Saturday, March 19, 2016

Personal Irresponsibility

Personal responsibility is a good thing. But there are serious flaws with it as a direct political preoccupation, including its genocidal implications.

First, individuals with serious behavior problems don't care what writers in the National Review think. They don't read the National Review. "Just say no" fails.

Second, the so-called personal responsibility people are also committed to dysgenics, massively increasing the number of individuals who act irresponsibly for genetic reasons.

They are pro-life. They oppose paying people with problems to self-sterilize. They support open borders. They support miscegenation. They support economic policies that result in better individuals not having children or putting off childbirth until later in life when when harmful mutations are more prevalent. The result is mass destruction and increasing numbers of individuals with low IQs and behavioral flaws because of high testosterone or genetically caused autism or low activity variants of the MAOA gene or other genetic causes.

Third, establishments are committed to loose labor markets, having a much larger supply of potential workers than available jobs (cheap labor). Sure, we can find some small sample fields where demand for workers outstrips supply. Markets are never anywhere near perfectly efficient. If everyone developed a great work ethic, establishments would enact policies to keep labor markets loose.

Northeast Asians are not lazy, yet their personal responsibility does not overcome loose labor market policies. One reason, among many, Northeast Asia failed to develop modern technology before the West: there was little incentive to develop technology with so much spare labor around.

Fourth, personal responsibility is a bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw distraction. It focuses attention on poor individuals with bad behavior while establishments do multitudes of evil actions.

Wealthy individuals, establishment politicians, and the chosen thinkers act incredibly irresponsible, yet the focus is not on their much more destructive evils. High IQ establishment individuals have little ethical self-development. What makes them think lower IQ individuals, who spend life in a daze, will do what they themselves refuse to do despite huge cognitive and environmental advantages? Kevin Williamson and multitudes of others like him regurgitate establishment nostrums despite having a high IQ.

High IQ establishmenters are  unwilling to study the issues and weigh the evidence accurately--grave character defects.

Fifth, the globalist ideology of the personal responsibility crowd allows drugs, gambling, trash entertainment, cultural Marxism, and other vices to dominate the environmental landscape, again harming character development.

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