Saturday, April 2, 2016

Innocence Lost

Many experiences in life produce eerie sensations, including the sensation of deja vu and the sensation of walking after stepping off a high speed elevator.

The realization of innocence lost also seems to cause an eerieness, among other thoughts.

Each of the following, as well as many other events, can cause an innocence lost eeriness or experience:

  1. Being victimized by crimes when young.
  2. Marching off to war for allegedly noble reasons, then realizing we are nothing but a pieces of meat to individuals seeking wealth, glory or power.
  3. Observing our parent's feet of clay, that parents serve our short term happiness or their own short-term happiness or other base motives more often than they do the long term good.
  4. Realizing that all contemporary establishment gurus and politicians seldom tell the truth, that their willful ignorance is astronomical despite their overweening demeanors, that they are willing to believe almost anything to help their causes.
  5. Discovering that the goals or careers or institutions we had devoted so much to have little moral value.
  6. Finding out that the ideas that feel noble are often evil.

"For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”

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