Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rhetorical Dirty Tricks

Writings on persuasion often include assertions that the fallacies involved should be used to trick individuals into more cultural Marxism.

For example, an author of this study on gay marriage "hopes to eventually test whether a similar approach could shift people's attitudes toward undocumented immigrants."

And the study was fraudulent.

The fact that non-Western migration to Western countries causes astronomical harms to nonwealthy whites, and will cause greater harms to future generations, is considered irrelevant to multiculturalists.

Social scientists and other use our labor and tax money to find tricks to destroy us. It has become a moral evil to continue paying taxes to these individuals.

(Note that something being persuasive does not make it well-reasoned. Often intellectuals and others will dismiss a well-reasoned argument by saying they are not persuaded. Persuasiveness is irrelevant to whether a claim is well-reasoned.)

Multiculturalists are constantly on the lookout for indoctrination tricks. It is not enough that the multiculturalists already control all major Western institutions.

We are in a race, the evidence versus the science, technologies, and ideologies of indoctrination, especially militarism, cultural Marxism, and robber baronism. Establishments ramp up their indoctrination efforts but resistance remains.

In the Soviet Union, millions knew state propaganda was baloney, but Soviet citizens had little idea about how they should govern, because they had little exposure to alternative ideas. Then they were exposed to globalism, Yeltsinism, Putinism, and robber baronism. Revolts often replace one totalitarianism with another.

Uninformed, overconfident mass media then demonize well-reasoned dissent even more as "dangerous," failing to distinguish among well-reasoned and poorly reasoned dissent.

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