Monday, May 2, 2016

Why We Should Help Whites

We shouldn't help whites because of origins fallacy reasons (because they are our race or we share some genes). The origins fallacy is a type of irrelevancy.

Here are six examples of the origins fallacy: X is artificial. X is unnatural. Y is natural. Americans have not believed X for years. Y is the American way. X comes from the word for W.

We should help whites because:
  1. Whites suffer astronomical harms from nonwhites and cultural Marxism. Whites, like other conscious beings, have value in themselves, no matter whether we have Nobel Prizes or minimum wage jobs.
  2. Whites, despite their misplaced altruism and other serious flaws, are the most beneficial people on earth. Whites invented or spread nearly all of modern medicine, agriculture, and environmentalism. Billions of nonwhites owe their well-being to whites. Whites saved China from Japanese tyranny and from economic Marxism, yet the cultural Marxians running China deluge whites with anti-white bile. Yes, whites spread some rotten ideologies, but the track record of nonwhite ideologies is worse. Whites are important for continuing beneficial developments in science and technology. Nonwhites are more likely to produce junk science and other harmful results.
  3. The only way to protect the legitimate claims of white individuals is with white groups. Thanks to cultural Marxism, billions of nonwhites support the harm and destruction of white individuals and cultures. Whites acting solely as individuals have almost no chance against billions devoted to the destruction of whites.
  4. Love-and-compassion white multiculturalists have done little to fight anti-white bigotry, and it is almost certain they will not in the future. Instead, they blame the victims of their biocultural engineering schemes. 
  5. Harms from Muslims and nonwhites rise exponentially as their numbers increase. White ancestors made heroic sacrifices to make better lives for their descendents against a universe that doesn't care. The past several generations of whites benefited from those sacrifices while refusing to sacrifice for future generations, a failure to reciprocate forward. The harms today's white children will suffer in the future will dwarf what we see today. 
  6. Whites are not well-adapted to current situations, situations dominated by technology and despicable isms. Whites need eugenics and new environmental situations to rescue themselves from the horrors created by these isms and technologies. We will not get the eugenics and environments we should by having our lives dominated by global, colonial, multicultural, rent seeking rule. The same goes for many nonwhite groups.
  7. Humans are incredibly easy to indoctrinate with fallacious rhetoric, especially when the rhetoric is incessantly repeated using modern media. The media merely need say "white supremacist" and readers close their minds to reason. Establishments get away with massive evils merely by tossing slurs and other fallacious rhetoric around. Such indoctrination provides cover for causing massive harms.
  8. Freedom of political speech is under siege. Whites support speech freedoms. Without whites, we can kiss freedom of speech goodbye for millennia or forever. Other legitimate freedoms for nonwealthy individuals are similarly under siege.
  9. Humans need purpose. We can find purpose climbing mountains and in other consumeristic activities. But if we are ethical, a nagging voice will tell us we didn't accomplish anything worthwhile in those consumeristic activities. Ethical white advocacy is the most important moral mission of our time. It is the great cause, nevermind the alienating, anti-white propaganda coming from establishments.
  10. It is important to direct refugees from modernity and establishment totalitarianisms toward ethical activities. Many individuals flee to the hive activities of Islam, Hitlerism, third wayism, cultural Marxism, neoconservative Christianity, and other horrific ideologies. We must help whites create and find a better missions. Whites currently seek relief from modernity by fanatically attaching themselves to the very ideologies causing ruin. 
  11. Whites are the only major group fighting cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism opposes accurate ethical reasoning. It is no accident that multiculturalists tend to be terrible at policy prescriptions on most other issues. You put multiculturalists in charge and most other things go to hell, too.
  12. For many other reasons I don't have the time to write. 
If tomorrow, many white babies were genetically engineered for genes that caused massive evils, then we should not help those whites reproduce. We should actively work to prevent those whites from reproducing, no matter our race. And any existing white with genes likely to cause evils should be incentivized to not reproduce.

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