Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Establishment Behavior

Predictable establishment behavior around the planet:

  1. If it serves perceived short-term selfishness, do it.
  2. If it is anti-white or anti-Infidel and does not contradict the above, do it.

De facto affirmative action seems to violate the above, but CEOs support affirmative action to avoid costly boycotts, lawsuits, and negative publicity. Plus, multicultural CEOs are inept, thinking human races interchangeable. And contemporary governments don't care whether their employees serve the public interest.

Most humans like to think themselves ethically superior, but establishments are very, very evil. To assert superiority, establishments grandstand on issues requiring almost no sacrifice by themselves. Or they blame victims of establishment evils. As an added bonus for establishments, these issues distract populations from the evils done by the establishments.

So now we live on a planet where every nuclear weapon is controlled by militaristic anti-white factions, mostly using nonconventional warfare. Even Putin and Chinese leaders are dedicated multiculturalists. The white fraction of the planet is under ten percent and falling. And establishments try to tell us that whites are at no risk for genocide.

Yeah, okay.

Jews fret about a new Holocaust, though Jews have an nuclear armed Israel and massive political power protecting them.

If a super war occurs, the mass media and the likes of Tim Wise will be front and center blaming "whiteness" and "nationalism," though the factions are anti-white and anti-nationalistic.

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