Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Would an Ethical Individual Care About Presidential Debates?

We know what these people are about. They have track records. They are infused with Machiavellianism and other horrific traits.

Hillary Clinton mixes third wayism with neoconservatism and cultural Marxism.

The Republican candidates mix Randism, neoconservatism and cultural Marxism, except Trump on Russia and invasion issues.

What about Rand Paul? He supports legalized bribery. That makes him at least semi-neoconservative because defense industries and foreign entities do massive amounts of bribing on behalf of neoconservatism.

Bernie Sanders mixes socialism, neoprogressivism, and cultural Marxism.

Making a faux pas or clever point during a debate doesn't reveal candidate character. It reveals the characters of viewers who fall for halo effects. Debates are similar to job interviews, and research suggests job interview performance does not predict job performance.

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