Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Differing Nation

A couple generations ago, roughly 45 percent of U.S. white adults were Democrats and 30 percent were Republicans. By the 1960s, multiculturalists dominated both parties. Democrats claim whites should not have been fooled by the Republican Southern Strategy, the dog whistling from Republican politicians, combined with anti-white policies while pretending to be pro-white or racially neutral.

Both parties practiced the Cultural Marxism Strategy: rent seeking combined with anti-white practices. Whites voted against good interests with every major Western political party.

Let's imagine a world where that 45 to 30 voting pattern continued. Democrats would have a political monopoly. Not good. Political monopolies are even worse than duopolies. The power of cultural Marxism would be even greater, causing increasing multisclerosis. Political monopolies based on ethnoracial differences are much harder to overthrow.

Open borders would have arrived much sooner.

Nonwhites would vote overwhelmingly for Democrats for tribalistic reasons, the same as now.

The pattern of welfare recipients being better off than the working poor would have continued from the 1970s onward. There would be no welfare reforms. Welfare might be indexed to inflation. Incentives to work would be even less.

Schools, including colleges, would have even more social promotion. As in poor countries, tens of millions would have degrees in fields the graduates are incompetent in. Millions more would have unethical degrees in various anti-white studies. Public schools would be even greater indoctrination centers.

Martin Luther King's explicit quota systems would have been enacted. King believed the nonwhite percentage of employees in a business or government entity should equal or exceed the nonwhite percentage of the population. Groups with r strategies have more children, so their proportion of the total population would be greater than their proportion of the working age population. For example, a fast breeding group with eight percent of the total population, but six percent of the working age population, would demand eight percent of good jobs.

Nonwhites would be even more difficult to fire than they are today. Many would collect paychecks for doing little or nothing. Businesses would be forced to engage in bidding wars for incompetent nonwhite employees.

Filled with inept and lazy employees, manufacturing would be eliminated faster. The only major U.S. export industries would be agriculture and intellectual property. Trade deficits would be larger, leading to worse private sector debt bubbles or greater government deficits, which would be owned by explicit foreigners and the top one percent, who are de facto foreigners, seeking tax havens and other global rent seeking solutions.

Section 8 style programs would be near universal for nonwhites. There would be few white majority neighborhoods, even among the top one percent. Every public school would be ruined. Schools would be concentration day camps for white children. Few whites would be able to afford children. Those few whites would be forced to homeschool or send children to private schools. There would be even more social and political pressure on white females to breed with low IQ, low character nonwhites, who abandon white women and their mixed race children. But at least the mixed race children would have the advantage of fitting in with anti-white culture.


There would be more government and private sector commissarism, using coercion to get nonwealthy whites to labor on behalf of free riding others. The system would suck. Frustrated by the suckitude, multiculturalists would do what they normally do: demand more of the disease as a cure, blaming the mysterious powers of hidden white racism.

Practical freedom of speech might be nearly gone. Thousands, if not millions more, whites would be fired, fined, assaulted, imprisoned or ostracized for thought crimes. The one-sided dominance of multicultural mass media and other institutions makes matters worse than any explicit government bans on speech. At least, if free speech were banned, more whites might be willing to see the totalitarian face of cultural Marxism.

The situation would be worse than Puerto Rico, where the majority of adults rely on welfare, black markets, affirmative action, family remittances, and government make work.

Humans respond to incentives. Multiculturalism wrecks decent incentives.

Nonwhites seldom experience cognitive dissonance, including nonwhites of Southwest Asian descent, as millions of whites in Eastern Europe found out the hard, hard way. The anti-reason culture of cultural Marxism makes cognitive dissonance even less likely. Every conscious multiculturalist on the planet has thousands of contradictions rattling around in his or her head, contradictions they are unaware of or that they dismiss from their minds.

Nonwhites keep demanding more, regardless of the consequences.

In short, once you have a Western country dominated by political monopolies or oligopolies, mixed with anti-white totalitarianism, the result will be a long-term disaster or a short-term disaster either way. Ethical policy and genetic fixes go against the genetic and cultural preferences of powerful individuals.

A coalition of billionaires could have saved the U.S. by buying mass media and out bribing wealthy multiculturalists. That did not happen and seems unlikely now. Nearly all wealthy individuals are devoted to egoism, multiculturalism, and dark triad activities.

The Southern Strategy and the Cultural Marxism Strategy were both disastrous for whites and many nonwhites, with cultural Marxism being far worse. The Southern Strategy was simply one aspect of cultural Marxism.

The main way to hold formerly white multiracial states together or keep them from collapsing is by increasing totalitarianism. But no Lee Kuan Yew lesser totalitarianism is likely because whites are much easier to guilt trip than Chinese. Whites act more pusillanimous and are more prone to misplaced altruism.

Some might say that whites get what they deserve for cowardice. But fact facing whites don't deserve totalitarianism simply because anti-white whites support anti-white totalitarianism.

Much self-criticism has been directed within nonmulticultural circles about why nothing seems to work, no matter how totalitarian multiculturalists behave. If a nonmulticultural party starts to rise, all other parties coalesce against fact facers. If a nonmulticultural party threatens to become a majority, they will be banned, as happened in Belgium. After terror attacks, the main backlash is against critics of the system.

One problem is that humans are so easy to indoctrinate with schools and mass media that working within the system seems pointless, unless several billionaires decide to spend their fortunes on ethnoracial fact facing. Even if Jared Taylor or someone else writes the most perfect argument in human history, it will be unseen and unheard by most of the population. And even if multiculturalists read it, prior indoctrination will cause multiculturalists to reject the argument

No matter whether a white country has multiracial Randism, multiracial socialism, multiracial Neoconservatism or multiracial third wayism, the result will be totalitarianism and rent reeking. The greatest flaw of the New Deal was not welfare. The New Deal provided workfare far more than welfare. The greatest flaw of the New Deal was cultural Marxian infiltration.

Without help from the rich, whites must form alternative communities, especially living communities, not mere Internet communities. The communities will need religions or pretend to have religions, to prevent nonwhites from making specious housing discrimination claims. The religions would need boot camps, first, to weed out infiltrators and the lukewarm, second, because humans become more attached to groups after going through tough initiations. The boot camps should emphasize both schooling and physical activities. Even the racially aware have adopted bad habits from establishments. The boot camps should not be military style. They should not degenerate into mindless marching and indoctrination.

Whites should work for white homelands, whether the homelands include explicit or de facto secessions. Groups of eugenic, monoracial, reciprocal altruists will outcompete groups devoted to dysgenic, multicultural rent seeking as long as they don't allow psychological egoists (Hitler!) to take over and engage in aggression and other harmful activities.

The communities should be in rural areas, where the likelihood of surviving establishment caused nuclear wars and other establishment disasters are greater.

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