Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quota Systems

Jews and Asian Indians don't say, "Oh, we earn much more than whites. We don't need our tribalism, ethnic networking, and anti-white quotas any more."

Muslims don't say, "We get trillions in welfare and unearned oil money. We should start doing our share."

Black college educated women don't say, "Hey, we earn more than white college educated women, even though we have lower IQs, worse credentials, and worse behavior. We can stop with the affirmative action."

Non-white millionaires and billionaires don't say, "I've got it made. Maybe I should cut back on playing my personal victim card about so many trivial things."

Black athletes don't say, "We're overrepresented in professional sports. We need some whites, Asians, and Hispanics in proportion to their populations."

Wealthy college coaches don't say, "I'm making out like a bandit by exploiting poor students at public universities." Coach Dale Brown once referred to college coaches as "whoremasters," but that was long ago when cognitive dissonance was slightly more common.

Wealthy white multiculturalists don't say, "I've benefited massively from other whites. Maybe I shouldn't try to destroy the West and White peoples."

Hell no.

And almost none of them ever will. They keep fighting like hell for poorly reasoned narratives. They will only get worse, especially as dysgenic breeding keeps increasing and the technologies of propaganda keep improving.

Few contradictions are so great that they can not be ignored or rationalized. They understand the word more better than they understand justice and cognitive dissonance.

Few nonwhites believe in giving away power for ethical or pseudo-ethical reasons. They excoriate dead and living whites while white washing the far worse behavior of themselves and their ancestors. And neither do whites devoted to egoism and cultural Marxism. They put that knife in deeper and twist harder.

And it's not just in Western countries. Malaysia has Bumiputera policies, giving racial Malays massive affirmative action benefits over minority Indians and Chinese.

Affirmative action cost $1.1 trillion per year many years ago. The costs will continue to escalate far more than most people realize.

Some whites act uninterested in the consequences of cultural Marxism, but cultural Marxism is interested in them--and their progeny.

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