Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On Slight Politically Incorrectness

Individuals often try to be a little bit politically incorrect, as if a tiny bit of contrarian grandstanding makes them brave fact facers.

Some counter-jihadists, for example, criticize Islam, figuring Islam is chosen, which Islam is, therefore fair game. These counter-jihadists demand the mythical moderate Islam while continuing to support most of cultural Marxism. They urge mullahs to publicly condemn terrorism, as if that will make much difference.

Counter-jihadists should know by now that mullahs say one thing for infidel consumption and something else for Muslim consumption. Public ecumenical statements by Muslims have little effect on Muslim behavior. These statements primarily make white multiculturalists even more gullible.

Ideology matters, but genes matter, too, especially when individuals are genetically inclined to fanatically cling to evil ideologies.

Many counter-jihadists consider race off limits since race is unchosen, but crushing flaws with this view exist.

Cultural Marxism is wrong about thousands of issues, not just Islam. As we see in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and almost everywhere else nonwhites live with whites, nonwhites cause massive harms to whites--and whites cause harms to nonwhites and each other. Multiculturalism makes most individuals worse than they would have been, especially white rulers practicing bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw strategies.

Nonwhites from outside Northeast Asia practice inbreeding and polygamy. They politically support mass dysgenic breeding, plus demographic conquest and annihilation.

Many nonwhites have lower levels of empathy for outgroups. They more frequently have the lower activity variants of the MAOA gene, and they have lower IQs--all of which increase destruction for whites. Multitudes of other behavioral genetic differences exist, but have yet to be discovered because almost all social scientists support cultural Marxism.

The destruction rises exponentially as nonwhite numbers increase. The solitary nonwhite surrounded by whites behaves fairly well. White minorities in nonwhite countries face mass destruction.

All nonwhite groups seek to dominate, not assimilate.

Multiculturalists emphasize the allegedly humble Japanese in America during World War II. They don't mention the millions of Japanese fifth columning in Asia and the Pacific during the the same period. The Japanese in America were acting humble out of self-interest and their comparative weakness, not moral goodness.

Already, numerous Chinese have been caught spying in the West. Those caught probably represent a fraction of those spying.

We have ethical duties to face all important ethical facts, no matter whether the facts are a tiny bit politically incorrect or colossally politically incorrect.

Followers of Bill Maher and the late Christopher Hitchens seem to revel in their contrarianism and political incorrectness, but their dissent is mostly trivial, doing little to save Westerners from mass destruction.

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