Friday, August 18, 2017

Living Without Highly Visible Leaders

Richard Spencer is an intelligent and articulate man, but he has no business being in a position of leadership, especially after the aggrandization tour. Whatever he touches from now on will be massively tarnished with spurious guilt by association attacks from the media, if that wasn't the case already.

He is winging it. That's not how political pros do it. Contemporary politicians may look like the are winging it, because they sometimes commit gaffes. but they often carefully plot according to political science research and the demands of their donors. Advisers can often quietly recite politicians' talking points as politicians say them.

I haven't read all of Spencer's writings, but I have seen no evidence his street protest strategies are more beneficial than harmful. Various nonmulticultural causes were rapidly attracting followers long before Spencer's rallies started.

Despite recent growth, mostly arising as a response to the evils of diversity, Spencer at least unconsciously knows the current political position of nonmulticulturalists is extremely weak. That's likely why he seeks to "unite the right," to garner more followers under his umbrella, no matter the character defects of some. But there is nothing moral to gain by uniting with Hitler's followers or others prone toward unethical, reckless actions.

Wise men do not do desperate things. Why would Spencer try to unite with these types? To give a street performance venue for protecting their speech rights? They can do than on their own.

James Fields has a legal case for self-defense. He does not have a moral case for goodness. He had no business being at that rally. (Neither did the now dead woman.) It could have been worse. Spencer is lucky as hell that some attendee didn't open up with an automatic rifle. And if Spencer keeps holding political rallies, it will be only a matter of time before someone does, thus bringing the full weight of the multicultural media, military industries crashing down on nonmulticulturalists.

Spencer's political prescriptions are often vague, so we don't know what he really stands for. For all we know, he could support Hitler's ideas. Spencer should remove himself from the limelight.

Too much opportunism exists on this planet, it should not be supported merely because it opposes the establishments.

But who will lead? Right now, not having publicly visible leaders would be a good thing. Numerous belief belief systems throughout history have spread without having highly visible leaders. Famous leaders become targets of establishments. The spread of nonmulticultural facts on the Internet and elsewhere should eventually lead to self-determination.

Failing that, let the multiculturalists overreach. Let them conduct a slaughter worse than 9/11 against ordinary moms and dads, then liberate Western institutions from totalitarianism. But what about the innocents? Many moms and dads are not so innocent. Most are currently multiculturalists. Many of them gloat and cackle as multiculturalists spread tyranny and commit thousands of assaults per year. Them being hoisted on their own petard is sad but not our fault. I hope they change their ways for themselves and almost everyone else.

Whites will not be wiped out as long we stop supporting leaders devoted to bait-and-switch and divide-and-screw practices. Easy to say. Difficult to do.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Many Sides Now

Donald Trump received severe criticism from the mass media for saying "many sides" in his condemnation of Charlottesville, creating outrage among multiculturalists twisting his words and claiming he expressed moral equivalence.

They're slightly right.

There is little ethical equivalence.

We stereotype. They stereotype. Only the anencephalic and others with severe brain problems don't stereotype. Our generalizations are more ethically accurate. Not surprisingly, multiculturalists support or oppose stereotyping depending on who is doing the stereotyping and how, trying to prevent their allies from facing ethnoracial criticism while they excoriate whites, using totalitarian force often enough to keep populations compliant. Few self-contradictions are too great for multiculturalists to ignore.

For multiculturalists, it is more than the current year. It is the current week. And Charlottesville tells the story. They act as if we arrived on this planet a few days ago and have forgotten their billions of lies. The lies about Ferguson. The lies on thousands of other issues. Like every totalitarian force in history, they act is if repeating a fallacy thousands of times turns the fallacy into a relevant truth. (As if fallacy filled news weren't enough, they spread umpteen thousand examples of sadistic and nihilistic art into living rooms.)

Muslims, Antifas, Neoconservatives, New Democrats, and other multiculturalists committed millions of acts of political violence during the first 17 years of this century, most of them unjustified. On a per capita basis, they commit dozens of times more unjustified political violence than contemporary nonmulticulturalists.

They have few qualms.

Nonsense rules. They claim that if a Muslim had rammed a car into nonbelievers, the media would be more strident. Oh, really. Like the dozens of times Muslims have already rammed nonbelievers and received a fraction of Charlottesville's coverage.

For years, multiculturalists heaped praise when multiculturalists assaulted peaceful nonmulticultural and counter jihad protesters, blaming the peaceful protesters for the assaults multiculturalists committed. They saw little wrong with not condemning multicultural aggression, but now Trump must be further demonized for including many sides in his condemnation. Little Trump could have said would have placated them, except demanding that everyone who opposes cultural Marxism in any way be treated as if they committed terrorism. And we know what types of downward spirals that leads to.

Fact facing whites seek self-determination, a most important right, a right most nonwhites grant to themselves but deny to outgroups, including Copts and Tibetans. A small sample fallacy of a few individuals in Charlottesville carried the despicable symbols of Nazism and the KKK. To multiculturalists, that indicates nonwealthy whites must have their rights stripped. To them, factual criticisms of multiculturalism must be ignored and straw persons created. To them, anyone who voted for Trump or opposes cultural Marxism now believes in Nazism. Seriously. Go read what they are writing. Twenty years ago writers would often be ridiculed for overusing false Nazi analogies. Not anymore. They act as if labels and analogies are evidence. No one taught most of them otherwise. And they aren't interested in finding the truth on their own. As their narratives shift in ever worse directions, dissent from their narratives receives even less tolerance.

They called themselves fair minded even as they destroyed America and excluded almost all well-reasoned counter evidence to their views. They denied the realities of logic, ethics, dysgenics, behavioral genetics, developing country overpopulation, irreconcilable cultural differences when doing so benefited own causes.

We warn about the horrors that will ensue if the present multicultural paths continue as has happened in thousands of previous societies. They reply with irrelevancies: stop whining, get a life, get a better job, light candles in the dark, and so on.

Oh, yes.

Get better jobs. So we can contradict ourselves as blatantly as they do. For multiculturalists in today's world, the primary point of having a better job is to afford a home far from low functioning diversity while trying to coerce low functioning diversity on others. And what if we all did get better jobs and all moved to decent all white neighborhoods? Then they'd complain about inequality and segregation, trying to undo such efforts. Their version of lighting candles in the dark is forcing others to make sacrifices of misplaced altruism on behalf those working to destroy us. Wealthy multiculturalists, who have never sent two cents of their own money to Oxfam, nevertheless feel ethically superior for using totalitarian coercion to ruin the lives of nonwealthy whites.

When cornered and forced to face their evil behaviors, multiculturalists then try to justify their totalitarian acts against living whites by citing now irrelevant evil acts done by long dead whites while ignoring far more evils done by their ancestors.

They spew billions upon billions of slurs at nonmulticulturalists and at each other. So ethically tone deaf are they that they do not even regard the slurs they spew as slurs, remaining self-unaware but automatically assuming the worst motives about any plausible enemy, which includes anyone who tells the moral truth more often than not.

Many on the Alt Right and Alt Light also have slur spewing habits but at least nonmulticulturalists have many writers who do not frequently resort to slurs. Even seemingly mild mannered multiculturalists resort to slurs when shifting to ethnoracial issues.

Many establishments assumed they could keep the population compliant and make more money if they allowed dissent but kept it in obscure corners, so that few ever read well-reasoned dissent, and the few that read it were hectored into regretting it. (Countries that murder anyone for any perceived thought crime have abysmal economies, even for many elites.) But too many individuals now know the real agendas of the establishments.

Paradoxes of hedonism fill their lives. They seek comfort by watching gossip and violence. Yet the dose must increase because their lives have few legitimate ethical purposes. Contrary to myth, for most individuals of various races and political ideologies, hate is a feel good emotion. They incite unjust wars for profits and to provide relief from the excruciating ennui of their lives. Now they want bigger wars with China, Russia or North Korea: anti-national multiculturalists in one country are supposed to kill anti-national multiculturalists in another country to eliminate the supposed scourges of nationalism and pan Europeanism. It doesn't matter to them that few contemporary individuals supporting militarism are actual nationalists of any kind.

They count on the wishy-washiness of present majorities. They don't need to devise pills to control the ideological majorities, although they could. Electronic technologies serve almost as well.

Like multiculturalists, many supposed white activists seem to be seeking excitement and escapes from boredom rather than building a decent future. Multiculturalists bait whites. Don't let them bait us. No matter how lopsided the aggression reality, they know they can still use a few small sample fallacies to increase the rhetorical power of their narratives. Frankly, many whites at Charlottesville were up to no good.

Instead of waiting for the multiculturalists to overreach, Richard Spencer overreaches. You'd think he'd learn a lesson from all the overreaching done by leaders in the past. All it takes is a few violent acts by nonmulticulturalists and the establishments pounce, destroying goodwill generated by more thoughtful nonmulticultural thinkers. When your allies don't control the mass media megaphones, little good comes from your street protests.

Donald Trump is not the last chance to save whites from unmitigated hells. And he has no intention of helping most whites anyway.

The focus on the Confederacy is poison. It is not present and forward looking. It has little spirit of beneficence. It opens old wounds and alienates potential allies. Multiculturalists seldom waste time protecting statues of Lenin and Stalin. They're busy expanding their global dominance. The New Right Subreddit features artwork of what looks like Kaiser Bill's soldiers. Right away, they've alienated many first time visitors. All loud on the wrong fronts.

We must not pursue self-determination while glorifying those who denied self-determination to others.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Willingness to Accept All the Excellent Reasons

On occasion, a multiculturalist will treats it as acceptable to oppose mass nonwhite migration if you worry about decreasing wages or losing your job but unacceptable to oppose migration and multiculturalism for every other damn good reason.

So opposing migration and multiculturalism because of crime, dysgenics, genocide, corruption, ruined schools, congested roads, cultural destruction, increased pollution, wrecked nieghborhoods, anti-democratic practices, militarization of police, loss of trustworthiness, loss of speech freedoms, one-sided mass media, divide-and-screw practices, ever more hostile de facto colonial rule, multicultural incitement of antiwhite hatred, and so on is treated as inherently off limits for no good reason.

So let's say your daughter has a mixed race kid, then she is predictably abandoned. Your daughter then follows her next whim, leaving you with the mixed race kid, who will in many cases grow hostile toward you and other whites (peer cultures trump nurture assumptions). And while you are raising the grandchild, in all his insolent glory, you probably will be experiencing excruciating health problems. But only a "bigot" could oppose such dating and breeding, though you are harmed far, far worse than losing a job. And multitudes of other results are even worse than the grandparents being cuckolded scenario.

But all that ethical evidence is treated as worthless or offensive because most people care less about evidence once issues shift from the more pragmatic and technical to the more ethical.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sanctions, Selling Out, and Salami Slicing

Trump signed the Russia sanctions today. Some evidence suggests sanctions fail, though some other evidence suggests while sanctions fail, the threat of them against some elites has some influence. Against Russian elites with a track record of paranoia the sanctions will likely lead to more tit for tat conflicts.

Almost every politician for over a century has sold out the people. It is difficult to think of a single one who has not. Even the politicians uninterested in personal wealth engaged in cronyism, militarism, kin nepotism, cultural Marxism or all four. A few preoccupied themselves with leaving admired legacies, never mind that when Muslims and multiculturalists take over, they trash perceived outgroup legacies. Being popular with professional historians and opinion makers is an ad populum fool's errand.

The sellout by Trump ranks among the oddest. On the important issues, Trump sold out to neoconservatives and New Democrats who publicly insulted and humiliated him millions of times. While neoconservatives don't call him "Fucko," "Shithead," "Trumpanzee," "Piss Hair," "Der Fuhrer" and so on as much as the multicultural left, they do it often enough.

Even after Trump's cave ins, neoconservatives continue to attack him.

Saudi royals likely hate the Western "leaders" they bribe and manipulate. That's what you get with Islam and dysgenic practices, but Saudi royals seldom publicly insult those they have bribed. Despite ranking with North Korea in the evil department, the Saudis royals try to act publicly cordial.

While the Overton windows for many individuals have been shifting toward facing facts despite social stigma and legal punishments, Trump's keeps narrowing his to the confines of Planets Pentagon, J Street, and Wall Street.

It wouldn't surprise me if Congressional leaders have subtly informed Trump to do what they say or they'll support efforts to impeach him. Salami slicing applies in the domestic arena as well as the international. We should have little interest in the Spratly Islands. And we should have no interest in World War III. But in the domestic arena, Trump has much more leverage, yet he caves repeatedly while reaping few rewards from the individuals he caves in to. Congress wouldn't consider impeaching him if he did the right things because Congress would face a backlash.

Trump seems big on family nepotism, but if he keeps this up, all his children and grandchildren will end up dead.