Sunday, April 25, 2021

Median Household Racial Stats Mislead

Ruling class thinkers point out the alleged horror that the median white household has a much larger income and wealth than the median black household. 

But using medians to compare households is usually inaccurate because of large demographic differences.

Black households around the black median rent and have one working adult, often a single parent. White, Jewish, and Asian households around their medians have homes and two working adults. Hence the big gaps. Households with two working adults earn far more than households with one working adult.

The median white household has most of their wealth tied up in a home. Contemporary houses are poor investments. They extract large costs in interest, insurance, repairs, property taxes, and real estate prices. (But hey, people have to live somewhere. And property taxes tend to be wasted on overpriced schools that teach social Marxism and other worse than worthless subjects.) Multitudes of affordable working class and middle class white neighborhoods were ruined by the multicultural, real estate, and financial industries over the past 60 years.

If social Marxism continues its relentless advance, the median white household will one day be an individual adult or single parent. The median White household income and wealth will plummet to near the black level.

Medians are more accurate for comparing individuals, provided we adjust for relevant factors, including age, IQ, laziness, spending habits, criminality, education level, educational field, conscientiousness, job preferences, job experience, local cost of living, etc.

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