Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Alleged Superiority of Establishments

Establishments seem to believe they're automatically ethically superior, therefore the things they do to harm others or escalate conflicts don't matter because they're the superior ones, as if to say, "When establishments do something, that makes it ethical."

In their view, if outgroup X legitimately deserves part of the blame, then that outgroup deserves all the blame, including when harms or conflicts could have easily been avoided. If millions or billions of people die or suffer, that's little price to pay compared to sacrificing "humanitarian" establishment principles, or more accurately, establishment status, power, and profiteering.

"Multiculturalism is an unmitigated disaster? Too bad. We have the KKK boogie man to worry about."

"We expanded NATO and overthrew the government of Ukraine? So what. Putin didn't have to be paranoid and escalate that civil war."

"Working class incomes declining? Whatever. We'll just invent some quality improvement stats and blame them for taking meth."

"Saudi Arabia has been getting away with mass evil for decades? Big deal. Look at Iran."

"Tens of thousands die in car accidents every year? Come on. Don't we have another Trayvon to excoriate whites about."

"We constantly call our critics super slurs and control the direction of civilization with slurs? We're just calling them what they are. You better watch what you say or I'll have you fined, fired or arrested for offending me."

"Bioweapons and rapidly evolving pathogens? Too abstract. Let's shove some more antibiotics into cattle."

"Those islands are nearly worthless? Get a grip. We can't let China engage in land grabs. What about demographic conquest of the West? It doesn't matter. We are all the same inside. Forget the behavioral stats. We have an anecdote to tell you about evil whites. China has nukes? We have more. China has high IQ individuals? We have Dreamers."

"Oligopolies, tax havens, and Wall Street? That sounds antisemitic to me. We should focus on glass ceilings."

As for a beneficial posterity, that's utterly alien to contemporary establishments.

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