Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Benefits and Harms of the Lab Leak Conclusion

The potential benefits:

1. As with almost every evil created by entrenched contemporary establishments, the pathogen alteration industry has carried on with little reform. The somewhat probable truth of the Covid19 lab leak conclusion creates more leverage to close many labs.
2. The truth has value in itself. Because nearly all establishments are dominated by individuals devoted to unethical egoisms and often outright psychopathy, they deluge us with falsehoods and other fallacies. Other individuals get jaded or lazy, becoming less willing to reason accurately. Devotion to truth seeking must be both willed and habitual. China's ruling classes, with monetary assistance from US ruling groups, have probably committed negligent homicide numbering in the tens of millions, no matter the origins of covid-19. The Chinese government engaged in a massive cover-up. They shuttered intra-China travel from covid-19 hotspots while permitting international travel from covid-19 hotspots.
3. The somewhat probable lab leak is another logical nail in the coffins of globalism and multiculturalism.
4. Supporters of evils by Western ruling classes habitually respond to claims they consider offensive with a deluge of ad hominem attacks, straw person claims, small samples, and other fallacies. People who care more whether something offends them than the moral truth almost always support totalitarianism, habitually demonizing those with the temerity to contradict their fallacies. A few of these individuals might now experience cognitive dissonance over their prior knee-jerk responses with r-slurs and conspiracy theory distortions.

The potential harms: China starts a super war or does other aggressive acts because their ruling classes are so thin skinned they can not tolerate criticism on important issues from thousands of miles away. The probability and expected value of this is tiny. Aggressive ruling classes almost always spew pretexts for their evils that have little to with their real reasons for doing evils: sadism, egoism, dysgenics, groupthink, kakistocracy, overconfidence, salami slicing, excessive power, dark triad traits, high-unstable self-esteem, and manufacturing belief with frequent repetition. Face value self-reported motivations by ruling classes should almost never be believed. Chinese ruling classes have committed billions of evils over the past several generations, almost always with fallacious pretexts. Paradoxically, outside ruling groups willingly excoriate China over far less important issues.

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