Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday's Random Arguments

Self-contradictions again: 
Lauren Weinstein wonders why twitter hasn't banned Donald Trump in her post loaded with ad hominem attacks--"creepy," "vile bully," "white supremacist," and "raised by hyenas." Of course, Weinstein appears not to notice she could be banned for the same things. Multiculturalists continue to spew billions of super slurs at whites without the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance while demanding that whites be censored.

This is how genocide works. The participants dehumanize outgroups while not being aware of self-contradictions, whether slow genocide or fast genocide.

We're lucky to have multiculturalists and their racism detector kits. Moral facts multiculturalists don't want to hear qualify as racism. But objectively unethical behavior by multiculturalists (assaults, indoctrination, bad laws, you name it) qualify as good for the cause.

Another cost of multiculturalism:
Nonwhites bring increased rates of abusive animal practices, including halal slaughtering, alone chaining, dog fighting, cock fighting, and dumping millions of unwanted pets. Migrants seldom spay or neuter animals. Migrants dump unwanted pets, often creating vicious dog packs. The abuse of animals on farms is already atrocious enough.

Why do we assume we would be much better individuals if given a new life:
Why not act well with our current lives? Temptations will be as great with new lives. Instead of self-pity for our present selves, maybe we should have some compassion for our future selves and reform our lives. The more things are done to please the self-of-the-moment, the more future selves suffer until the self-of-the-moment is crippled by previous selves-of-the-moment. We rage at our past selves. We forget that our past selves would have abhorred our present selves.

Paul Krugman comes out against cultural Marxism without realizing it:
Krugman writes:
  1. The WSJ editorial page is wrong about everything.
  2. If you think the WSJ editorial page is right about something, see rule #1.
The WSJ editorial page supports open borders and many other multicultural policies. Krugman's rule is actually somewhat useful. The times when the WSJ editorial page is right--rent control, for example--are so rare that the WSJ editorial page qualifies as a wasteful time sink.

Overheard at work:
Man: Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
Woman: I hate the player.
Man (to nearby man): See! Women be tripping.

While walking past a group watching 12 Years a Slave:
First Man: Hollywood only allow one revolutionary movie per year.
Second Man: Did this come out the same year as the Dallas Buyers Club?
First Man: That ain't revolutionary. That's just gay.

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