Friday, April 22, 2016

Some Thoughts

Every cultism looks creepy as hell to outsiders, yet normal to insiders. Too bad campaign contributors seem oblivious to the cultisms of various establishments.


To tell whether a multiculturalist believes race exists, you merely look at the situation and time of day. Multiculturalists act as if race exists when it helps their causes, not when it hurts their causes.


America would have turned out better if sixty years ago all ethnoracial realists migrated to the Democratic Party and all multiculturalists migrated to the Republican Party. In the Republican Party, realists had little leverage, giving Republican politicians votes and money but getting little in return, except destruction. In the old Democratic Party, Dixiecrats and other realists might have have been able to take over unions, using that power to supply or leverage Democratic politicians. Doing so would have required some effort and backbone. Republicans would have been out of power and forced to make strange bedfellow offerings to African-Americans.

But practitioners of divide-and-rule wouldn't stand for that, so now we have a political oligopoly devoted to smiley faced militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism.

Or better yet: broke America up into smaller nations and implemented proportional representation years ago.


Hundreds of multicultural, tough on crime rulers existed throughout history, their methods often brutal. But once greater tribalisms gained dominance, it was over. The tough guys kept the peace for themselves and others devoted to short term self-interest, but their descendants inherited horrors. Multicultural tough guys (Rudy Giuliani) are short term thinkers devoted to helping wealthy, living adults maintain their lifestyles, with little concern for posterity.


We pay taxes so people who work to destroy us and keep us from spreading the truth can have nice things we can't afford.


Marxism in practice historically emphasized three things:
1. redistribution of power and money to insiders.
2. anti-white supremacism.
3. class rhetoric as a pretext to support the first two.

Stalinism, Mugabeism, and other Marxian systems vary from each other and from Marx on economic issues, caring little about fidelity to Marx. Western supporters of Stalinism and other economic heresies excused them as a necessary stages on the way to communes.

So the economic malleability of neo-Marxism should be no surprise.

Everyone from Bill Keller to Grover Norquist to Al Sharpton can join the club for cultural Marxism. And if you do not join, you face assaults, firings, boycotts, lawsuits, ostracism, demonization, and speech crime charges. Control of the mass media and major institutions is enough to get Northern Eurasian peoples to believe ideas contradicted by massive counter evidence.


Just speculating, but there might be an evolutionary reason why some people notice and really, really dislike slight disturbances to nature settings. Historically, what often existed where nature is slightly disturbed? Ambushes. People who didn't notice potential ambushes often didn't survive to spread their genes.

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