander B. Downes, NerveAgent, Donald Knox, George Kennan, Eamon Fingleton, Joseph Springer, James Dunnigan, Terry Crowdy

Existances: Scott D. Sagan, Nick Bostrom, Bruce G Blair, Martin Rees, Laurie Garrett

General economics: Timothy Taylor, Lawrence Mishel, Robert Frank, Nick Rowe, Edmund Phelps

Biocultural issues: JP Rushton, Byron Roth, John Glad, Thomas Jackson, James
Kirkpatrick, Charles Wood, Peter Frost, Soeren Kern, Steve Sailer, Heather MacDonald, Gregory Hood, Howard Kahane, Napoleon Chagnon, Bruce Bawer, Helmuth Nyborg, Greg Johnson, Glen Roberts, Ed Rubenstein, Fjordman, Jared Taylor, Jim Goad, Chuck at

Finance: Michael Hudson, Yves Smith, Willem Buiter, Martin Wolf

Education and Psychology: Judith Rich Harris, James Thompson, Linda Gottfredson, Doug Lemov, John Gottman, Judith Lanier, Jeanne Chall, Robert A. Bjork, David Myers, Heather C. Hill, Deborah Loewenberg Ball

Note that some fields have much better thinkers than others.

Also note that many thinkers do abysmal work outside their area of expertise. For example, Paul Krugman provides hundreds of accurate stats against austerity, but throws out thousands of unsupported opinions on ethnoracial issues and other political issues.

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