Thursday, August 20, 2020

An Extremely Brief Guide to Current American Political Parties

Democratic Party: plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and super neoconservatism. Democrats took the lead in neoconservatism by trying to start a super war over Russiagate exaggerations. Liberal interventionism and liberal democracy are merely euphemisms for neoconservatism.

Republican Party: super plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and neoconservatism. Civic nationalism and American nationalism (Amnat) are also euphemisms for neoconservatism.

Libertarian Party: super plutocratic globalism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism, and stealth neoconservatism. Those who tolerate or support legalized bribery and control of the mass media by neoconservatives are stealth neoconservatives, no matter how they claim to oppose neoconservative militarism in their periodicals. Policies matter more than platitudes.

Green Party: multiculturalism, stealth communism.

Constitution Party: Republican party with more Yahweh and Tea Party stuff, including the elimination of social security.

Justice Party: more willing to reform plutocratic economics than the Greens but also has tendencies towards communism.

Reform Party: Yes, the party that Ross Perot made famous still exists. For specifics, the party insists it plans to "stop illegal immigration" and "get us out of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the WTO now." Plus a balanced budget scheme, causing nightmarish austerity during depressions and recessions. Also some plans to fight corruption.

American Freedom Party: hard to tell. Could be a bait-and-switch party supporting Hitlerism. But at least their platform is semi-decent, albeit vague. It does claim to support self-determination universalism. Party members supported Trump in 2016, massively contradicting their platform.

National Justice Party: a few weeks old. Too soon to tell but does not look promising.

How evil are the establishment parties? They have been working to incite an anti-white civil war for the past several months, to distract the populace from establishment evils--classic divide-and-screw behavior. They expect unemployed gig workers, the formerly self-employed, recent graduates, part time workers, and millions of others ineligible for unemployment compensation to live until the corona crises ends on the $1,200 they received months ago.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Do Not Take Medical Advice from Charles Murray

In a recent tweet, Charles Murray wrote, "the rational way to choose a physician is to take the East Asian or South Asian first, or a person with a Jewish last name. Not racist, but a matter of correctly playing the odds of getting competent care." Likely because those groups score higher than whites on IQ tests, with Jews leading the way, having IQs roughly 15 points higher than whites, assuming Murray means Brahmin Caste for South Asian.

But physicians are not randomly selected from populations.

Except for blacks and other affirmative action cases, they come from narrow, homogenous IQ sub-groups--smart people. We should not assume Jewish doctors are one white standard deviation smarter than white doctors. The mean IQs of Jewish and white physicians should be nearly identical because the white population is at least 25 times larger than the Jewish population despite Jews having a roughly 15 point larger mean IQ on tests.

The mean GPA of 2015-2016 medical school applicants labeled white is 3.73, that of applicants labeled Asian: 3.73. (The stats likely count people of North African and Southwest Asian descent as white. The stats do not separate Northeast Asians, Brahmin Caste Indians, and other Asians.)

That's not counting rampant cheating done by non-whites. In Asia, students riot and launch lawsuits if they are not permitted to cheat, on the grounds that it is an unfair disadvantage to not be permitted to cheat when their co-ethnics cheat. They cheat in classrooms, and they hire allies to take standardized tests for them.

But medical competence is more than IQ. Whites are higher in compassion, including for other whites, while nonwhites often regard whites as merely a means to their own ends. Whites are also more able to face facts that conflict with self-interest, more able to experience guilt for mistakes and correct those mistakes. See Peter Frost's blog for research on character traits.

For decades, Brahmin orthopedic surgeons more eagerly recommended articular cartilage shaving surgeries to patients, though the surgeries made knees worse because they cared more about making money than facing facts. They did not care when patients complained their knees were worse than before surgeries. They continue to prescribe fish oil despite well-reasoned research contradicting fish oil for cardiovascular health. There are powerful genetic and environmental reasons why India has had a vicious caste system for thousands of years.

In the absence of other specific evidence, choose white doctors first, Northeast Asians second, other non-black doctors third, and black doctors last.

(By the way, Murray's Libertarian economic ideas are even more poorly reasoned.)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The establishments wanted to watch parts of America burn

In the days after the death of George Floyd, there was a palpable realization that it was just a matter of time before the mass domestic terrorism started. We live in a bizarro land where riots are seen as both predictable and unstoppable.

No political leader that I know of instituted a preemptive curfew and made clear that any outdoor political gathering of two or more individuals would be subject to immediate arrest. Hell, politicians could have claimed arrests were part of Corona prevention.

Any competent public school teacher will note they must be a hard-ass the first several days of school or things fall apart.

Democrats wanted to send a message of look what Trump's divisiveness has caused, then when damage escalated, they shifted to placing nearly all the blame on "White antifa," the same establishment that spent the past four years cheering on antifa. Now they cite evidence free rumors of "white supremacist" provocateurs. As JP Rushton and Judith Rich Harris both pointed out, blacks are genetically and environmentally predisposed toward dominance seeking, despite their poor IQs and characters, making it unlikely they would follow a tiny percentage of white provocateurs.

So even on a weekend when nearly all terrorism is being committed by people of color and-or communism, the establishment media are trying to blame people they slur and distort as "white supremacists." And the multicultural faith-based believers believe what their mass media tell them to believe.

Trump wants to sweep in and pretend to be the law and order president despite spending over three years talking tough, promoting white collar crime, and stabbing his voter base in the back.

No matter which political party gains an advantage from the riots, we people lose.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pathogen Preparations: Another Failure of Fake Meritocracy

In the past, I read a few PDFs on pathogen preparedness, policy recommendations written by establishment groups. I don't remember much about the PDFs or who wrote them. What I do remember: the PDFs were filled with the vapid generalities groups driven by groupthink and opportunism write.

For specifics, the PDFs had many so-and-so will be in charge of such-and-such claims. B should take orders from A. X should get training from Y. The type of thinking befitting a nation dominated by oligarchal neoconservatism. Some organizational stuff is helpful, but far more was required.

To be fair, obscure websites likely had better prescriptions that I, or most others, never found.

Nowhere did I read: We must stockpile thousands of ventilators. We must stockpile billions of PPE supplies, then rotate the stock. We should domestically produce far more nurses and physicians. We must take on the forces keeping supplies low. We must require the government to buy nearly all its supplies from domestic manufacturers to keep domestic suppliers viable. We must eviscerate the power of finance, health insurers, and other parasitic oligopolies. We must improve BSL safety.

Those would have been bridges too far or too painful for elites--Operation Cronyistic Market Failure.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Three More Simple Reasoning Hacks

  1. Fallacious premises fail to support conclusions. Fallacious premise recognition is a rotten reason to auto reject a conclusion. We have a duty to weigh the good points of an argument against the good points of other arguments on an issue. Arguments with many fallacies sometimes outweigh arguments with fewer fallacies because the former sometimes have good points worth more weight than the other arguments' good points. 
  2. The word not is sometimes a warning that a claim is a straw person attack, especially the phrase not all. The words perfect, panacea, and guarantee are similar warnings. Examples: "There's no guarantee that the policy will work. Not all Lutherans support that."
  3. Criticizing the preposterous political belief of a stranger having almost no political power, even when quoted exactly and in the correct context, is a straw person attack. Our duty is to find important truths, not to entertain ourselves attacking easy targets or to attempt to fanatically defend poorly reasoned beliefs by comparing ourselves to worse individuals.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Screen Time Versus Paper Time: No Good Way Out for Now

Much research criticizes the amount of time humans spend staring at screens. Staring at screens for long hours, researchers suggest, has harmful effects independent of harmful words and images contained therein.

But contemporary paper materials stink. Ethically wise individuals must spend several hours searching to find one book ethically worth reading. They have to open dozens of newspapers to find one article ethically worth reading. Academic journals are written in poorly reasoned academese by authors more interested in career promotion than important truths.

Most arguments ethically worth reading are on obscure websites.

Our better current alternatives are to mitigate the damage of screen time by using F.lux or other programs to block blue light. Or reading on an internet equipped Kindles, though Kindles cannot download many websites and fail to replicate the look of paper. Kindles are also fragile. Somewhat ironically, if the deplatforming escalates, we will live in secret societies sharing fact facing paper writings while the masses continue to gorge on television, video games, social media, and other glitzy, hype-riddled mass media garbage.

If an accurate history of the past few hundred years is ever written, the catastrophic practices of  mass media, preoccupied with profits and totalitarian political agendas, will fill many chapters.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Five Simple Hacks to Improve Reasoning

  1. Avoid using claims containing the words I or you in arguments for general conclusions. Such claims are often irrelevancies or small sample fallacies. Example: "I'm offended. I don't know anyone who voted for Proposition X." I  and you are often fine in non-arguments and arguments about individual circumstances.
  2. Avoid claims starting with the word who, another inadvertent trap for irrelevancies. Example: "Who's to say?"
  3. Possibilities are irrelevant. Probabilities and expected values are relevant. The expected value is the probability of an outcome times the value of an outcome. A 64 percent chance of gaining $10,000 has an expected value of $6,400.
  4. Hear a media report about a social science study making political or parenting claims, especially causal claims, but know nothing about the study details? Treat the study as junk science until proven otherwise. The study probably failed to control for or tease out genetic causes and/or other causes that contradict the agendas of establishment social scientists. In addition, publication bias, replication failures, and many other flaws make most social science junk science. They have track records of consistently promoting totalitarian activism. They are paid comparative large sums of money to produce lies. Why should the burden be on us to spend thousands of unpaid hours ferreting out their lies?
  5. Ignore early studies on rodents or studies of cells unless working in those fields. The probabilities that such studies will lead to something important in humans are tiny.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kurds, The Letter, and Obama's Quote

I don't support Donald Trump or any existing major political parties. I would support a few minor parties as lesser evils.

But the mass outrage over Trump's Letter to Recep Erdogan, Turkey's ruler, is farcical. Yes, The Letter looks as if it were written by someone with the prose skills of a 14-year-old. The actual ethical content of The Letter is not worse than many other words spoken or written by Trump and other establishment politicians.

Kurds are not our allies. None of the large factions in Africa and Southwest Asia are our allies. Kurdish "refugees" in the West behave poorly, as expected from Southwest Asians devoted to horrible cultures and dysgenic breeding. Peoples with evil dispositions are often victims. That doesn't make them the good guys. There are over 30 million Kurds on the planet. With adequate efforts, they are able to defend themselves much more cost effectively than we can.

Recall Barack Obama's words from Dreams of My Father:
In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
What right lessons? Millions of Japanese migrated to Asia and the Southwest Pacific in the years before Pearl Harbor. Almost none of those migrants sided with the peoples in the places they settled once the Japanese invaded. When a Japanese pilot crash landed on the sparsely populated island of Nihau after the Pearl Harbor attack, the island's three Japanese residents rose up against Hawaiians on behalf of the pilot. The low percentage of sabotage by Japanese in America was due to economic opportunism. Had the Japanese military been superior and invaded, Japanese in America would have behaved as other Japanese did in Asia, Nihau, and the Southwest Pacific. Spare me the patriotic "Japanese-American" propaganda.

A popular email slightly distorted Obama's thoughts to "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." This distortion gave multiculturalists grist to excuse Obama and blast his critics, but the real quote was atrocious.

Not much is ethically uglier than what Arabs and Pakistanis currently believe. Large percentages of Arabs and Pakistanis have told pollsters that infidels, apostates, blasphemers, and accused adulterers should all be murdered. Millions more were likely Machiavellian enough to not admit such beliefs to pollsters.

"Some [estimates suggest] that half the [adult male] Pashtun tribal members in Kandahar [Afghanistan] and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover." Many others likely rape young girls. While I could not find the boy lover stats for Pashtuns in Pakistan, the Pashtun population in Pakistan is nearly 33 million.

Those words by Obama are ethically worse than anything Trump has ever publicly said.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Counting Scandals

In contrast to the scandal ridden Donald Trump presidency, supporters of the Democratic Party establishment often assert Barack Obama had "no scandals" or "few scandals" or words synonymous with few scandals. Mass media make similar comparisons with other previous presidents.

Their scandal accounting is BS.

A scandal is an act perceived as illegal or unethical that gets noticed by thinkers, no matter whether the act is actually illegal or unethical. Simply because individuals in the mass media ignore or suppress big, everyday scandals does not make those acts less scandalous.

Every immigrant who entered the US since the passage of the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act, an act opposed by voters 58 to 24 percent, is a scandal. Every failure to punish wealthy financial criminals is a scandal. Every government hire of a devotee of Marxism, Randism, neoliberalism, multiculturalism or neoconservatism is a scandal. Every act of legalized bribery is a scandal. Every unethical law is a scandal. Every government policy increasing dysgenic breeding is a scandal. The rampant unethical behavior of mass media, from over publicizing various hairgates to trying label acts that might lessen tensions with Russia as collusion, is scandalous. Every president over the past two generations has unethical blood on their hands and has had millions of scandals.

Some of us have noticed.