Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear Economists

The next time you conduct one of your benefits of nonwhite migration "studies" please include the following costs:

Theft or other acquisition of media, technologies, and institutions by Japanese migrants, leading to the murders of nearly 30 million between 1931 and 1946, plus grievous harms caused to billions of other individuals. More important: the future costs of military technologies stolen by Chinese migrants.

Migrants spreading Marxian ideas, leading the murder of over 90 million and the enslavement of billions.

Totalitarian bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw practices by ruling groups, the near certain result in multicultural societies--wrecking democracy, wrecking pro-worker organizations, ruining political parties, causing general mass destruction.

The demonization of nonwealthy whites by wealthy, ruthless multicultural ruling groups.

Loss of freedom of association.

Massive fifth columning.

Ethnic cleansing of white, working class neighborhoods, loss of property values, costs of moving, costs of competing for slots in decent neighborhoods, costs to working class whites left behind.

Millions of antiwhite rapes and other assaults in schools and prisons not counted in crime stats.

Loss of freedom of speech.

Wrecked ethical environment where moral facts are treated as worthless or evil, where fallacious rubbish is repeated until most of the population believes, where well-reasoned ethnoracial arguments are de facto banned from the mass media, where good points are automatically countered with straw person, ad hominem, and small sample fallacies.

Odious interpersonal environments where various ethnoracial groups groups try to assert their dominance and degrade others.

Massive traffic increases, causing cancer, congestion, cardiovascular disease, wasted hours,

Costs of replacing Western cultures with alienation and fanatical flight to destructive non-Western cultures.

Dysgenic breeding.

Massive legalized bribery by wealthy foreigners and de facto noncitizens.

Affirmative action salary costs and massive costs from inept professionals, especially nonwhite doctors. Public costs of college and college prep educations for migrant groups having IQs in the 80s, leaving them with no degrees, junk degrees or grade inflation degrees in fields they lack proper training for.

Loss of trustworthiness, which is more important than the loss of trust.

Don't forget to include dozens of other costs I forgot to mention here.

Thank you, economists. Your historical devotion to the whole truth softens my heart. I'm sure I'll see the whole truth in your next "study."

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