Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Alien Wants to Know

If an alien arrived on earth and wanted a very, very short summary on human ethics, the following principles would help him quickly develop a better worldview than many professional opinion makers have after decades of opinion making:

  1. The prescriptions of Hitlerism, cultural Marxism, and economic Marxism are almost always wrong.
  2. The prescriptions of neoclassical economics and foreign policy interventionism are mostly wrong.
  3. Media, schools, governments, and other businesses will try to browbeat you into believing official myths. Don't let them. The best arguments and solutions to ethical problems are often found on obscure websites, often by writers demonized by powerful interests. Almost everything in the mass media is there for entertainment or bait-and-switch, divide-and-screw purposes. Or both.
  4. Secessions and democracies are good things, but both are rare on earth because of the power of globalism, neoconservatism, third wayism, cultural Marxism, and bad religions, including secular quasi-religions.
  5. Secessions and democracies are necessary to prevent to utter takeover of the planet by genes and individuals devoted to egoism and misplaced altruism, often both in the same individual.
  6. The most important human philosophical goods in order of importance are a) ethical character, b) freedom, c) respect, and d) purposefulness. Character includes ethical reasoning performance and political justice, not merely being a good family member. It is not the same as merely being a nice guy or gal. Character entails a love for good actions and individuals. Freedom includes strength of will and personal freedom from destructive outside forces, plus freedom of association for both solitary individuals and individuals in groups. Respect includes the basic self-respect we owe ourselves and the respect we owe other conscious beings. An obsequious person lacks sufficient self-respect. Autocracies and kleptocracies lack self-respect for others. Respect should not include admiring individuals merely because they are famous, wealthy or powerful. Purposefulness includes living with zest, not succumbing to constant bouts of ennui, anxiety, alienation, rumination or laziness. Purposefulness contains a deep emotive attachment to life and our missions in life.

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