Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ethnoracial Fact Facing and Free Will

Free will, if it exists, occurs when we have thoughts that contradict all the genetic and environmental forces acting on us. Some free will spark in our consciousness says, "I will otherwise."

With all the evidence supporting genetic and environmental causes, if free will does exist, it exists only during a small percentage of our activities. We wake up and conduct most banal activities without engaging in acts of free will.

Psychologists conduct studies purporting free will does not exist, but since free will might exist a fraction of the time, free will's existence might be beyond the measurement errors of those studies. These studies employ faulty measures of free will. We cannot accurately measure something using the wrong tests for it.

The participants in those studies are likely college students, many of whom are victims of wantoness, no matter how large their IQs. College students become enthralled with favorite professors. They idolize Neil deGrasse Tyson and other celebrity intellectuals. They are easy prey for academic fads, mass media indoctrination, and other forces, including students who act with know-it-all behaviors. Free will might require high levels of mental and philosophical development.

Emergent properties often arise from objects not possessing those properties. Consciousness arises from brain meat. Consciousness is no illusion. It is through consciousness that we provide evidence for all arguments. There is no physical law that proves free will can not emerge from brain meat.

Research suggests that beliefs in free will are important for creating beneficial ethical consequences, whether free will exists or not. Individuals who do not believe in free will are more likely to be selfish or apathetic, more tolerant of evils by perceived ingroups since they view their perceived allies as not being able to act otherwise. Contradicting themselves, they treat their political opponents as if they do have free will. The history of Marxism is riddled with apathy or support toward ingroup evils, and demonization of non-Marxists. Marxian evils are almost always viewed as necessary for the cause. Opponents are viewed as disposable biological machines with no dignity and other human characteristics.

Contemporary multiculturalists seem oblivious to the fact that multiculturalism is anti-equality. Equalities that treat whites as full members of the human race are discarded. Orwell's maxim that some animals are more equal than other animals, meaning some are far less human, applies to both economic and cultural Marxism.

Nearly all whites live in environments where almost every political force pressures whites to support cultural Marxism. The punishments for not supporting cultural Marxism are severe, the rewards for opposition tiny. The indoctrination campaigns are carefully crafted.

Free will sparks might be involved in opposition to cultural Marxism.

Some might argue that Western patriots are simply rare individuals whose genetic and environmental influences force them go where the evidence leads, at least on multicultural issues, rather than where propaganda and other forces lead. No actions by Western patriots need free will as a cause.

I have no good counter to this counter argument and proof that free will exists.

But thank goodness for ethnoracial fact facing. The ethical greatness of properly opposing cultural Marxism is far more important than the fact of whether free will exists or not.

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