Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Introducing Alternatives to a Smart Individual

Let's imagine you know a bookish person starting to show doubts about her beloved cultural Marxism. Like most bookish individuals, she thinks she's open minded. She regards intellectual outgroups with kneejerk contempt while viewing herself as tolerant. She thinks she has most of the moral universe figured out.

But you and I know better than that. We know she believes based on manipulation. She is far from being who she thinks she is.

How should you go about introducing her to nonmulticulturalism? You don't want to scare her away with poorly reasoned rants. 

If she wants books, I would suggest The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich Harris first, then Race, Evolution, and Behavior by JP Rushton, then Future Human Evolution by John Glad.

If her fanaticism hasn't yet overpowered her, and sent her fleeing, then I would introduce her to some edgier stuff: The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald and Gregory Hood's upcoming book.

Maybe she prefers internet articles. I would start with the Judith Rich Harris homepage, then Cousin Marriage Conundrum by Steve Sailer. Most Americans despise the Iraq War by now, so she won't need to move her soul far. I'd continue with this book review, then some stuff by JP Rushton, plus Thomas Jackson's archives, then Gregory Hood's archives here and here, then Amren print archives, then some resources on secessions.

At some point, she might realize she has been told too many political lies via the mass media.

Let's hope that this realization motivates her. Let's hope she doesn't get bogged down in genetic infotainment. Let's hope she continues to move toward supporting ethnoracial self-determination.

It's time for her to grow.

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