Friday, March 25, 2016

No Reason to Get Disillusioned, the Thief, He Kindly Spoke

Whatever happens to Donald Trump--assassination, sell out, general election defeat, semi-closed border presidency--he is a beginning, a massively flawed candidate, a man devoted to psychological egoism above ethical considerations. Trumps main ethical purpose is shifting Overton windows.

Followers of Marx, thankfully, become disillusioned when their candidates sell out, or worse, enact Marxian mass destruction.

But we should never become disillusioned. We have better beliefs. We have each other. We have future generations to think of.

The fact that Trump, despite his wealth and establishment surroundings, was able to slightly escape them is heartening. Sooner or later more wealthy individuals will revolt against the establishments.

Some billionaires will stumble upon some ethnoracial fact facing websites, and instead of responding with indoctrinated revulsion, they will consider the fact that they have been wrong all along.

And the Overton window will shift again despite the slur campaigns of the establishments.

If you are a wealthy individual reading this, and think you are getting a great deal with migrant maids and gardeners, how much are your property taxes? What is your total tax bill? What other costs are you paying? Your children and grandchildren will pay much more massive costs.

You might save a few thousands dollars per year with cheaper labor, but you pay many times more per year to warehouse the children of low IQ migrants in prisons, public schools, the military industry, affirmative action jobs, and elsewhere.

Noticing the cheap cost of a maid, while being unaware of other costs, is an availability bias.

Research by George Boras hints that the wealthy gain $437 billion per year from the invasions. But individuals who own slaughterhouses and other sweatshops gain a disproportionate share of that money. Many wealthy individuals employ few, if any, migrant laborers.

Affirmative action and other costs will continue to escalate. South Africa still has affirmative action despite whites falling to less than ten percent of the population. Affirmative action in Zimbabwe consists of white farmers being murdered, the land taken, and the equipment sold for scrap, since the low IQ friends of Mugabe are inept at farming. South Africa has its own murder epidemic.

Many wealthy whites fled Zimbabwe and South Africa, but there will be no place to flee to if all white countries are majority nonwhite.

Today's wealthy multiculturalists will be remembered as among the worst in history. Their ashes and graves will be destroyed, either by nonwhites or white ethnoracial realists. Their descendants will despise them.

More wealthy whites will realize they want no part of that legacy, even if it means being ostracized by their fake friends at country clubs.

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