Saturday, January 23, 2016

Contradictions of Multiculturalism, Part I

Multiculturalism is riddled with billions of contradictions.

On the rare occasions someone confronts multiculturalists with their contradictions, multiculturalists respond with irrelevancies ("What about so and so") or dismiss the contradictions from their minds. Note that multiculturalists seldom notice the contradictions on their own. Ethical reasoning is not their thing. This behavior includes philosophers, individuals societies trust with teaching logic and ethics.

Twelve big contradictions:
Multiculturalists use totalitarian government actions to force dysfunctional diversity on nonwealthy whites while multiculturalists flee dysfunctional diversity.

The sacrifice contradiction: Wealthy multiculturalists destroy the jobs, lives, schools, cultures, incomes, countries, families, and neighborhoods of nonwealthy whites while wealthy multiculturalists benefit from cheap labor and divide-and-rule practices.

Multiculturalists support freedom of association for nonwhites but not for whites.

Multiculturalists incessantly bash whites for the behavior of dead whites while minimizing the importance of worse actions by dead nonwhites and present day nonwhites.

Multiculturalists deny refugee status to peaceful whites fleeing disasters created by multiculturalists (Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and South Africa) yet grant refugee status to nonwhites devoted to invasion, conquest, and mass destruction.

Multiculturalists support freedom of speech for multiculturalists but not for ethnoracial fact facers.

Multiculturalists claim to support democracy while destroying it.

Multiculturalists claim to be open minded, yet almost all mass media fights to make sure well reasoned counter arguments are unseen and unheard.

Multiculturalists claim to be egalitarian, yet engage in massive amounts of economic rent seeking (parasitism).

Ordinary whites who simply want freedom of association for all humans are constantly called fascism related slurs, yet multiculturalists having ideological similarities to Marxism and fascism imagine themselves to be holy.

Multiculturalists think it okay to talk about eugenics and dysgenics if you call it idiocracy and associate it with white tr*sh. But if you mention the words eugenics and dysgenics, then suddenly eugenics and dysgenics become off limits to discussion.

Multiculturalists demonize the victims of dysgenic breeding caused by multiculturalists' own policies while not blaming themselves.

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