Monday, May 23, 2016

Status and Cultural Marxism

More than the political system is threatened by inconvenient facts. Most respected individuals in contemporary societies have been exposed for engaging in evils and unmitigated buffoonery. How do we not laugh at every establishment celebrity?

In the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century, humans gained status by hundreds of methods, including:
  1. having expensive consumer junk.
  2. being athletic in team sports or at least cheering for the same teams as peers.
  3. being nonwhite.
  4. being cool.
  5. being famous.
  6. having a white collar job.
  7. having a degree from a prestigious university.
  8. practicing popular pedantry.
  9. practicing egoism mixed with xenocentrism if white ("virtue" signaling).
Alternative righters and other nonmulticulturalists threaten all nine on that list, status emperors with no moral clothes.

Alternative righters prefer prepping over consumer junk. Arbitrary sports teams don't matter much when your country is being conquered and subjugated by unconventional warfare. Nonmulticulturalists aren't fooled by assertions of noble savagery. Coolness is little more than banal shtick. Most white collar jobs are drudgery. Prestigious universities charge students massive sums to be indoctrinated. Establishment writings deserve derision. Xenocentrism is increasingly and correctly seen as vice, not virtue.

Almost any white adult tainted by unrepented cultural Marxism gets the low status treatment from the alternative right.

Establishmentism relies on the folk psychology of special people, cultivating the impression that establishment individuals are wiser and better than other humans. Unfortunately, for the establishments, nonmulticulturalists know quite a bit about psychology and philosophy, often more than psychologists, philosophers, and establishment writers, at least on the important issues.

In the 1960s and 1970s, baby boomers mocked traditional sources of status, but were co-opted for various reasons, including the fact that the fashionable utopian attempts were worse than establishment utopianism.

Nonmulticulturalists must channel rising skepticism about establishments into something better. We must not fall for those who sell out or pursue their own evils.

In part, opposition to cultural Marxism represents a partial return to acquiring status for moral actions. In some prior societies, you gained status by being a dedicated mother or father to several children. You gained status when each hand washed the other. You gained status for telling a larger portion of the truth. Even if you knew little about logic, you weren't easily distracted or intimidated by demonization from outgroups.

This is likely to return.

Multiculturalists are already apoplectic about the fact that their demonization tactics aren't working as well as they once did.

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