Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fighting for Contemporary Empires?

What would we be fighting for?

If Mexico or Saudi Arabia sent us letters, saying they were drafting us into their army, would we go? Then why fight self-destructive wars for the former United States? The rulers of the former United States are committed to replacing white Americans with Mexicans and other nonwhites. We would be fighting a war for nonwhites, who hate us, and their descendants--plus egoism and war profiteering, of course.

In war and peace, one goal should be to get yourself, your allies, and potential enemies to pursue ethical goals. Yet we keep rewarding unethical enemies while harming ourselves

In some just wars, another goal should be to maximize the ratio of destruction to the enemy's ability to fight over destruction of your own when alternatives are gone. We must seek to maximize benefits and minimize harms to ourselves. We must have thurough knowledge of self, allies, and enemies, avoiding glib and overconfident conclusions. We must explore worse case scenarios and potential countermoves by enemies. We must not assume enemies will fight the way we want them to fight. No one should be promoted based on bribery or halo effects. None of this matters to those devoted to parasitism, that is, almost everyone with power in the West. Self-interest and ethical interest are assumed to be the same by establishments.

Situations where you should fight on behalf of peoples seeking to destroy you are historically almost nonexistent, yet we keep fighting on behalf of those working to destroy us.

Almost every war Western establishments entered during the last several generations produced worse long-term consequences than the establishments expected, in part, because the people being ruled don't matter to the people doing the ruling.

If establishments bumble into a nuclear war with China or Russia or both, surviving whites would likely find themselves in a civil war with the nonwhites the multicultural establishments rashly imported. The dead and wounded would be killed or wounded by technologies multicultural establishments permitted China and Russia to steal because establishments didn't want ethnoracial profiling.

We should seldom ally with contemporary establishments, no matter how tear-jerking their propaganda.

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