Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Dangerous Mix of Cultural Marxism and Neoclassical Economics

Paleo-Marxism, the combination of cultural Marxism and economic Marxism, murdered over 90 million.

But the combination of cultural Marxism and neoclassical economics, sometimes called globalism or neoconservatism or third wayism, brings even more long term challenges than the combination of cultural Marxism and economic Marxism, especially when combined with the militarism of third wayism and hyper militarism of neoconservatism.

Eastern European countries slightly rebounded from the damage of nazism and paleo-Marxism, though those individuals murdered or chronically wounded never rebounded. The opportunity costs of Marxism and nazism will never be recovered.

But whites in South Africa and other majority nonwhite countries, under cultural Marxism mixed with neoclassical economics, have almost no chance of rebounding.

All forms of Marxism look for total mass media control and individuals to blame for Marxism's disasters.

In full Marxism, ordinary whites are too poor to care much about imagined racism and Islamophobia. The contradictions are too big. The consequences of hunger and economic failure on everyday life are too great. Few are fooled, with fallacious statistics, into thinking slow decline is progress. The attachment to ever more degraded normalcy at all costs is less. There are few powerful classes that seek nonwhite maids and other cheap nonwhite labor in pursuit of their own wealth, status, and hedonisms, no matter the costs to nonwealthy whites. Despite incessant propaganda, it becomes harder to believe distant capitalists debilitate the economy when your own rulers control almost everything you see, though in North Korea and some other places, the ruse continues, partly due to Northeast Asian genetic and cultural tendencies.

But whites shouldn't gloat. Whites and other humans also have strong tendencies toward conformity and obedience.

Cultural Marxism mixed with other ideologies is more sustainable than full Marxism, currently enjoying over six billion adherents, who show few signs of improving.

When cultural Marxism mixes with neoclassical economics, more blame gets directed at nonwealthy whites. Rulers seldom blame their own corruptions. And Western rulers have an increasingly hard time blaming economic Marxism for Western living situations. If Bernie Sanders wins the pseudo-election, criticism toward economic Marxism will be reinvigorated but mainly to reinstall near total establishment domination.

For the rulers, nonwhites and non-Western religions are off limits to criticism.

That leaves obscure belief systems and the blame whitey campaigns.

Divide-and-rule doesn't work as well when trying to blame obscure ideologies. But it does work well when blaming people, especially nonwealthy white people, especially given white tendencies toward misplaced empathy and unethical guilt. Look at the whites preoccupied with loving pets and celebrities. Whites feel more sadness or outrage when a celebrity dies than about girls in Rotherham. Many whites are easily browbeaten while imagining themselves rebels and great thinkers. Pro-establishment whites mentally wall off huge swaths of the moral universe to ethical reasoning, often without being aware they do so.

Establishments act as if whites living in trailer parks wrecked the country while all those multicultural billionaires bribing politicians and making policies did not.

White multiculturalists think it hilarious when poor, white Southerners are targeted for ridicule and elimination, but white multiculturalists are not wise enough to realize that they, and especially their children and grandchildren, are also being targeted.

Cultural Marxism mixed with neoclassical economics exhibits increasing fanaticism and group polarization among its adherents.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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