Monday, January 18, 2016

The Cons of a Big Con

Beliefs and actions common among various forms of Marxism from Stalinism to multiculturalism (and a few other ideologies as well):

The cause matters more than the humans affected by the ideology, especially when both the means and ends are evil. Ideology and rage at perceived opponents suffice as substitute opiates of the masses. Critics get accused of anti-intellectualism despite the blatantly poorly reasoned arguments of the cause.

Free speech is for Marxian leaders or followers only.

The atrocious results of Marxism must some how have whites or opponents as the most important causes. Good things must have Marxism or nonwhites as the causes, for example, the cottage industry devoted to overstating the scientific contributions of Muslims.

Believers think triumph is inevitable, life will magically get better once whites or other opponents are gone. Counter evidence gets ignored, dismissed, distorted or demonized. Contradictions gets noted in the actions of opponents, not within Marxism. If it makes Marxian leaders feel good, others must imagine it is good. Cognitive dissonance is for whites and opponents. Moral facts (those from HBD writers, for example) must be made to appear as shameful, unthinkable thoughts. Believers should feel guilty only for not fighting correctly for the cause.

Military means mix with "boring from within" and the "the long march through the institutions." Once institutions are taken, believers bombard individuals with slurs, small sample fallacies, straw person attacks, and other fallacies. Believers act as if repeating fallacies turns fallacies into facts.

Instead of accurately developing and weighing arguments, followers focus on finding the most effective talking points to intimidate or manipulate.

Gurus get worshipped, especially those spewing pseudo profound jargon.

Rulers sow confusion, alienation among enemies. When behaviors of Marxian leaders become too evil to ignore, the evils must magically be relabeled no-true-Scotsman fallacy style into "conservative," "not Islamic," or "not real Marxism." Followers blame the victims. Rulers practice bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw. They chant the magic buzzwords and catch phrases (equality, diversity, compassion) and watch as opposition melts away. Platitudes and kumbaya activities cover the real goals.

And remember "no enemies to the left."

Followers act as if labeling intuitions and junk research scientific makes the the intuitions and junk research accurate.

The specific economic system is a lower priority, varying from communes, Maoism, Castroism, Stalinism, socialism, to cronyistic contemporary Chinese economics (but the system must follow the rule of from each according to what can be extracted from them, to those toward the top).

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