Friday, September 15, 2017

Elements of Racial Supremacism

I dislike posting on Fridays because many readers are too busy to read, but I'm hankering to post today.

What makes up racial supremacism:

  1. Unsupported belief that a race is superior to another, combined with an unsupported belief in a right to rule over another race, that is, freedom of association for one race but not for another, including denying the latter's right to exit a society and form a homogeneous society.
  2. Unsupported belief that a race should be off limits to criticism, no matter how well-reasoned, combined with free fire abusive ad hominem attacks on another race, plus assuming the motives of a race are pure while relentlessly assuming bad motives among potential critics.
  3. Unsupported belief that genocide is permissible.
  4. Unsupported belief that a race inherits ontological guilt while behaving as if past and present evils done by another race must be white washed, plus assuming one is the racial victim while victimizing another race.
  5. Unsupported belief that economic and other goods within a self-chosen multiracial society should be distributed according to power and race, not in proportion to economic productivity, combined with a belief that racial harm doing and free riding can almost always be justified as good for the cause, including spewing fallacies to see whether they stick, especially straw persons and small sample fallacies. It includes treating probabilities and expected values as irrelevant or worthless while treating assertions of specious rights as sacred.
  6. Encouraging members of a race to engage in dysgenic breeding to increase the demographic power of a race, no matter how poor the character of those individuals, plus a belief that the triumph of a race over another race is inevitable.
  7. Unsupported belief that those who oppose a harmful racial cause must be fired, fined, jailed, murdered, assaulted, ostracized or exploited, that thoughts contradicting the racial cause must be taboo.

The phrase mixed race can also be inserted wherever you see the word race above.

The above describes most whites before the 1950s and many self-described national socialists today. It also describes almost every nonwhite and white multiculturalist.


Only white people can be [insert bad traits]. Hmm. That sounds like another aspect of supremacism. Please show me the evidence that that only white people blah, blah, blah. Because it doesn't exist.

But that's not what dictionaries or social science glossaries say. Dictionaries and glossaries are not authorities on ethical definitions. Their definitions on ethical issues consist mainly of ad populum definitions or rhetorical definitions concocted by activists.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Multiculturalists Sacrificing Their Jobs

We almost never see good jobs having White or Jewish or Asian supporters of affirmative action volunteer to donate their good jobs for the cause, thus allowing their employers to hire less wealthy nonwhites. Why should they have good jobs if humans and human races are interchangeable?

They could reply that they are in favor of affirmative action for society as a whole. Their own jobs are supposedly irrelevant. They could claim they are desperately needed at their jobs, that no one else has the skills. But if humans are interchangeable, why can't replacements be found or trained?

Maybe they believe the r*cists in their trailer park centers of power are the ones keeping nonwealthy nonwhites down, not genes, not multiculturalists on Wall Street and elsewhere. (Please don't hurt yourself laughing.)

No rhetorical trick eliminates the contradiction of telling others to do something one is unwilling to do when no relevant differences allegedly exist. If necessary, affirmative action supporters could train their replacements, as Whites often do for the H1-B invasion.

But as I mentioned before, almost no multicultural contradiction is too great for multiculturalists to dismiss or ignore.

Millions of potential candidates to donate their jobs exist, for example, Paul Campos, a professional opinion maker and law professor from Colorado. Campos isn't competent at opinion making, especially his ethnoracial arguments. His recent New York Times article lambastes "white privilege" and racial economic inequality without even attempting to tease out alternative causal factors such as IQ, age, conscientiousness, marriage status, felony record, education level, education choices, relevant experience, and number of working adults per household. Campos criticizes white privilege without mentioning other racial groups with higher incomes than whites. He also cites junk science.

The best thing you can say about Campos is that he noticed we have an oversupply of lawyers but so have millions of other unemployed and underemployed nonwhites.

Campos posts on this pro-totalitarianism message board as poster Paul, where he frequently calls whites super slurs. And in terrific irony, Campos often invokes Dunning-Kruger when demonizing whites. Oh, where or where is the mirror for Paul Campos to look into? Where is his cognitive dissonance? Campos lived his life fleeing from low functioning diversity and should have donated his jobs decades ago.

But for some odd reasons, multicultural sacrifices keep getting shifted onto nonwealthy whites.