Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Horserace Interlude

Donald Trump shifted his views on dozens of issues to match establishment Republicans, including adopting many atrocious establishment views. Trump still gets demonized by ruling group Republicans.

The main dissent left in Trump is on immigration and opposition to conflicts with Russia. For decades, immigration patriots and economic populists donated to and voted for ruling group politicians while getting massive harms and almost nothing beneficial in return. Unlike the candidates most favored by the ruling groups, Trump cannot back track on invasion issues without losing most of his support. This is actually an rare, astounding development, almost democratic. Establishment politicians have been able to stab citizens in the back on major issues for decades without major repercussions.

Trump seems to be aware that betrayal on immigration risks most of his support.

Trump should realize that as long as he is pro-life, pro-immigration patriotism, and pro the Bill of Rights, his supporters will not desert him. He has room to maneuver. Kowtowing to the Republican establishment gains him little.

Ted Cruz feigns slight support for immigration patriotism, but many immigration patriots aren't falling for it, knowing Cruz will switch back to little more than the usual mixture of Randism, neoconservatism, and cultural Marxism if elected.

Since publicizing minor scandals has little affect on Trump's support and since cognitive dissonance is rare among multiculturalists, expect the mass media to continue to escalate the frequency and vehemence of their slurs.

The multiculturalists who criminalize fact facing thoughts have no problem with the slurs multiculturalists spew.

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