Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The World War

The most important world war has been ongoing for millennia: call it The World War, a battle within and between individuals practicing psychological egoism or misplaced altruism or both versus ethical individuals. The World War will likely exist as long as morality capable beings exist. The conscious and unconscious temptations to give in to an atrocious side are frequent.

All other wars are part of The World War.

Pastoralists sweep into agrarian and cosmopolitan areas to enslave and destroy. Cosmopolitans use Machiavellian methods against outsiders and each other. (Crowd aversion is not the only reason ethical individuals dislike big cities. Big cities attract those on the take and on the make, though many ethical individuals move to big cities simply to find a decent job.) Many agrarians aggressively steal lands. Hunter-gatherer-gardeners murder their distant and not so distant cousins.

Yet these groups pretend to be the holy ones, demanding tolerance for their evils while refusing basic respect to others.

Psychological egoism, also known as selfishness or excessive self-interest, creates the biggest harms, but misplaced altruism plays a major, underrated role. The man who donates his life savings to contemporary establishment institutions deserves no praise. Universities have no business giving honorary degrees to Mike Tyson and Mike Bloomberg. Other examples of misplaced altruism include self-sacrifice for unjust war mongering, or more recently, status signaling and "virtue" signaling. Excessive self-interest and misplaced altruism are always unethical.

This world war is partly, but not entirely, genetic. It involves gene-culture coevolution, gene-geography coevolution, and other environmental causes.

(Almost no one practices unmitigated genetic or environmental determinism. Multiculturalists open themselves to genetic explanations about dementia and some other diseases, reserving their fanaticism for when someone mentions an ethnoracial moral fact. HBD thinkers regularly excoriate the media and other environmental causes. Evolutionary egoism can be ethical or unethical. Evolutionary egoism refers to behaviors that spread copies of the same genes an individual has. Ethical parents have a legitimate claim to feed and shelter their children. Evolutionary egoism is unethical when unethical individuals breed with other unethical individuals, then try to get others to provide for their offspring. They, and their offspring, cause massive harms.)

Most of all, the war involves conscious thoughts and actions.

Every form of Marxism and every contemporary establishment ideology seeks to trick individuals into helping unethical chosen ones.

Character sometimes changes. An individual may switch from naively supporting misplaced altruism to excessive self-interest, then to ethical actions.

Alec Baldwin, Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney, and others mix a morass of misplaced altruism, excessive self-interest, and genetic egoism.

Some individuals, having inclinations toward selfishness, pick religious sects to match their genetic and cultural inclinations. Others pick secular quasi-religions. In both cases, misplaced hatred and misplaced compassion provide motivation.

The ethical individual directs hatred, compassion, and other thoughts toward better targets.

Technology escalates the consequences of The World War, most importantly, by weapons of mass destruction. Mass media cause differing sorts of mass destruction. There are some ideas so preposterous that few individuals other than those bombarded with them by mass media would otherwise believe them. Technology desensitizes and demoralizes some, yet often invigorates those with excessive self-interest. Some who commit suicide might have been good citizens in more logical societies. Consumers of establishment dogmas think they rank among the most informed individuals of all time, yet remain massively uninformed. When an individual is a success, the temptation to believe an establishment world is a just world becomes almost irresistible.

Combinations of genes, technology, fanaticism, and other factors cause individuals to become method actors. Establishment "thought leaders" put on a genial face while engaging in ruthless egoism. Ethical dissenters often bite their tongues to avoid being fired, fined, jailed, assaulted or ostracized. Deception dominates.

Some individuals are too lazy or low IQ to notice their roles in the war. They often retreat to direct hedonism and feel good fanaticism.

But in the long run, the war intrudes. No cruise ships or glitzy casinos exist in Somalia. The more present generations try to escape facts, the more future generations will pay.

Present establishments try to manage and profit from the decline, but there will be no soft landing for future generations and many living today. Those engaged in free riding are powerful and have minds closed to ethical reasons and ethical improvements. Many seeking to overthrow them have their own rent seeking agendas. In the long run, globalism and cultural Marxism will disappear, destroyed by their Islamic pseudo allies or other isms or other forces. Religion, secularism, and nationalism sometimes go wrong when they rally behind a stealth tyranny to replace a present tyranny. The desire to replace a present tyranny deserves moral legitimacy. The desperation to rally behind almost any powerful alternative tyranny does not.

Wise men and women do neither desperate nor present establishment things.

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