Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trading Down

So "free" trade is supposed to benefit us with minor improvements in efficiency due to specialization and economics of scale. The fact that such trade redistributes even more wealth and power to individuals at the top doesn't bother globalists. That's a legalized bribery bonus for the thought leaders. It doesn't seem to bother globalists that these are individuals committed to treason (George Soros, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush) and foreigners committed to our destruction (Prince Bandar, Carlos Slim, Xi Jinping).

We could magically re-redistribute their gains elsewhere.

Those with unjust wealth and power will somehow give wealth and power away based on evidence despite their long, long histories of not being influenced by well-reasoned evidence.

Having important industries and the knowledge base of those industries destroyed is another bonus.

Nor do shortfalls in demand, sometimes known as depressions and recessions, bother globalists. Neither do the harmful items traded (oil, diamonds, celebrity worship, human trafficking among many). The branch of ethics called economics somehow trumps all the other branches of ethics. Heck, it's not even good economics. Comparative advantage is somehow the trump card.

Just wave that magic wand.

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