Friday, April 8, 2016

Meth, Kevin Williamson, and Working Class Whites

In his paywalled, evidence free broadside against nonwealthy whites, Kevin Williamson mentions meth. Meth is made with pseudoephedrine and other products of globalization. Pseudoephedrine is worth little as a medicine and nearly impossible for most home chemists to produce.

A few decades ago, the burgeoning quaalude epidemic was crushed because its components required sophisticated chemical factories for production. Chemical companies agreed to stop producing that substance.

Now, destruction profiteering is so entrenched that corporations and politicians refuse to stop producing the crap medicine named pseudoephedrine and refuse to close the Mexican border, where much illegal pseudoephedrine crosses.

(Other stuff: Most of the National Review is an evidence free zone, a magazine that exists to provide rhetorical cover for ruthlessness. Williamson doesn't mention the massive amount of brain drain and dysgenic breeding that played a role in creating downscale communities. Meth is also a massive problem for Hispanics and other ethnoracial groups.)

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