Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Freedom of Secession Association

Twenty-four percent of respondents to a 2014 Reuters poll support secession for their state.

But, oddly, there isn't a single decent website on secession. You would think for a topic so momentous, sites would proliferate.

Secessions should happen but not at the state level. The empire split in two model will fail also. You end up with the same totalitarianisms--blue states controlled by third wayism, red states controlled by neoconservatism.

But wouldn't the blue states become more progressive and the red states more alternative right?

Not likely.

Blue states would attract Libertarians, secular neoconservatives, nonwhite migrants, and others devoted to free riding and ruling group totalitarianisms, yet turned off by Christian neoconservatism. You end up with a hell run by the likes of David Brooks, Patri Friedman, Haim Saban, Reza Aslan, Prince Bandar, Al Sharpton, Joe Lieberman, and Louis Farrakhan.

Red states would attract multicultural, neoconservative pro-lifers. Pro-lifers consider abortion more important than other issues combined. Research suggests that pro-lifers who converted from Democratic to Republican over the past couple decades simply ditched their previous views on other issues, that is, they converted to Christian neoconservatism. You end up with a dystopia run by the likes of Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Sheldon Adelson.

Any good split must create dozens of new nation-states, one each for Third Wayers, Libertarians, religious neoconservatives, secular neoconservatives, conservative ethnoracial fact facers, nonconservative ethnoracial fact facers, black secessioners, Hispanic secessioners, to name a few.

The first key for fact facers is ending dysgenic trends and reintroducing eugenics. The second key is good laws that fight free riding (rent seeking), plus citizens moving heaven and Earth to make sure those laws are enforced.

Present empires and crypto colonial states will eventually break apart or become more dystopian simply due to ever increasing dysgenic breeding and free riding. Groups of ethical, reciprocal altruists prosper when they separate. If groups don't separate, creeping evolutionary and psychological egoism result. Reciprocal altruism exists now because the ancestors of today's reciprocal altruists split from tribes that became increasingly dominated by egoism and tyranny. And they kept on splitting, usually with their kin and their kins' genes for reciprocal altruism.

Now that (some) humans understand reason and evolution better, some splinter groups should consciously direct their evolutions, to keep free riding in check, potentially preventing the costs of splitting.

But contemporary groups dominated by egoism and Machiavellianism use technology to try to lock in dystopian societies with servant altruistic classes and ruling groups devoted to egoism--as we see today today with ruling groups using the electronic mass media for an onslaught of despicable rhetorical tricks.

Be careful what you support. You could end up worse.

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