Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Immodest Affirmative Action Proposal

White supporters of affirmative action almost never volunteer to give up their own jobs to nonwhites. Perhaps they think, "There is no contradiction. I support affirmative action in general, not affirmative action for my job. I have unique skills that cannot be replaced by a nonwhite."

Or some don't notice a potential contradiction at all. Multiculturalism requires that believers ignore multitudes of self-contradictions, and white multiculturalists aren't people who notice self-contradictions. Browbeaten into evil beliefs by establishments, careful thinking is anathema to them.

True, some white multiculturalists are irreplaceable by nonwhites, but millions of other white, affirmative action supporters are not, especially white, multicultural social scientists. We don't benefit from junk science. And let's not forget the rubbish taught in the so-called humanities.

Thousands of white social scientists and humanities professors should resign tomorrow.

The sight of upper middle class white professors hectoring working class white students about multiculturalism is more than a little despicable, especially when working class whites have grown up in diverse schools that are worse for white children than the camps the Japanese were sent to by FDR.

Affirmative action costs over $1.1 trillion per year. Its supporters should pay the costs.

Some libertarian multiculturalists don't directly support affirmative action, but they support invasions by millions of affirmative action demanding nonwhites, overriding their direct opposition.

Many older white multiculturalists have considerable assets. High asset, low skill older white multiculturalists could afford to give up their high paying jobs for low wage jobs, so nonwhites can have their old jobs.

White multiculturalists act as if nonwhites are better than whites, yet see themselves as superior. They mix anti-white supremacism with their own personal supremacism.

Multiculturalists ignore mountains of ethnoracial evidence and believe in neoconservatism, third wayism or full bore Marxism, indicating general inclinations to ignore evidence. They think the totalitarianisms of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Jill Stein, John Kerry, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson are "centrist." Remember when Jon Stewart had that "moderate" Rally to Restore Sanity, inviting the Sharia supporting Yusuf Islam? Apparently, no one working at the Daily Show knew who Mr. Islam really was. People who ignore moral evidence make worse employees. No one should trust those who think Jeb Bush is a good guy.

Almost everything on television is garbage. Let's replace all the whites. Heighten the contradictions. Let nonwhites make worse garbage. Maybe whites would watch less television.

And Wall Street. Wall Street is roughly 31 percent white despite the mass media rhetoric that blames whites for Wall Street. Get rid of the remaining whites. Let's replace white Wall Streeters with Down Syndrome nonwhites. Making Wall Street less clever at rent seeking and destroying economies will be splendid.

In general, any white multiculturalist employed in rent seeking should either give their job to a nonwhite, or better yet, eliminate their job. The more rent seeking is competent, the more rent seeking costs most of us.

Many white multiculturalists who refuse to give up their own jobs have no business supporting affirmative action in general, especially when they use totalitarian methods on affirmative action opposing whites. That includes the de facto affirmative action corporations practice to avoid boycotts, lawsuits, and other activism.

Selfishness and loss aversion be damned.

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