Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Random Thoughts

Differences among multicultural liberal political parties (Green, Labour, Democratic) and multicultural conservative parties (Tory, Republican, Libertarian, Constitution) are largely arguments about how fast to destroy the West and how fast to increase rates of rent seeking from the tops and bottoms, with Libertarians and neoconservatives preferring the most and fastest destruction. The often unstated end is similar for all of them.

The longer we wait to reform the West, the higher the costs to ourselves and future generations. But real reformers have almost no power now. And most Westerners swallowed ruling group propaganda for so long, Westerners have few ideas about what should be done.

As ruling groups steal more power, their promoters emphasize the greatness of thousands of things, except organized nonwealthy citizens, labeling increases in available propaganda or consumer goods democracy while real democracy flounders, claiming we have bio wiring for what benefits them, but no wiring for what HBD discovers. Ruling groups call activities and technologies that indoctrinate or kill time healthy or educational. Instead of talking about moral beings, they talk about whatever slurs they can attach to nonwealthy individuals.

No one should let even the most wonderful of Muslims into their land, including diplomats. The children of these wonderful Muslims will behave according to genes and and non parental environments that the wonderful Muslims have little control over. And if they are so wonderful, they wouldn't be Muslim to begin with.

If you don't consciously make massive improvements to your environments and keep making them, you will end up surprised at how easily destructive elements insert themselves into your life.

The Consumer price Index is a faulty measure of inflation and living standards. The government admits that the CPI does not measure living standards. Home productivity (self-cleaning, home-cooked meals, etc.) plummeted during the past generation. The CPI measures quality improvements, but fails to accurately measure the ways new products are new and worse. Switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, for example, causes sleep disorders because of blue wavelengths in fluorescent lighting. Antibiotics continue to lose effectiveness. Quality improvements were greater during the 1945 to 1973 period. Growth during that period was more likely understated than in recent decades. The total fertility rate at the peak of the baby boom roughly doubled the current total fertility rate. Comparing the number of toys adults have now versus then does not help. Parents had less money for toys in the 1960s because they had many children to support. Individuals had much less destructive diversity around them.

Many individuals push gun bans, not because of the bans objective merit, but because:
  1. they have been baited into it
  2. doing so makes them feel good about themselves without them having to do much good
  3. vividness bias
  4. doing so helps the divide-and-screw agendas.
  5. all of the above
Afterall, they get much less worked up by things with fewer benefits and greater harms than guns--cars, smoking, dysgenics, asbestos, alcohol, bioweapons, motorcycles, cultural Marxism, nuclear weapons--to name but a few.

Some people who describe borders as arbitrary or pointless, nevertheless think this or that actor or sports team is ethically superior and worthy of support, though doing so is trillions of times more arbitrary and pointless.

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