Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Character of Multicultural Establishmentism

It is fascinating that almost every multiculturalist also supports rent seeking, a euphemism for parasitism, on other issues. No matter whether they call themselves liberals, conservatives or something else, when individuals dive into the xenocentrism rat hole, general ethics suffers.

Reformers hate evils in societies while acting with deep commitment to bettering lives. Followers of Hitlerism, multiculturalism, and other totalitarianisms hate the people in societies while they themselves pretend to be holy. The former make societies better, the latter make mass destruction.

Have anyone ever met anyone else who wanted to improve the lives of individuals they hate, no matter how misplaced the hate?

Sure, they talk about reforms, but their actions betray them.

Oddly, once the mask slipped, Kevin Williamson and some other multiculturalists decided to yank it off.

Those unable to experience cognitive dissonance on massively cognitive dissonance causing multiculturalism simply aren't able or willing to experience cognitive dissonance on other political issues. They might tell the truth in their personal lives simply out of self-interest, to avoid being dumped by friends and family. But in the the political realm, they're rewarded for spewing fallacies and living contradiction filled lives.

The next time the establishment narrative on a major issue is correct it will be the first time in the past half century the establishment narrative on a major issue was correct.

Think about that. Most individuals living today have never ever seen their rulers do the right things on a major issue.

Establishment thought is wedded to a one dimensional view of totalitarianism, with Stalinism at one end and Hitlerism on the other of an imaginary spectrum. In reality, multitudes of totalitarianisms exist, including autocracy, Armageddonism, neoconservatism, multiculturalism, crypto jihadism, third wayism, robber baronism, flat earthism, and dysgenic fanaticism.

We pay a huge price for this every day when these additional totalitarianisms are viewed as moderate.

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