Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sanctions, Selling Out, and Salami Slicing

Trump signed the Russia sanctions today. Some evidence suggests sanctions fail, though some other evidence suggests while sanctions fail, the threat of them against some elites has some influence. Against Russian elites with a track record of paranoia the sanctions will likely lead to more tit for tat conflicts.

Almost every politician for over a century has sold out the people. It is difficult to think of a single one who has not. Even the politicians uninterested in personal wealth engaged in cronyism, militarism, kin nepotism, cultural Marxism or all four. A few preoccupied themselves with leaving admired legacies, never mind that when Muslims and multiculturalists take over, they trash perceived outgroup legacies. Being popular with professional historians and opinion makers is an ad populum fool's errand.

The sellout by Trump ranks among the oddest. On the important issues, Trump sold out to neoconservatives and New Democrats who publicly insulted and humiliated him millions of times. While neoconservatives don't call him "Fucko," "Shithead," "Trumpanzee," "Piss Hair," "Der Fuhrer" and so on as much as the multicultural left, they do it often enough.

Even after Trump's cave ins, neoconservatives continue to attack him.

Saudi royals likely hate the Western "leaders" they bribe and manipulate. That's what you get with Islam and dysgenic practices, but Saudi royals seldom publicly insult those they have bribed. Despite ranking with North Korea in the evil department, the Saudis royals try to act publicly cordial.

While the Overton windows for many individuals have been shifting toward facing facts despite social stigma and legal punishments, Trump's keeps narrowing his to the confines of Planets Pentagon, J Street, and Wall Street.

It wouldn't surprise me if Congressional leaders have subtly informed Trump to do what they say or they'll support efforts to impeach him. Salami slicing applies in the domestic arena as well as the international. We should have little interest in the Spratly Islands. And we should have no interest in World War III. But in the domestic arena, Trump has much more leverage, yet he caves repeatedly while reaping few rewards from the individuals he caves in to. Congress wouldn't consider impeaching him if he did the right things because Congress would face a backlash.

Trump seems big on family nepotism, but if he keeps this up, all his children and grandchildren will end up dead.

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